Monday, February 09, 2009

The Modern Day Trapeze Artist

Ola chickens!

‘Tis the second week of February and I’m still trying to get to grips with the fact that it’s already Feb! Watch, tomorrow I will wake up and it’ll probably be June already. There’s just too much to do & see, and not enough time to cover all such bases. I was at a friend’s place when I saw some self-help typish book sitting on the coffee table about Work Life Balance. My first reaction was to scoff at it; I’m very sceptical about any self-help* books written by supposed “experts”. Thing is though, it made me wonder how this work life balance can be achieved?

I hate it, hate it, hate it when work so much as sticks a toe into my after-work life; calls from managers and colleagues after the hour of 6pm and before the hour of 8am are never welcome. Sadly this has happened way too many times to mention this year alone. I suppose all one can do is grin and bear it :-)

So here are two questions I would like to put forward to all of you reading this:

1) Name one time work overstepped the line in your life (and no, the response “all the time” will not suffice here); and,
2) If you had a choice between a 25% pay cut due to only working an 8hr, 4-day working week and a 10-12 hour, 5 day working week with no pay-cut…which one would you choose?

Humour me :-)

Howz about a Little Privacy: Was in the pharmacy yesterday and I don’t know what it is about pharmacists, maybe they’ve just gotten desensitised to the nature of their jobs over the years, they just aren’t big on discretion.

Whilst waiting in line for some meds I couldn’t help but hear the conversation 2 whole queues away happening between pharmacist and a sheepish looking couple. The pharmacist was literally yelling out the dangers of using emergency contraception more than once a year (really, I’m guessing a lot of people never got that memo!) for all the world to hear.

It’s mortifying enough to have a hiccup in the sack, its even more mortifying to haul you’re a*s into the pharmacy to get something to sort it out…but to have your business literally broadcasted to absolute strangers, come on now!

The sheepish couple left looking more sheepish than ever and I assumed that peace had once again been restored to the drug store, only to hear the pharmacist to my left bellow to an uncomfortable looking man, “So when did the burning sensation start occurring?”


Happy working chickens, may the day bring you coffee, pay-rises and extensions on all your looming deadlines :-)

V x


Super star! said...

1)ALL the time. The day you are recruited by MR MAN you are given a blackberry, and you interact with clients/workmates from HK to NY. Soon you get used to answering urgent email at 3am GMT.
2) right now i don’t mind working 12hrs a day coz its necessary. i am at my peak, and coming from Africa this is good for my work ethic and learning as much as i can, increasing the network etc...but after 2/3 yrs i will quit open a grocery store, bottle store and butcher at Mupandawana growth point and live happily ever after on sadza nemaguru...

And that reminds me...i am leaving Blogville for sometime. New prospects have arisen and by evening tomorrow i will be in a new city, new job bla bla bla and MR Man will demand my attention 24/7.

Thank you V for sharing your space and friends, i surely had a lot of laughs.

ShonaVixen said...

Hey Chicken!!
When has work overstepped into my life...hmmmm..calling me when I was in hospital after I had an asthma attack and even offering to set me up @ the hospital..errrr helloooo I'm not feeling well!!They just don't get it..BUT one thing they do know now is come Friday after whatever time i finish work, the Berry is switched off and will deal wiv anything Monday morning on my way in to this morning - had tons of emails sent to me late Friday and Saturday...thank God I not only switched it off but 'forgot' it in the
Hmmm I wouldn't mind a 25% pay-cut BUT with my job, those 4days would be a nightmare coz already the 5 are hell...
Hmmm that pharmacist lacks some serious etiquette...who wants to know that they have been there before??..
LOL @ Superstar and his Growth Point forgot chigayo dude..standard if you're to be the chef wepaGrowth Point!

K said...

@ Superstar you are leaving? Sha but who I tease, lock horns with? Vimbai and I can only fight about Zim/Zam issues mhani! LOL

@ Vimbai sha bosses have no shame. I think because they sacrificed so much to get to where they are they expect the same if not more. One boss in my first week working at the law firm she pulled me aside and asked me to call this girl in who was on grief leave (her father had passed away) My boss said and I quote verbatim here "I'm sure Kate won't mind after all they had the funeral on Friday and she has had the weekend to collect herself" was Tuesday. Do you know how bad I felt calling that girl? She sounded like she was on her own death bed sha and she looked like it when she came in that same day.

