Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When Love Bites...

Watching this Rihanna, Chris Brown story unfold is like getting one's daily fix from their favourite soapie. It's so tragic its borderline hilarious. Everyone's got their two cents about what's going on, they might as well be Chris and Rihanna, the couple who live down in 2D, not megastars Chris and Ri-Ri.

No matter how it started, or rather, who started it, there's only one outcome from this...Chris is going to see flames. Which makes me bode the next question,

"When is it acceptable for a man to hit a woman?" I know the only response to that should be, "NEVER" but think about it.

This reminds me of a lovely little tale from my childhood: My younger sibling and I went through an extreme sibling rivalry phase that one day really got out of hand. We went from squabbling in the kitchen, to me (and i am not proud of it all) hauling drinking glasses at her and her, retaliating with the only defense she had at hand, hauling kitchen knives back at me.

By the time my mother got the details, i knew i would be in the clear, even though i was the older and wiser sibling, even though i had orchestrated the whole thing, i knew my mother would hear one statement, "She threw knives at me" and i'd be free as a bee...and that's how it panned out. Shame, my younger sister got the beating of her life that night whilst i played the defenseless victim.

See where i'm going with this?

Yes, Chris should never have hit her but heck, she could have started this thing, gone ape sh*t on him, what's he meant to do, sit and take it? Doesn't he get a say in "self-defense"? Although i am totally against men hitting women, i think it's a double standard for women to lash out and not expect to hear the wind whistling in their ears when brother-man lays a fast one on them in retaliation. It's easy to take Rihanna's side on this, but since we don't have all the facts and doubt we ever will...the jury will remain out.

Bottom-line, make love not war people!

Mowbray, Kaaaaaaaaaap! Bra, i am done with this jozi rain, not only is it dwinging my locks but it's literally giving me the blues.
So in retaliation, i am heading down to the Cape for a long weekend where people are complaining about 35 degree plus climes and bush fires, what bliss. I will also get to bond with the sea, as a person of land-locked heritage, i have an affinity for the sea...manje lakes and damn, *shudder*, that's another story altogether!
Ooooh, i will get to oogle at the mowwwwwwwwtain and just see some beautiful people (1 in 2 Capetonians are aspiring super models. True story!).

It will be good :-)

K made my day: Check out this site that K recommended yesterday, had me in stitches. A lovely reminder to just how good you have it...and a good laugh:

Be good chickens!

V x


K said...

Rhi Rhi and tragic but its like reading Mills & Boon books (its a guilty pleasure, you know reading about it won't help you in life but you still read it...I can see Vimbayi just saying K shuwa??) Vimbayi don't judge nhai...its just Mills and Boon...I read Paulo Coelho, John Grisham and Marian Keyes to balance it out alright!! LOL

And people's status updates are so wrong...e.g " palm= yes..bite marks= NO" "sometimes you just want to slap them"...from guys of course

When is it ok to hit a woman? Never. Restrain her, move out of the room, even do that ka step like you going to do something but never ever hit. Wait...unless it is under age sibling fighting, my elder brother and I used to get into fights all the time (he was 4yrs older)& I still have a deep scar on my leg that reminds me that provoke the male species enough and they can beat you like the dude they think you look like in their anger...

However having obsessively read all details thus far about this drama...Chris is walking around without a scratch, which makes a little disappointed in Rhi didn't sock him once..a ka one at least? Even Whitney and Tina fought back...

Sha but your sis knives?? hmmmmmm nhai sistren...thats a street fighter right thurr

As for your Cape Town escapades...ha Vimbai I see through your charade...conveniently going to where the sun is shining on the weekend of Falentine Day (my grandma's way of saying Valentine)to wear skimpy ka something somethings collecting Falentine's admirers as you go...anyway as long as it provides you with fodder for the blog...I send you on your way with my blessings....

K said...

Sha, Vimbai sorry for the long ass comment...clearly the coffee I just had is working well...I think I need to take a rest from this blog, its like my fix for the week!

jenezh said...

Vimbai - apparently she also had teeth marks on her arms!!! hameno all i know is the repercussions are already being felt - Chris Brown has been dropped by Wriggleys

Vimbai said...

K: The FB statuses have been killer, i have one mate who was had, "Chris made Rihanna swella-ella-ow-ow" - LOL.

My sister had been watching too many Zorro episodes, coz the way those knives came flying, IWE! But there's no love lost - if you can survive childhood, you can survive anything!

As for Cape Town, i am looking to score some rich breadwinner, so yes, skimpy clothing will be the order of the day.

Oh and K, never EVER be ashamed of enjoying a Mills and Boon...ever, hehehe.

Jenezh: The bite marks FINISHED me...i mean, fight like a man! But now you are gnawing on her, those are just plain dirty tactics!

A friend of mine is adamant that the world will forget this soon and Chris will bounce back...said friend is male, so go figure. I am not sure, right now i am having a hard time listening to his beats.

K said...

LMAO @ the FB wrong...yet so apt. I hate to think he will bounce back but he has all the ingredients...youth, talent, money, looks AND I'm sure he will go to rehab, apologize...write an album about this hard time for him and be back up there...

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I was just about to blog about this. Seriously some people deserve it. I dont subscribe to that dont hit women thing. I think no one should get hit. Its absolutely sexiest to say dont hit women only, dont hit anybody. period. Violence hurts everyone.

Jinta said...

the post and comments are hilarious.

ok, dont hit women, but women, do not attack or provoke men to insanity. there.

i'm never one for this superstar date superstar thing. its all an image, superstardom, and when they get together, they see themselves for what they really are

ShonaVixen said...

OOOh hon, m so jealous u're going to Cape Town, I'll be there in 2010 but gosh wish i was there this weekend away from this dreary place...mccccccccccheeew!!!!....
well it looks like Mr Chris-Take-U-Down- Brown is actually going down...shame I coz I like lil boy and still can't stand Rihanna..but still she didn't deserve the beat down...but those who thinks the Bajan princess hit back say I??I!!!

ShonaVixen said...

i hope she did nway...m not condoning Chris' behaviour though before i get attacked!!!

Vimbai said...

K: Rehab, anger management, sensitivity courses...he'll be doing the works!

Temite: I concur, no violence, no more tears :)

Jinta: Thanks for dropping by. Them celebrities get caught up in what Kanye appropriately refers to as "Flashing, Lights!".

Shona: Okay 2010 aint so far away but just jol now! I was hoping she'd hurt him too, but clearly like you or K said, the boy is walking around without a scratch, eish!

Third World Profashional said...

un-freakin-acceptable! he's the guy, no matter how much a girl weighs or how strong she is, guys are genetically stronger than we are. hitting a woman is just taking on a weaker person and is not just on

Vimbai said...

3rd World: Did you see the "remorseful" statement he sent out? Dude needs more than a statement to appease himself to Rihanna...or the world!

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