Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Men Love The Crazies

Last night the siblings and i caught Woody Allen's flick, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona", if you haven't already checked it out, its definitely a crowd-pleaser! In true Woody fashion it's got witty, quick dialogue; plenty of eye-candy and the characters get into the most random and unconventional situations.

The biggest thing i walked out of this movie with, an on-going theory that gets more solidfied the more i think about it, is that men just love the crazies!

Crazy chicks are men magnets!

I know a lot of guys who are either currently with women who get a tinge unhinged from time-to-time or whom prefer they women overly dramatic (which for them, translates into passion) as they believe that these women care more than the subdued, dignified counterparts.

Personally, i don't get it! Yes, initially the unpredicatability of said-woman's moods could be "exciting" but after a while isn't it just plain tiring? You have to have some deeply embedded saviour-complex to put up with such, actually, you have to be a down-right masochist to stick around with that behaviour in the long-run.

Some male perspective would be happily welcomed on this! Super, i know you're there :-) As for the ladies, are any of you self-confessed crazies?

When will they ever learn? It was Einstein who defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results! So it goes without saying that whomever came up with the bright idea of dropping 12 zeroes from the Zimbabwe currency in the hopes of reviving the economy or the dollar is insane.

It didn't work when they dropped the inital 3 zeroes and mark my words it won't work when they drop the 12 zeroes. Actually, the Zim $ is null and void anyway, USD$'s and Rands are the order of the day, so why do they insist on trying to resuscitate a dying, flat-lined currency! More dire, tough-love strategies need to be put in place here...which is the understatement of the year.

Okay, peace-out, the rest of my day beckons chickens!

V x


munhu said...

aahh..am I first? *sheepishly looks over shoulder, stands up and does victory jig while boss engrossed on phone*
i do not know hey - you could say the same for da chicks. good girls love bad boys is an oft-repeated phrase that plays itself out in too many relationships to be dismissed as a mere cliche. the human need to be wanted transcends a lot of the boundaries that we place on decency and tolerance. sometimes people stay not because they love what they have but because they have something even if it is not what they want - and they believe that that is better than having nothing. it does not help too that people put their best foot forward until they get what they want and by then the other party is no longer the chicken at breakfast - they are the pig and they cannot quite shake a tail feather and prance off into the sunset.
it is not about saviour complexes or about masochism it is about life and how one accepts the hand that has been dealt them.
as for the zeros - I wonder why they bother - I was in Zim a weekend ago and saw ZWD strewn on the street - thrown away with noone bothering to pick it up. I bought ipwa by the side of the road 70km out of Masvingo and paid in USD and I got change in USD. You are right it is null and void. Beats me why they bother with it !!

Super star! said...

The simple answer is that opposites attract. For a guy and i suppose here you mean the more successfully guy- intelligent, smart, well travelled, great job and prospects, handsome, plays an active role in his community and simply go it together. You have to realise that it’s taken a lifetime for a guy to be this all together.

It started with the mother- who simply wanted the best for her son so she taught him manners and sensibilities, then the father who sees his son as a younger version of himself albeit smarter so he pushes the young man (certainly harder than the girl child). Then the teachers that see the potential in him but believe the rebelliousness (musikanzwa) must be curbed.

In high school he has a hero- he develops a man crush on a much older boy. It’s the handsome, smart, sports hero of the school. He wants to be like him- and after six years he becomes the man crush for little boys as well. At University, he confronts mental awaking, he finds a mentor in the form a politically charged professor who believes in world conspiracies especially against capitalism. The mantra is communist to the core- one for all and all for one. He believes he has found his calling, whilst others are in the discothèque (chuckle chuckle) he buries himself in Karl Marx’s Das Kapital and all social revolutions, colonisation, Frantz Fanon theories etc.

Upon graduation his introduction to the world is limited to a bureaucratic organisation. He has simply been recruited by Mr Man. Having been a good student he becomes very good at what he does and Mr Man lives on a simply philosophy, none of that Socrates dialogue or Descartes’ meditations, its simple; greed is good.....and guess what it is, it has its rewards he buys his first house, BMW and all the trappings the come with a good bonus. He goes to business school- and they tell him he is one of a few- companies come fighting for his talent promising him the world- he accepts.

My long winded rendition was simply to make you aware of the experience of what then becomes a highly successful man according to the world. When he meets a free spirited B@%$ he seems oblivious to all vices and deeply attracted to the free spirit- something he has never had and secretly wishes he could have. She awakes the little boy in him. He marvels at the hedonistic lifestyle , the ability to define one’s destiny and not be a puppet to School, nutty professor and Mr man. He yearns to be free- and when she makes love to him he is free....

munhu said...

nyenyedzi mazvikokota...dosage is twenty ml five times a day and not five ml twenty times a day in those quantities the medication affects the chemical balance in your body consistently causing possible hallucinations....lol !! I kid. But I could see where you are coming from.

