Friday, February 27, 2009

I've bricked!

Just as well it's Friday 'cause i couldn't take doing another day in the rat race sha.

I officially bricked today, handichadi (i don't want)...i'm gatvol mate!

The current song in my head is Good Charlotte's "I just wanna live."

"I just wanna live
Don't really care about the things that they say
Don't really care about what happens to me
I just wanna live"

Eish, i just realised that when things are going sour with me, out goes the R n'B and Hip Hop tunes, in goes the Punk Rock and Alternative Rock, lol. Bra, those twaai peeps really know how to get to the bottom of emotions like exasperation and angst. Just know things are really, really bleak if i'm playing Lifehouse - their music makes me want to roll-up into fetal position and rock myself to sleep while sucking my thumb...great stuff :-)

One of my managers must have caught sight of my "crazy eyes" 'cause she's kindly suggested that i go home and sleep, before i crack properly Eli Stone style, dancing to soundtracks in my head and Gospel choirs i can only hear, lol.

Goodies at The Copy Machine: I get into the office today and one of my colleagues is standing by the copy machine, killing himself softly with laughter. Turns out, he found a receipt from a pharmacist for a pregnancy test by the copy machine. My colleague is a bit of a sadist! Poor soul, in their distress they must have left it wouldn't be the first time anyone had left very highly confidential information by, on or in the copy machine; payslips, passports, confidential emails, personal photo's etc, you name it, i've seen it.

You've been warned :-)

Okay, am gonna head home now! I wish you chickens a glorious weekend and for those of you undergoing spiritual makeover's this Lent, stay blessed!

V x

Monday, February 23, 2009

Get Rich Quick (I Smell A Rat)

As soon as someone starts throwing out statements like, "Retire before you're 30" and "Become a millionaire by following 10 simple steps", the sceptic in me rears her head.

This weekend i was sitting in a talk given by a guy about how to make all sorts of money by joining such-and-such a scheme and recruiting this-many people. After a bit of research, i realised he was essentially trying to recruit my friends and me on some pyramid scheme type venture (although die-hards will argue that it wasn't a pyramid scheme, 'cause the product being sold was viable -symantecs).

Money is on everyone's mind, more than ever with the recession not showing any sign of leaving any time soon. I'm been racking my brain trying to figure out ways to earn additional income without having to walk the streets of Jozi late at night in a mini-skirt. I'm guessing everyone's in the same boat, or nobody would actually buy into these "get rich quick" schemes.

Anyone have any pointers on how to make additional legit income?

Official Joburg Welcoming Committee: It's official, after the several emails and phonecalls i got this weekend from people around the diaspora, asking me to look after friends and family visiting Jozi.

Maybe this is where i should make my money from 'cause Lord knows i would be making a killing from it Luckily I love entertaining people and showing them around (granted, i am still finding my way around this city myself). As someone who knows first-hand how daunting it is to land into a new place and get orientated, i make an excellent facilitator (no modesty here mate). So if you ever visit holla *big grin*

He's Just Not Into You: I watched it over the weekend and was amused. The guy who wrote the book must be so chuffed with himself, make millions from writing a book that states the obvious and now making a movie filled to the brink with all sorts of movie stars...and he's still making millions. Without giving too much away, i thought the most applicable-to-real-life story line in it was to do with Jennifer Aniston's character.

Oh and i totally agree with Shonavixen who wrote a blog last week about how the movie reinforced some stereotypes, namely the African chicks at the beginning depicted sitting in the bush speaking in Shona about how some dude hadn't called etc Seriously, they could have just got some modern looking African chick (like myself) lamenting with her homies in some urban settings...rumour has it that most of us who reside on this continent don't actually live in the sticks!

Okey dokey, let me get my work-on :-) Enjoy your last week of February 2009 chickens!


V x

Friday, February 20, 2009

More Date, Less Speed...

Curiosity killed the cat...that statement speaks volumes to me after last night's events!

A girl friend of mine had convinced me to go speed dating with her, after all we are two single gals with nothing to lose, right? Except that something was to lost last night, a little thing called "my time" :-)

You see, the speed dating venture looks all snazzy when depicted in movies, tv shows etc, but the reality is a little less organised.

So after agonising over what to wear* i headed out to meet my girl. On registering, i walked into the venue expecting to see a hive of activity, ummm no, instead there were like 8 chicks all looking rather expectant then bored, when they noted that i was in fact not a man - bad sign.

