Friday, February 20, 2009

More Date, Less Speed...

Curiosity killed the cat...that statement speaks volumes to me after last night's events!

A girl friend of mine had convinced me to go speed dating with her, after all we are two single gals with nothing to lose, right? Except that something was to lost last night, a little thing called "my time" :-)

You see, the speed dating venture looks all snazzy when depicted in movies, tv shows etc, but the reality is a little less organised.

So after agonising over what to wear* i headed out to meet my girl. On registering, i walked into the venue expecting to see a hive of activity, ummm no, instead there were like 8 chicks all looking rather expectant then bored, when they noted that i was in fact not a man - bad sign.

After sitting around for about 20minutes more women came through and one man (he looked a bit scared). Bra, at this point the waiter was starting to look good (then again he was kinda cute). My girl and I decided to take a 15 min walk around the mall in the hopes that when he came back, the ratio's may have somehow been reversed.

Ten minutes later, we ambled back into the place and noted that some homosapien males had mad an appearance after all. The ratio's were still skewed though, about 8 guys to about 25 girls, ironically they accurately reflected the stark reality of Jozi male to female ratio's.

My girl and I then sat at a table with two confused males, turns out that they were a little confused 'cause they had no idea why they were there. Get this, the promptors of the whole speed dating gig realised that some damage control was needed in order to get more males to the event...this involved them enticing random males in the mall to come through!!!

After a few minutes of chatting and giggling, my girl and I exchanged looks that could only be translated in girlspeak as saying, "Who are we kidding, i would rather be watching Friends re-runs on tv right now, let's make a break for it."

And that's what we did.

This speed dating thing is overrated, nothing wrong with the old fashioned formula.

Have any of you ever gone speed dating or dated in an alternative way (online etc)?
Did you meet any significant other or booty calls come of it?

FIFA 2010 Tickets Now Selling: Okay, they're selling from 1pm (SA Time) today for all you footie purists with deep pockets. I suggest you go online and register now if you intend on buying. I don't know why i'm not excited about this, delayed response methinks, i will buy into the hype at some point i guess.

I am so freaking happy the weekend is upon us, this working week has been sheer horror! Being brought close to tears 4 times in one working week is an all-time record for me, usually those 4 times would be equally distributed over a year and a half!

*sigh* I push on, after all, that which doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger...right?

Have a great weekend chickens,

V x


Anonymous said...

Can't stop laughing, tears n al....its SS at the airport-pple looking at funny. Ha V, you tickled me proper, kundi tekenyedza shuwa.

Vimbai said...

Sha, you are laughing at my demise :-S Glad i entertained you.

What are you doing at the airport? Where are you going or coming from?

K said...

My heart goes out to you babe! Sha... I went on one of those speed datings things as a favour to my friend's mother who organises these things once a month for her church. I will NEVER ever go on those things in my life least you got out. You could almost sense the "I need to get married to anyone" type chicks the minute you walked in, then there were the "I'm so holy, I need a sister who walks 5 steps behind me and follows instructions" type dudes...

To make it worse there was no alcohol to make the evening go faster or even at least fuzzier. I was prepared to siphon the alcohol content from my perfume to just see me through. The last dude weakened me...he comes and sits down his cross visible looks around and says " Saka after this do you want to smoke some mbanje?".... I'm like what the??? we are at a church speed dating function...then he sees my shocked face...leans forward and whispers "don't worry you are the only one I have asked". How is that meant to make me feel Vimbayi? That out of the 20/30 girls there I looked like the one most willing to smoke weed with a total stranger?

Now every time my friend and I go out and she wants to leave right there and then she says " saka after this do you want to smoke some mbanje?"

K said...

I just put the y in your name...dang..sorry...see now you told me about it....

Vimbai said...

K, you are killing me here! Clearly you have that "mbanje/weed" look about you :-) Sorry hako, but i concur, never...ever again!

Ironically the majority of the chicks at the place last night were dressed to IMPRESS...they clearly got the, "more is less" memo, coz some of the booty shorts i spotted were truly courageous.

Yes...i saw that "y"...*shudder* are forgiven!

skc said...

But why, Vim...why?

Can u boil an egg?

Do you know what AC Milan is?

Do you have your own stuff?

Do you own at least SOME lingerie?

Do you know how to look impressed that he can open a tricky jar of jam for you?

Do your splitting headaches only occur outside the bedroom?

If the answer to all of the above is yes, then you have no excuse for the speed-dating excursions and such.

Get a grip woman :)

ShonaVixen said...

Sorry sha-a but at least you weren't offered mbanje like our dear K? Asi nhai K, do u have the face of some-one who enjoys mbanje???I!!

K said...

guys I don't know maybe it was the bored look on my face?

Vimbai said...

Skc: I know it seems a little extreme, but i was just curious :-) Oh and "yes" to everything on your list of requirements, hahaha.

Shona: What does the face of someone who enjoys mbanje look like...besides black-ish lips, hehehe.

K: Bored, more like the, i-need-to-get-the-fack-outta-here look. He thought he'd found a kindred spirit, hahaha.