K said...

Wow superstar...wow...*blank stare* your comments always amaze and entertain...

Anyway..lol, I don't know if I'm crazy...after all if you are crazy do you know it or do you think its normal behaviour and every one else is crazy? LOL

No I definitely am a tame girl maybe it explains my single status...I need to up the crazy?

As for the zim kwacha (i do realise that I'm dissing my own currency- the kwacha) but seriously they need a new plan ANY PLAN just something new and it makes sense.

Vimbai said...

munhu: Yay for being 1st :-)

So basically you are tuning that people will put up with crazy people, even crazy people who attack/stab them, threaten to poison their pets etc, all because they'd rather not be alone...talk about the literal interpretation of the phrase, "to SETTLE down."

Like Karyn White crooned, "I would rather be alone, than be unhappy." Bad boys are vexing, too much drama shamwari! Sadly, ladies have to learn that the good ole fashioned way, ie heartbreak, humiliation and trauma!

As for getting change from the ZRP in USD's, how cheeky!

Super: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, talk about breaking it down! I can always count on you and Munhu to throw some angle i never thought about. I definitely get where you are coming from, and sadly it sounds like you've had some crazies do a number on you.

Opposites do attract, but ultimately if they are too opposite, they clash once the novelty wears off.

My theory is them free spirits are a little too free with the "spirits" if you get my drift, hence, more craziness and drama.

K: Shamwari, clearly the key to our single status is the fact that we aren't Loco. I am definitely gonna work on being crazy, and not only limit it to when i am PMSing, hehe.

Heeee, and the way we used to diss your kwacha, methinks this is global karma coming to haunt us Zimbos...that and people knowing what to do but being too frightened to tune the big man what to do without one mysteriously going missing!

Super star! said...

@ Munhu you have simply reminded me of the old shona proverb; rinonyenga rinohwarara rozosimudza musoro rawana (best foot forward). methinks we are not dealing with anything new here- our forefathers realised this as well, but we simply never learn.
as for the dosage,it depends with the patient...*&*

@K girrl you know you are crazy...

@V: i was simply putting out a hypothsis out there, its no way related to my life.- maybe i should write a book about my theories on life..lol

The moral of the story is that we all need a bit of craziness in our lives- it keeps us sane..

what holds true in my life is that i like a woman who keeps me on he edge.

munhu said...

@ Vimbz - yeah people will put up with a hell of lot. I have been peripherally involved with abused women and will from next month take on a more active role. one of the hardest things there is convincing a woman who only two days prior looked like she was bidding her mortal coil adieu not to return to the house she shares with hubby that beat her black blue and purple too for good measure. or even getting them to take out a restraining order. i am not talking amai sorobhi based in the gwashaz. i am talking young proffessional, beemer rolling tight ass chicas who have made it. they just keep going back for more. i am not judging them. having worked to help them i know how difficult their lot oft is...but to our discussion...Karyn White did not sing on behalf of too many of them.
@ NM...dude you are too much. yeah Shona is quite deep. careful not to take it beyond masalala ari pano aya.
@ K...I second NM's assessment. You know you punk ! Any plan for ZWD will definitely do methinks too. Sorry we laughed at your currency ( Lady Karma - there I have apologised on behalf of all Zimboz and K represents all Zambz - please now restore our currency??? Please)

skc said...

Well, I could give you one other reason, but this is a family show ;)

Vimbai said...

Super: We know you like the crazies, hahaha, you ahead with your BAD self! And write your book please, i will buy it :-)
And bravo for the shona proverb, bra my salala self can only dream to whip such tsumo's/proverbs out.

Munhu: Thank you for trying to appease Lady Karma, but eish we are too far gone mate, too far gone!

As for beaten wives going back to their tormenter, eish, what happens behind closed doors is a mystery to all except the two involved!

In a way, i think as Zimbos, we operate like beaten wives, taking this ish day after day...the energy to rise up left us years ago, now we wait.

Skc: Dude were have you been? Are you implying the crazies are better in certain *ahem* arenas than say the normal, more sane chica.

PS Bring back your personal blog, i miss it, even if you only updated it once every two months, hahaha.

K said...

Munhu and super how can you ASSUME I am crazy...and the way you say it like you know me...lol (i'm getting paranoid now..)

And Munhu I spoke to some fellow Zambians and unfortunately your apologies will not reverse the karma ...HOWEVER if you stop laying claim to Vic Falls and give us sole custody of the same...you never know MAYBE karma will change in your favour...LOL

Vimbai said...

