Friday, February 27, 2009

I've bricked!

Just as well it's Friday 'cause i couldn't take doing another day in the rat race sha.

I officially bricked today, handichadi (i don't want)...i'm gatvol mate!

The current song in my head is Good Charlotte's "I just wanna live."

"I just wanna live
Don't really care about the things that they say
Don't really care about what happens to me
I just wanna live"

Eish, i just realised that when things are going sour with me, out goes the R n'B and Hip Hop tunes, in goes the Punk Rock and Alternative Rock, lol. Bra, those twaai peeps really know how to get to the bottom of emotions like exasperation and angst. Just know things are really, really bleak if i'm playing Lifehouse - their music makes me want to roll-up into fetal position and rock myself to sleep while sucking my thumb...great stuff :-)

One of my managers must have caught sight of my "crazy eyes" 'cause she's kindly suggested that i go home and sleep, before i crack properly Eli Stone style, dancing to soundtracks in my head and Gospel choirs i can only hear, lol.

Goodies at The Copy Machine: I get into the office today and one of my colleagues is standing by the copy machine, killing himself softly with laughter. Turns out, he found a receipt from a pharmacist for a pregnancy test by the copy machine. My colleague is a bit of a sadist! Poor soul, in their distress they must have left it wouldn't be the first time anyone had left very highly confidential information by, on or in the copy machine; payslips, passports, confidential emails, personal photo's etc, you name it, i've seen it.

You've been warned :-)

Okay, am gonna head home now! I wish you chickens a glorious weekend and for those of you undergoing spiritual makeover's this Lent, stay blessed!

V x

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K said...

Ah my last weekend being first to place my comment you just generally had a bad day or something specific just lit that fire?

ah for reals the fairer nation does justice to angst...we have already established John Mayer is the way forward but I can do some cold play, kings of leon, matchbox twenty...ah the endless list

I wonder what the receipt was doing there...either it fell out or someone was photocopying expecting some reimbursement/