Monday, March 23, 2009

Absence makes the heart grow fonder…or the gonads wander

I’m trying to come up with a fully comprehensive explanation, as to why I have been gone for so long. Nothing fitting and complete is really coming to mind. Everything I think up sounds, well either extremely vague or self-indulgent really, so I won’t bother you with the details.

I will, however, keep it short, sweet and most importantly, sincere…”I’m sowwy, I was “gone” but now I am back.”

I missed y'all and blogville like a joke, although i did cheat from time to time and kinda stalk (in a nice way) some of your blogs. Either way, it just wasn't the same!

I’ve compiled a bit of list to give you some insight into some of the things that have been keeping me somewhat entertained during my somewhat reclusive days;

1. Facebook: People getting their knickers in a knot because of simple change of layout. People writing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too personal notes and sharing it with their +600 personal friends??? Oh and all the b*tch tagging going on with people’s photo’s, hilarious!

2. Long distance calls: Not making them, but receiving them from people I haven’t heard from in ages or people i will never run out of having things to say. Not to be dramatic, but some of those calls may have just changed my outlook on life, lol (you know who you are).

3. Stephanie Meyer: This woman can write up a storm. I know I told y’all about Twilight, but having just finished the 4th book in the series, I’m in awe…serious awe. I still refuse to watch the movies though, the casting agent should be shot!

4. Hot Water: Random, i know, but what with my water coming and going ever so erratically these days, trust me, you begin to appreciate something as simple as the beauty and privileged of standing under a hot shower.

5. Malva Pudding...Nandos...Woolies...Ocean Basket: I miss my booty and thickness, weight has been lost due to neglect (i really should remember to eat) and sheer laziness (y'all know cooking isn't my forte). So mission stuff-myself-silly...and throw in some squats & plies will hopefully have me looking curvy once more.

6. Learning the Art of Patience & Other Virtues: Undoing default behavioural settings is completely tiring and near-impossible if you ask me! However, i've had the pleasure of meeting an individual who puts my theory to the test and thankfully, kills it. Nothing like meeting people who provide a fresh, and very much needed persepective on life.

7. Travel plans: Operation save-every-penny is in full force, i, i will find myself in Morocco & Spain by the end of August, credit crunch, recession, come rain or shine! Feel free to save large deposits of cash to assist me on this endeavour.

8. Blog visitors: People find their way onto my blog in a whole variety of ways, i was checking out my feedjit blog visitor tracker and noticed someone had found their way onto my blog by googling "whip his panties". Now, i'm not gonna start judging anyone who has an inclination to whip his or hers panties, it just tickled me is all.

Okay munchkins, the daily grind once again is sounding my name! Enjoy your Monday's and keep smiling :-)


V x

I've been traveling on this road too long
Just trying to find my way back home
The old me's
Dead and Gone
Dead and Gone"

Justin Timberlake & T.I. - "Dead and Gone"


Sarai said...

Hee hee - welcome back to the world of the interblog :) Hit those travel plans like mad - though I ain't giving a cent cause it's Europe at the end of April for meeeee! :) Good luck babes!

ShonaVixen said...

Welcome back hon!!!I did stalk your blog as I do wondering where you'd gone to!!
I'm so indifferent with FB layouts, though I like this one coz its 'clearer' though now I only go on FB if I!I've been ignoring most people just!

I love Dead & Gone!!!

Vimbai said...

Saz: Ooooh, where are you going in Europe and more importantly, can i give you a shopping list, hehehe.

Shona: Dead and Gone is my song!! It doesn't hurt that JT is looking all yummy and rugged!

And why are you ignoring people just for just?

ShonaVixen said...

Girl, you know when you can't be bothered wiv I just had stupid folks adding me!!

i sent some1 a happy bday text message and now they're insisting FB reminded me...m so offended!!Ok yess I've never before remembered their bday in the last 2 years or rather I'd send a happy belated bday now they think its coz of FB..

Sha-a my boss is being a mhata nhasi...sigh..working wiv females sometimes aint easy..I miss working in an all male office..sigh!
Where's K???

K said...

Holla! I read the post last night, told myself I would comment and crashed into a coma instead...its the books you see...the books!

Boycotting FB for lent but I heard about the hoopla in everyday response...we might as well talk about the weather because its just as interesting...really don't like it...LEAVE

@ Shona please working with females enmasse is just a fact I'm going to blog about that mess

Vimbai said...

Shona: But you gotta admit that its tight that FB notifies us of birthdays, although i've always been good with those *smile*. My problem is, the peeps who you are "friends" with and never really holla at but come their birthday you start debating "Should i holla or not, will it be too random for them"

Eish, is your boss PMSing? Nothing worse than working enmasse with females...or working with males who operate like females (men gossip more than women mate!).

K: Sha, was worried that you too had gone MIA! I am so impressed you gave up FB for lent, i didn't last 2 days mate..."the spirit was willing but the flesh, she was weak!"

Rova mabhuku musikana, rova (Hit them books girl!)

Hadassah said...

I loooooove FB but i think its unhealthy lol.

Vimbai said...

I agree Hadassah, we really shouldn't know that much about people and their movements,but FB provides and encourages all of that!

Daughter of Eve said...

Welcome Back!

Vimbai said...

Thanks chica! By the by, loved your Just friends post...actually, i will drop you a comment now :-)