As for pharmacists those people annoy the heck out of me. You go there to pick up medicine prescribed by the doctor and they want to go through what the doctor already told you while yelling your business to all and sundry. I once went with a friend to buy the morning after pill (not for me people!) and first there was this a line of people and she's asking at the top of her voice "Are you aware of the side effects? When did you have sexual intercourse" Like really?? If that ish were for me I would have been embarrassed and gone somewhere else.

Vimbai said...

Super: Say it isn't so *pout*! See, this is a perfect example of how The Man is getting in the way of one's life and joy, making you relocated and leave blogville, i mean really sha! I guess i should say congrats and wish you well, in this environment where most people are losing their jobs and heads, at least things are looking up for you, so well done bru!

Visit soon, it won't be the same without you!

Shona: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, your people at work were out of order, hahaha. Try to set you up at the hospital, what kind?

Good for you, accidentally-on-purpose leaving your berry at work. Honestly, those things are the worst inventions on earth and somehow, mandatory for all people in the lawyering field. I have boundary issues, people at work should not trespass in my home life...eish, today i am just feeling irritable, at 9am this morning at graft, i felt like work was getting in the way of my life...on work time, eish.

K: Bra, you and i can fight about The Falls all you want, lol, i aint backing down for nothing!

As for you boss, no words, too weak! Poor Kate, i hope you explained you were made to call her, coz i can see her throwing you ama-nasty side-eyes when you guys meet by the watercooler, lol.

All pharmacists also seem to be hard of hearing, shouting one's business from here to Timbuktu. They need to make some private consulting rooms or something, coz this ish aint right.

Random side note: 2hrs till home time, yay!

ShonaVixen said...

@Vimbayi - I'm sure you have gone home now...its like 30mins to hometime here, for the first time I'm dashing out of here @ 5.00 and don't even know what to do wiv maself coz no classes too...yay!!!Think m heading to Waterstones, and enjoy being in a bookstore!!

@K - you do know that the Vic Falls is in Zim right and u just say that for the sake of

K said...

By the way Shona and Vimbai..Chris Breezy and Rhi-Rhi??? What the?? Methinks its true not because Chris looks like the wife beater type but when two people start mirroring each others tattoo's to cement their love that already is an intense romance on the way to some intense feelings i.e green eyed monster always around the corner

I could be wrong though because quite frankly K says NO to violence against women!

Vimbai said...

@ Shona: Guys, your hours are crazy, you are rejoicing to be leaving the office at 5pm, what kind.

K: Chris doesn't look like the wife beater type...actually, that type doesn't particularly look like anything! Tis quite disconcerting, if he really is guilty, then i hope Jigga unleashes his thugs on him, that will fix that pretty little face of his.

A small part of me is hoping it was Rhianna all 'Disturbia'd" out and being melodramatic...

ShonaVixen said...

@K - Sad to say but right about now, Chris Brown, I'm sorry to say but I don't support Lil Man no more..yeah I never liked Rihanna(talentless, screeching voice, wack live perfomances..come to mind) BUT she don't deserve a beat down, Herpes or no herpes!!!
And to think I kept telling all my friends who'd listen about Chris' dance moves esp the BET Awards '08 wiv Ciara...Chris, you've let me down, I'll even support Soulja-Boy right about now..yeah that's how much I'm so not feeling Chris!!!

ShonaVixen said...

@ the woman-beaters - don't have a look...who saw him on Punk'd?He's got some ghetto in him that lil one!!!and now a whole load of u redeem urself from this one??
Yeah - maybe he's thinks not!

K said...

HERPES??? She gave him Herpes??? Even so, what happened to just breaking up with a chick? No to violence against women.....

K said...

by the way girls if you think you are having a bad day go to this site.....

you will appreciate your me

Vimbai said...

Shona: You can't redeem yourself from this, Chris is pa-tight mate! I'd like to see him wriggle his way outta this. I can't listen to his music anymore without inwardly cringing!

K: You made my day with that website link for FML, i was HOWLING with laughter, some of those stories are just so weakening!

I am already appreciating how good i've got it, hehehe.