Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Klepto's need love too!

Over the weekend i found myself doing a spot of browsing in the local health shop when i came across some publication of sorts that dealt with yoga! As i am the proud owner of a fuchsia pink Nike yoga mat that gets used for everything else other than yoga, i casually dropped said-magazine into my handbag and walked out.

I don't know why i assumed it was free...okay, deep down i assumed it was free 'cause who the heck pays for a 57page document solely about yoga, chakra's and the locust pose?

Anywho, last night i decided to give it a read and got to the cover page only too see, in fine print, that the mag was actually being sold for R30. Oops. It's not like i did it on purpose, right? Either way, you aren't gonna catch me browsing in that shop anytime soon, hehehehe.

What i will confess to being, is an office supply klepto! Oh wow, how many pens, highlighters, rulers, post-it notepads have gone missing when i've been in orbit? I've taken to warning my colleagues in advance, to protect them of course, but alas, i still end up with an unknown pen that i can't return 'cause i've gnawed it within an inch of its life. Embarressing stuff!

Over the years the accusations have gone from The Tame, "I know you still have my calculator" to The Extreme, "Can you stop trying to steal so-and-so". Eish, will a Klepto never catch a break man? Till such a time, keep your stationary as far away from me as possible, capisce .

'Fess Up: What has your inner Klepto ever walked off with that makes you cringe just a teeny weeny bit?

The world has gone potty! From the Dai Lama being denied entry into SA for an international peace conference (spot the irony here), a mother of octuplets firing her FREE live-in nurses on grounds of spying (who cares, talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth), a divorcee asking for S53k a month from her clearly long suffering former spouse and taxi/combi operators toyi-toyi'ing down SA's major highways in protest...and essentially backing up traffic so it takes the rest of us 2hrs to cover the 10km's it takes us to get home.

I have resigned myself to the fact that the world has lost it...and i must stop reading the news till people get serious about life! Till then, i will subsist off all the great blogs out there :-)


Hadassah said...

HEY!!! YOU JUST won the prize of being tagged! I will come back later on to read your post girl!

K said...

I leave you for a second and return to find you are a shoplifter with kleptomania tendencies....Winona Ryder would be so I cant judge thought I'm a student and I take any pens left behind in libraries or printing paper.

The biggest confession is...

I was sent to the head office of a law firm I used to work for to deliver some documents. On the absentee receptionist's desk there were these stationary packs piled up (a planner, digital mini desk clock & 2 fountain pens). I place the documents in the mail shoot and while I'm doing so this woman walks up to the desk grabs 2 packs and walks away. So I take 6 packs...yes 6..I had friends innit?

2 weeks later office newsletter comes out and its front feature article was thanking the great fundraising efforts of the head office employees who purchase stationary packs at $100 each...

*leaving head bowed in shame*

ShonaVixen said...

Hmmm I do confess to being a pen klepto...yebo yes!Any office I visit, I take their pen with me (even when I've gone for an interview)...just can't help!!!

Sarai said...

Any and all office supplies, chocolates that are on offer, cake... erm... let's see... Anything at an EXPO (if it's not free, why is it unguarded?)

Vimbai said...

Hadassah: Will do your tag thingy tomorrow :-)

K: Haaaaaaaaaaaaa, you take the cup mate. You stole $600 worth of stationary, hahaha, that's just gangsta mate! I bet your friends were chuffed though, lol.

Shona: A woman with balls, stealing pens when at an interview! I wonder if you and i ever had to work right next to eachother, who would walk away with more stationary than who?

Sarai: For real, anything being displayed at an Expo is free game, that goes for Aston Martins, Lounge Suites, Sex name it, lol.