Monday, April 20, 2009

The Almost 30 Blues

Buzzword = Recession: Like the delayed time-lag it takes for most things to hit this continent, i am kinda impressed that the effects of the "recesssion " (say in hushed, low tones for dramatic effect) have reached us by April already.

You see, people were quite confidently declaring that this side of the world wouldn't be affected, but i wasn't hearing that, and had my predictions set for the end of May 2009.
However, with down-played lay-offs and retrenchments gaining pace and company head's calling big meetings to discuss how, and i quote, "Deadweight will be 'let' go". I would like to formally declare that This Is Not A Drill, The Recession is Upon Us.

Job security and all things money related are on the top's of everyone's mind. My job, a constant source of anguish for me of late, has suddenly started looking good...real good. I mean, how could i have taken things like a consistant source of income, Medical Aid and a Work Visa for granted?

From now on i am gonna play the role of the perfect employee, i really don't need to be giving people a reason to give me the boot and force me into a marriage of convenience so as to remain in the country, ah the trials and tribulations of The Economic Refugee :-)

My attempts at frugality this weekend, had me attempting to recreate a home spa type vibe. I gave myself a pedicure (saved R120), washed and styled my own hair (a gruelling feat that probably saved me R170), got my girl to get us on the guest list of the local club (saving me R150) and a charming friend sponsored my drinks that night (R100 i will estimate).

Sadly there were some weak moments, i found myself ordering the not-so-cheap Lamb dish at a friend's dinner and washing it down with some pretty pricey cocktails, thereby setting me back by a couple R200, eish.

The quest to limit my expenses continues.

Feel free to volunteer a few pointers in keeping me outta the red :-)


Guess who's 29? Approaching 30 tends to put most people in a funk, the same also applies for countries too. My beloved country, Zimbabwe, turned 29 over the weekend and it was a pretty sober affair.

Okay, the countless club sessions, braai's/barbeque's, music playlists that were hosted and created on this side on the world on Saturday weren't what i would call sober, but it just felt odd to be celebrating, in the true sense of the word. It's hard to celebrate when you know the harsh realities that your people back home are experiencing.

How can one celebrate when; healthcare is a foreign concept to sick children, when clean water...or any water is a right reserved for the very wealthy, when Hunger is every man's companion and Fear is every man's warden.

Celebrate is definitely the wrong word to use here. "Acknowledgment" seems to be a better fit.

Acknowledgment of those who risked life and limb to liberate my people. Acknowledgement of the sacrifices made so that i, a born-free, would have the luxury of never knowing what it's like to be treated like a second rate citizen on the land of my ancestors.

In acknowledging the past, one can't help but acknowledge the present and realise we haven't lived up to the expectations. The 18th of April is no longer a day of celebration, but a day of acknowledgment...acknowledgment of the past, acknowledgement of the present and currently, an acknowledgment of guilt.

All i can think of is...How did we let this happen?

Vote & Be Heard: This Wednesday South African's are taking the polls to Vote. Before, no black South African would have had any doubt as to where their vote lay or which political party would receive their backing.

However, in the last few months, scepticism and disappointment has led to some apathy among the younger black voters, to the point that some are declaring they shall not vote.

In the words of Malcolm X, "Tis the hinge that squeaks, that gets the grease."

Vote and Be Heard, no matter your political leanings.


On that note, let me be out and start working on being Employee of the Year. A bad job is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than no job (can i get an Amen!).

Happy Monday chickens,


V x


ShonaVixen said...

Girl, the way I've been in love with my job you wouldn't believe...think I just might purchase a tee-shirt to prove it!!!..LOL...yup recession has made me appreciate this job of mine!!
Tips of saving mula...staying in is the new going out!Wiv ma girls dinner parties, get-togethers et all have become more frequent and when we do go out its actually worth it!!
And the word 'SALE' should be your friend..most retailers now have sales and its great how one week the en vogue heels are priced at £95 and come next week its on the sale rack for £35!!!!

ShonaVixen said...

Oooh I got a text to go celebrate Zimbabwe's Independence and even though m quite patriotic this year, I opted out...what's there to celebrate I asked!!

Emilio said...

Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

good luck!! See you!

Vimbai said...