K!!! Girl we have seen eye to eye on almost all things but this, THIS, i can't stand for.

How can Zambians claim that Vic Falls is theirs, hahaha. From your side i call it the "backside" view of the falls!

Granted, in 1 million years due to erosion and what what, it will be yours but for now," Vic Falls will never be a colony again"...i mean, it will remain Zimbabwe's...sha, we at least need ONE thing going good for us and that's it!...oh and Kirsty Coventry, lol.

K said...

@ Vimbai LMAOBMI (Laughing My Ass Off But More Inside)

Sha sorry but you know the issue with the falls has and will always remain. I know people in the Miz say its theirs based on the better view and all but this is what I say just because you have the best view of my mansion does not mean you own it! LOL

Ah Kirsty Coventry you can keep but its people like Thandi Newton and Rozalla that ma zimbo love to claim as theirs....that I can't allow (",)

Anonymous said...

well. opposite attracts. and life is funner that way.

GamineChic said...

yeah sure

but i am more attracted to talent that resembles my own

Vimbai said...

K: Haiwawo/Whatever, it’s our Falls, that’s my story and I am sticking with it, hehehe.

Thandie Newton you can keep, although biologically she’s Zimbo coz of her mum, she grew up in Zambia. Thing is, that one schemes she’s English and after I read one of her interviews and she was saying all sorts of things about Zim, for someone who has never been there, I have since washed my hands of her! That one you can claim to your hearts content!

Rozalla manje/now, why do you think you’ve got dibs on her? She’s ours too, ironically I heard her remixed track, “Everybody’s Free” this morning on the way to work, so it’s a sign she truly does belong to the Zim nation, hahaha. Ooooh, she has a dishy younger brother I used to have the hots for in high school, I wonder were he is, mmmh.

Temite: Hey honey, how are you doing? Eish, methinks there’s a difference between someone adding some “fun” to your life and then someone just wearing you out with their on-going drama issues…tis a thin line! Opposites attract for real, but its all very short-term.

GamineChic: Nice to have a new face here, welcome! LMAO@ the confidence, “I am more attracted to talent that resembles my own”. For that, you get a loud and proud, AMEN!

ShonaVixen said...

Hmmm Shona feels lost, she's not feeling well...sigh...

PeriPeri said...

as someone who has watched the as-mentioned movie and completely fell in love with Maria Elena i'd like to throw in my 2c into the equation.

i've been with a few Maria Elena's in my life and experience is what guides my thoughts... the initial attraction was the excitement the girl brought.... super nailed it when he mentioned how the monotony of life can drain a guy. it so happens some people choose to go watch action movies to excite themselves for couple of hours, some take up golf.... there's another class of people who choose to make a movie of their own. trust me... always seems like a good idea at the time til a knife is thrust in yo face and you remember it's real life!!

once this happens, the hero comes out.* i try to find ways to tame the beast, and at times succeed, which usually surprises Maria and it becomes this tempestuous relationship which keeps both of us on edge.... it hurts so much and feels so good at the same time.
(skc will nod his head profusely at this point :) )

no doubt they were fun while they lasted... i could go Dr Phil on all our a$$es explainin the deep-seated psychological reasons behind it... but i have no idea. (nor does Dr Phil contrary to popular opinion.... anyway). it could just be boredom.

*decided to call it a hero as opposed to saviour-complex cause i was avoidin being blasphemous.

Vimbai said...

Shona: Feeling lost from what exactly honey? I have a spare compass, saka holla!

PeriPeri: Greetings kind sir, tis been a while :-) I see that you and Super are Xtreme sport junkies when it comes to the dating side of life, esp with your penchant for women who bring a little something different to the table ie craziness! Your nickname alludes to this, i guess, "Some like it hot" while some of us are just Lemon & Herb peeps...eish, now i am craving Nandos & peri-peri chicken.

As for taming the beast, maybe you are the psycho-whisperer, hehehe, but more so, its the thrill of the conquest bottom-line, which in the short-term is thrilling, being on edge but at the end, ends in tears and exhaustion.

The monotony of life definitely gets to everyone, but breaking the monotony with a crazy significant other is something else, just take up golf kani nhai!

PS I concur, that Dr Phil is a ka-rubbish!

Super star! said...

Periperi has just reminded me of the few crazies i have had in my life. The worst was a woman a generation older than i was- and she was Zambian (LOL).

Man the excitement was unbelievable, she showed me things and did things to me that i had never experienced in my life (i.e i became acquainted with zambian rituals)The best i must say was handy-work (dexterity at its best) in extending certain parts of her erogenous area- this "lips extension occurs from the time a girl child is 13- lyke i said this woman was a generation older than me.

