Friday, March 27, 2009

Honesty's the best policy :-)



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4.Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.

5.List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!

Thanks to Hadassah for nominating me for this lovely award!

10 Honest Things

1. Helium balloons make me very happy! If I was ever an over-indulged celebrity, my diva behaviour would be illustrated by requesting that the bedroom ceiling of my hotel room be covered with helium balloons in the colour of my choice (a colour I would have chosen 30mins prior to showing up to said-destination, can you say DIVA!).

2. I have fantasises of going bald, men have it so easy when it comes to hair.

3. I think in song, to say I am musically & lyrically orientated is a bit of an understatement here. I’ve been known to quote anyone from Jigga to The Fray on all things, after all, if the song fits…

4. Cats love me and the feeling is very mutual. The way people feel about babies, is how I feel about kitty cats.

5. Marriage has made me jaded, not that I have ever actually been married, but I have yet to see a marriage that works. In the same breath, I am the most hopeless romantic you’ll meet and I’m secretly rooting for a happy-ending.

6. If I was ever to fall into a vat of radioactive waste and gain super powers my top two powers would be to able to teleport and to be fluent in every language known to man.

7. There are certain words in the English language that make my skin crawl, like…”knickers” and “soiled” *shudder*

8. I hate avocado! I don’t get how anyone can eat anything that colour, so tasteless and so slimey!!!

9. I have been “in love” with two people in my life; the one reciprocated the same sentiment, the other did not. I still talk to both of them every now and again.

10. Honestly, I am running out of honest things to say in this meme, that I haven’t already divulged in other memes on my blog :-)

I tag...Don't Believe a Word I Write

Hoza Friday: I am done, done, done with freaking 13hour working days! Why people must feel the need to do last minute changes to the scope of work that needs to be done is beyond me. I'm miss my own cooking, am tired of buying take-away. This weekend all i want is some full-body massage, preferably being performed by some delectable GQ-esque model of a man, wearing nothing but a loin cloth and feeding me grapes. Instead, i will settle for getting my hair did, a pedicure, quality time with loved ones and maybe a party or two...tis the small things after all.

Enjoy your weekends chickens and be good!

V x


Funms-the rebirth said...

u'd be a serious DIVA.... lol @ sounds funny to me too whenever i hear it... have a good weekend

skc said...

Heh, I feel the same way about marriage. So lets you and I get married so we can hate it together in holy matrimony.

You won't even have to say I do. A head nod and a Michelle/Barack fist bump will do.

Vimbai said...

Funms: I would be SUCH a diva, actually, one day intend on doing it just for just. As for the word...i can't even type it..."knickers", you have no idea how i LOATHE that word!

Skc: Fist bump instead of "I Do" oh hell nah! As jaded as i am, i will still do the whole white wedding complete with me in Vera Wang honey! But for real, how'd you look in a tux? We can have the whole fairy tale wedding and then got lost in discontentment together, sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Random side note: I have yet to meet a man who would willingly get married, instead of go through with it coz its "expected" or the other party is putting pressure on the brotha.

Don't believe a word I write said...

THE TAG!!!! It's happened!
'Soiled'...hahhahah. I watched a series where the word 'moist' caused the lead's mother basically to faint in horror. good when it's juu-u-u-st ripe, so bad when it's bananas.

Vimbai said...

"Moist" oh Lord, that word aint right either! Bring the smelling salts!

Avocado is yucky, nuff said!

I will be stalking your blog to check if you done your tag missy!

K said...

ah the marriage thing I am with you...jaded but secretly hopeful and romantic... (some1 told me its a December baby thing which i doubt...what month are you?)

been in love twice as the type that when i fall i take my time but when i fall its serious ...

have a great weekend get your pamper on

Vimbai said...

Nah, am an October baby! I think the jaded yet hopeful is just a sign of our generation.

Love is some serious business, i own the Infatuation space though :-

ShonaVixen said...

Hey girl this reminds me of our quarter-pear!!!!
I so love avocados, and guacamole = YUMMY!!!!!!!!

Vimbai said...

Shona, sha, leave my salala-ass alone! Quarter pear, kwota pear, symantecs my friend, symantecs.

I don't mind guacamole though, strange.... Have a great weekend musikana!

blogoratti said...

Fluent in every language known to man-that'd be something!
DIVA!! There,i said it *with a poker face*

Vimbai said...

Blogoratti, you and your poker face have got jokes, lol.

Can you imagine just how handy it would be to know every language?

Hadassah said...

Thankyou Vimbai, but ma Avocado anonaka aine Sugar. I don't understand how people can eat Avocadoes with salt thats horrible.

Vimbai said...

Sugar...salt...i can't understand how you can eat the darn things period mated!

RocNaija said...

So I'm thinking to myself, if you're yet to "meet a man who would willingly get married.."

You been meeting the wrong type of men..

Am I right or am I right?!

Vimbai said...

Roc, eish you may just be right there, lol.

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