Sales and bargains are the name of the game. I need to get acquainted with all those downtown dodgy shops that sell a gem or two, if you are prepared to look!

As for loving my job, bra, i am gonna be Little Miss Sunshine from now on...mmmmh, i think i will bring in cupcakes to boost team morale, that will get me some brownie points, hahaha.

Yah, on Saturday i vegged at home coz i felt bad for even considering to have a party. Unless it was a fundraiser...darnnit, i should have thrown a fundraiser, hehehe.

ShonaVixen said...

LOL @ your bribery heey is that the Flame Lily???

Super star! said...

quite contrary, the job should be your last friend, be-friended grudgingly and disposed of at the earliest opportunity.

Vimbai said...

Ummm, thanks Emilio...

Vimbai said...

Shona, that indeed is a flame lily. Isn't it so pretty :-)

Random fact: Flame lilies "travel". In a year they will move from one side of your garden to the next, even go through to your neighbours. Supposedly its the way they put their roots down that results in this travelling phenomenon.

Super: Nice to see you on blogville. Bra, some of us aren't exactly mining platinum in our back yards, and until such a time, the job must be embraced!

Super star! said...

I understand platinum might not be easy to find; but how about a chikwere

K said...

Ah Super has for Emilio hmmmm hameno...

Love your job V because eish as a person who experienced the recession waaaaay b4 most people (hence my return to school) couldn't sit @ home jobless...thought let me go to uni and be funded by the govt...AMEN...

money saving tips- house parties are the way 2 go if you know the host they might pack you a ka left over lunch box (dinner/lunch sorted for the next day)

get a bunch of friends 2gether for a night where you pool your wardrobes. Jewellery old and new, shoes, clothes...swap your stuff with theirs. New outfits, no money, food, wine and friends...smiles all around!

Vimbai said...

Super: Ummm, platinum mines sound way more glamourous than setting up a chicken run mate, lol.

Futi i would feel bad about eating chickens i see everyday, i would end up doing something stupid like naming them and then feel guilty about eating them.

K: Emilio was a bit of a summary, clearly he's needing some hits, hameno.

The age-old "bitch and switch" evening, might be a plan, i have a whole lot of jewellery i need to off-load.

I am tempted to return to school K, but 100% scholarships are few and far between, not to mention, i love getting paid!

Super star! said...

well i thought i touch base with you all. i am gulping cocktails, in the middle of the Serengeti....getting ready for dinner ( more game meat) on a monday, i doubt life could get better....

Vimbai said...

Super: So you came here to gloat that you're just chilling, hmmmph. I won't lie, i am a little pea green with envy, lucky for me, i look good in green, hehehe.

So will we be hearing about your Serengeti travels on your new blog? We can't wait :-)

Kafo said...

had a conversation about the birthday of Zim with my bf and i guess knowing htat you guyz were only 30 gave mii hope
cuz when naija was 30 mercy we were going thru military rule under a drug dealer

so hang in there ooo

Vimbai said...

Hey Kafo! Wow, i didn't know Nigeria had such a hectic history, it reads like movie blockbuster!

My motto nowadays is : This too shall past *sigh*

In the mean time, the hope & praying continues...

Lolo said...

Im still mad Vimbi for scratching me Friday owe me BIG!!!

Vimbai said...

Haiwawo, i told you twas a last minute change of plans! Talk slow deep breaths :-)

ShonaVixen said...

ana Super................LOL!!!..sorry just had to say that dunno why

Vimbai said...

Shona ka, hauna kukwana, lol!

ko, why have you gone AWOL from the blogging world? Write a new post, we wait with bated breath!

K said...

Vimbai dont mind Shona she's flossing...

I came on here to say that I love your new profile pic very winter chic! Then I see a whole new layout which I love as well!! Also wanted to gloat that I have found a Moroccan themed bar named Marrakesh complete with Hukkah pipes, r&b, hip hop music, bold colours and so loungy...I just know you would be in love with it!

Vimbai said...

Shaaaaaaaaaaa, i am so jealous, i want to hang around in Marrakesh too, lounging on cushions and what not. Take pictures chick, take pictures.

As for my blog makeover, i am restless and need to shake things up a bit...everything need's a makeover in my life mate!