When the drama came it came in massive doses...i was briefly detained by secret service agents(she had frenz in high places), She was a pathological liar (lied about her sister's death to gain sympathy)she broke the door to my apartment and for a whole six months was stalking...leaving messages on my windscreen whenever i parked. She rubbished my good name in society claiming i was her kept man---(even though she was staying with her parents).

it was hard to get over her...but i had to for my own sanity and balance.

Vimbai said...

Super! That was one crazy chick, shamwari, that story read like a scene from a movie or something! Write your book already, you clearly have plenty of stories to tell :-)

As for Zambian chicks and their *ahem* skills, those my friend are legendary! There's actually a group of Zambian women in Zim who for a fee, can teach a group of women all them moves (don't ask why i know this ish).

As for the overly distending va-jay-jay due to years of tugging, i have never understood the point of this...from an aesthetic point of view, it must look bad but i'm guessing its more famous for its functional aspect - Super would you like to elaborate on this aspect *big grin*

K said...

@ Superstar...what was with the "and she was zambian LOL"???

Is that why you are always picking on me? Flashbacks hey? LOL She was just crazy....I hope you are now dating sanely.

Super star! said...

@V, i have often contemplated writting a book but, i am weary of the law suits that will insue lol.
yes tells us V about the zambian's and their skills- you seem to have got your money's worth....

as for your aesthetics jabber jabber...its an acquired taste, but then again i suppose so is the smell irregardless of tugging (wink)

As for functional aspects girrl you need to be schooled by older folk.

@K...that reference your honour is not prejudicial in any way but of significant interest in the matter at hand, especially since such Zambian rituals are synonymous with Zambians. Out of interest your honour since you are Zambian would you like to share with the gallery your personal experiences

Vimbai said...

I only know what i've heard, that's my story and i am sticking with it!

munhu said...

may I add Zambian AND Malawian women...Chinamwari anyone? yes legendary...ooh the memories... I believe a Zalawi OLDER woman experience should be a rite of passage for every young man...ahem...let me leave it there before I am struck by evangelistic fervour. i have to go to the printer and would hate to do that with a distended member. i thank you.

ShonaVixen said...

Ok...about the Zambians in Zimbabwe who charge for a fee..actually its mostly Malawians and errr I've got Malawian relatives...all m saying is I could do lessons for a fee...ROFLMAO...

Super! - You seem to have had your fair share of crazy...my ex always says to me 'u know crazy from the moment you meet crazy'

Super star! said...

@Munhu.. please tell us more...i have never experienced chinamwari,( does that mean i have been denied a human right??)
@Shona :tune us exe (do peeps still say that, or am i out of touch)
I have done away with all crazies for a life time, i have taken up playing golf (V's recommendation)

Vimbai said...

Munhu: TMI, TMI, TMI...any talk of distended members is just TMI!

Shona, what's your proposed fee for your "lessons",lol.

Super: Ek se is not used at all, the youth of today will look at you like you're tuning burrish/rubbish :-) Howz your handicap :-)

K said...

I never used to get all the innuendo thrown about and around me by Zim dudes at parties....but now it explains quite alot

@ superstar a lady does not divulge such especially on Vimbai's public forum....

But Vimbai I shall say this depending on the tribe you are from it is encouraged by elders and involves chilli and clothes pegs...I thank my lucky stars that in my tribe and in fact because I am very salad in some areas of my traditional background that ish was not on my 13 year old agenda (I was advised to do so by a friend but my grandma said it was not for me to pursue).

ShonaVixen said...

@Super! - well i still say it to all my beautiful goffal folks..lol..And no I won't tune u nothing..lol..

@ Vimbayi - Hmmm the fees..scratching my head..how about a year's supply of biltong shipped to London?

@Munhu - TMI for reals!!!

@K - aah sha-a pegs and chilli...oooh hell naw...damn..chilli..vanhu chilli here??

kaitlyn said...

omg dude. seriously. why do guys love crazy girls???? i don't get it. all i know is that my ex could not stop talking about/cheating on me with his psycho ex girlfriend. he talked about how crazy, she was all them, but he loved it!! lol. i don't get it. i just don't get it.

Vimbai said...

Shona: Biltong is your fee huh, that can be arranged :-) The sniffer dogs at immigration may pose a threat though!

Kaitlyn: Hahaha, you ex was also smitten with the crazies. The male panel has spoken and it's been confirmed, The Crazies are riding high in the popularity charts.

I think it's only fit for all us "normal" chicks to morph into a crazy, just for a week, and see how the other half lives :-)

PS Thanks for dropping by!

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