Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I have succumbed...

I’d been so good up until this point, resisting the peer pressured cries to join the site. I mocked those who sang its praises, “Why would you want people to know your every move?” I used to ask. In return people would give me that smile, you know the one, it says, “She has NO idea how good this is, she’ll see.”

Curiosity got the better of me whilst cruising the world wide web early this week. Before I could say, “Oh how the mighty have fallen” I was registered and trawling the site to add people to follow.

Forget crystal meth and tick, this Twitter business is seriously addictive stuff.

I mean, I thought blogs and FB were as personal and informative as it was gonna get to gain access to the views and inner thoughts of those familiar and not so familiar.

Twitter, however, is on another level.

People who were previously inaccessible are now sharing their hopes, dreams, frustrations, cravings etc with you as if you were long lost hoods. Admittedly, most of what’s shared is quite run-of-the-mill inane stuff (more so depending on who you’ve chosen to follow), however once in a while a pearl of wisdom or a witty line is dropped that has you either in a fit of giggles or challenges your view on a certain topic..

Okay, I know I am gushing and a gazillion years too late with this post (sue me, I ‘m a late bloomer) but if you don’t know you better ask somebody sign up and find out for yourself.

It won’t disappoint. Promise!

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside: Am i the only one who is seriously bugging out about this swine flu strain that's doing the rounds? Seriously, what's going on in the world? Diseases are now crossing the animal-human being threshold and that's more than a little worrying.

And talking about having it bad, Mexico is only just figuring out they've got a time bomb on their hands and boom, they get hit with an earthquake. Eish, when it rains it pours mate.

To those of you residing in the areas where it's been identified, keep safe and refrain from *ahem* swapping spit with anyone...just until this thing is figured out :-)

My questions for the day: What trend or fad have you found yourself unashamedly following in the recent past? And what trends/fads do you wish had never seen the light of day?

Holla in the comments chickens,

V x


skc said...

Heh, I knew you'd join the rest of the civilised world on twitter some day.

Holla at me, twitter name is senkwe

ShonaVixen said...

Vimbai..let me make sure m a disciple and follow you on Twitter, actually i think i already am!!
Girl, harem pants shouldnt be out there..i mean MC Hammer didn't look cute in them!Some-how I can just about stand them on the catwalks and thats it!Why oh Why are they back...
Ooooh and the mohawk hairstyle on guys...gurl, gurl, gurl..smh...why?Every Tom, Dick and Simba thinks this if its NOT!!!!

ShonaVixen said...

OOOOH and this summer the mid-riff is in...gurl what i have seen is making me think m not going to share my mid-riff...LOL!!Some mid-riffs need to be put away and they are the ones on show all in the name of being 'in-season!!'...

K said...

Twitter its coming for me next I know it..

I am a follower of all things ipod...if I lost my ipod I would seriously cry and fad I want to follow...blackberries!! I need to join the blackberry revolution and when I do twitter will be my crack...just call me Whitney!

as for swine flu, in my state there has been 4 cases identified...makes me nervous to take public transport or be in public places because you just don't know. What makes it worse is that the normal flu symptoms and swine flu symptoms are the same and your flu shot does nothing to protect Im eyeing people with sniffles, cough's and complaints of fevers and muscle aches with such dread...

@ shona was going to say harem pants..those people wearing them must be chaneling aladdin

skc said...

PS, I just wanna know whose legs those are in SV's comments.

Me likey.

K said...

Vimbai are you sure Shona is not using your posts to collect admirers? first super (although that soured quickly...shame) and then skc and I note they both said the same thing "me likey"...hmmm

skc said...

K, Thats pretty weird.

"Me likey" is just me getting my white-boy on.

No idea who or what this 'super' entity is *shrug*

ShonaVixen said...

@K...why?but why??et u know Super n me could never be, i'm just not as Super as he is!!..rolling my eyes!!
and I didn't say 'me likey' here...K why?why?!!

@SKC - LOL@ 'Super Entity'..have just made my afternoon!!..LOL...
Those legs..which ones actually??

blogoratti said...

Finally succumbed?
Oh nice!

Vimbai said...

@skc: Will definitely holla on Twitter, i can be found on VimfromZim.

As for Shona's legs that gone on for daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaays, you'll have to take it up with her ;-)

@Shona: Yay, thanks for following me hun. As for the hammer pants, i haven't seen them anyone wear them on this side of the world...but its only time. Unless you are doing some Genie In A Bottle role playing, nobody should be wearing such!

As for mohawks...bra in Zim young boi's were relaxing their vhudzi and sporting that style like crazy in Dec. Electricity and running water may be iffy, but fashion is and keeping up with MTV videos is clearly a staple in the Sunshine City.

MId-riffs...or as we say "Goove out", lol - i think i could work this look...lets hope my mid-riff holds out over winter coz i'll be gorging on that Malva Toffee Pudding mate!

Vimbai said...

@K: Get on Twitter, Get on Twitter, Get on get my drift here!

I really want a blackberry too, my current Samsung is looking a bit , eish, lets just say i've dropped it one too many times.

Heard some guy on the radio today giving some conspiracy theory on how the swine flu might be a ploy by Obama's government to give a legit reason to close the Mexican border and send Mexican migrant workers home so then those jobs will go to the American people- Can you say WTF? Seriously, this dude was smoking some ish mate.

@Shona: I think K is onto something with her conspiracy theory, am gonna start charging, in shoes, for every admirer you pick up here, hehehehee.

@blogratti: Yup, i've fallen hard...can't remember the last time i was this smitten with technology. I'm such a dork :-)

ShonaVixen said...

Don't worry when Idris holla's I'll pay you in Jimmy Choos hon odawise no-one's flyyy enuff for!!

Hadassah said...

that relaxing hair in Zim for guys turned me the hell off! i hated it.

those one handle satchels, and the ridicolously log four corner shoes every guy would wear in H town.

I am addicted to Blackberries i had a curve b4 it fell i the water now i am using my boyfriend's old pearl i hate pearls! sorry to those who it i like my phoes wide lol.

Vimbai said...

@Shona: "Noone's flai enuff for Shona", as my mother would say "Pana basa panapa/This one's a lot of work", lol.

@Hadassah: The relaxed hair was loads better than the S-curl look that was just so greasy and looked like they were trying to channel Jonny Gill or something!

Now i want a blackberry even mooooooooooooooore! Eish, i don't even know what a pearl is...manje i've gonna have to Google that ish.

My motto: "When in doubt, Google it out"

Daughter of Eve said...

Twitter ndizvo!!!!! I am a junkie do you know about hash tagging on twitter? If not holla for a master class LOL

Also i blame YOU for my addiction to all things stephanie meyer - i read all 4 twilight etc book in 6 days!!

Also - not black enough puh - lease!! Tell your co -worker he is not exposed enough to get over his insecurities about people who speak properly and know proper business etiquette

Vimbai said...

@D.O.E: Okay, you are gonna have to school me, what's hash tagging?????

Yay, another Twilight convertee. Aren't those books just absolutely scrumptious. Can't believe you read them all in 6 days, inga your life must have come to a complete stop.

I watched the movie 2 days back, wasn't so bad, but i prefer the books...and the Edward in my head is just a wee bit hotter and intense than that Rob Pattison character.

Shannon said...

I just joined too, like two days ago. to be honest tho, I still don't get it.

Vimbai said...

Hey Shannon, hahaha, that makes two of us! I've been spending a lot of time in the HELP section.

I'm more interested in other people's status updates than my own. That John Mayer is a hoot, you should follow him!