After sitting around for about 20minutes more women came through and one man (he looked a bit scared). Bra, at this point the waiter was starting to look good (then again he was kinda cute). My girl and I decided to take a 15 min walk around the mall in the hopes that when he came back, the ratio's may have somehow been reversed.

Ten minutes later, we ambled back into the place and noted that some homosapien males had mad an appearance after all. The ratio's were still skewed though, about 8 guys to about 25 girls, ironically they accurately reflected the stark reality of Jozi male to female ratio's.

My girl and I then sat at a table with two confused males, turns out that they were a little confused 'cause they had no idea why they were there. Get this, the promptors of the whole speed dating gig realised that some damage control was needed in order to get more males to the event...this involved them enticing random males in the mall to come through!!!

After a few minutes of chatting and giggling, my girl and I exchanged looks that could only be translated in girlspeak as saying, "Who are we kidding, i would rather be watching Friends re-runs on tv right now, let's make a break for it."

And that's what we did.

This speed dating thing is overrated, nothing wrong with the old fashioned formula.

Have any of you ever gone speed dating or dated in an alternative way (online etc)?
Did you meet any significant other or booty calls come of it?

FIFA 2010 Tickets Now Selling: Okay, they're selling from 1pm (SA Time) today for all you footie purists with deep pockets. I suggest you go online and register now if you intend on buying. I don't know why i'm not excited about this, delayed response methinks, i will buy into the hype at some point i guess.

I am so freaking happy the weekend is upon us, this working week has been sheer horror! Being brought close to tears 4 times in one working week is an all-time record for me, usually those 4 times would be equally distributed over a year and a half!

*sigh* I push on, after all, that which doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger...right?

Have a great weekend chickens,

V x

Monday, February 16, 2009

I've still got sand in my shoes...

Sand gets into weird places and just doesn't leave...and i'm not limiting this to body orifices either. I have sand in my handbag, suitcase and hair, no matter what i do, i figure i'll be finding it for the next month or so.

It's literally impossible for me to concentrate today, i'm re-living in my head all the fun that was had over the long weekend. The main points are as follows:

1. Sun/Beach - Lots and lots of sun was had, too much in fact judging by the fact i've gone at least 3 shades darker. Then again, after laying about on the beach for no less than 5 hours, what was i expecting right.

Twas a funny sight, three black chicks lying out on the beach; my sister completely under the beach umbrella (clever girl), me half in the sun/half under the umbrella then my very brave homie taking in the sun's rays at full blast mode (she has the tan and peeling to back this up).

As many people have asked, "why the heck would you need a tan seeing as you all have permenant ones already", i say, "Dude, you can never get too much sun...unless you are the red leathery looking German dude i spotted!"

2. Food - Although general customer service at most of the places we ate out at left much to be desired (that could just be the jozi-girl in me speaking), the food was great and i got my fix. If you are ever at The Waterfront, go to a place called Harry's Panakes, you will not be disappointed!

3. Eye-candy - I have a crink in my neck from all the eye-candy that was spotted on the streets, in the cafe's, on the beach. Just beautiful men everywhere, sadly, there were equally as many beautiful women, usually attached to these beautiful men, around too. What i love about being on holiday is that inhibitions are lowered to a bare minimum, I didn't think twice about flirting unashamedly with strangers, gorgeous one's at that, and swapping numbers to link up later.

4. The Gig: It nearly didn't happen, once The Itis has set in and alcohol is consumed, most people don't have the energy to leave the house for the club...but it had to be done. Ended up some model-hideout on Saturday called Jade which had crazy varied beats. I love any place that can play MJ's "Rock with You" follow it up with Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" and then drop B.I.G.'s "Hypnotize" in the mix.

5. The Peeps: Ah, the company you keep definitely makes all the difference and i was surrounded by a lovely bunch of people, like my favourite quote from the movie Love Actually goes,

"General opinion's starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed,
but I don't see that.
It seems to me that love is everywhere.
Often it's not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it's always there -
fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives,
boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends…
If you look for it,
I've got a sneaky feeling you'll find that love actually is all around.”

The Walk of Shame: Got the most amazing surprise this morning! I had a lovely bouquet of roses waiting for me at the work reception from some gentlemen who in men who actually follow through on their promises. Thanks guys, you are truly the best and sweetest mates a girl could ask for :-)
Eish, but now the killer looks i was getting in the lift and the walk to my desk were a whole other business, hehehe.

It's Too Late To Apologise: As One Republic crooned, some apologies always come a little Chris Breezy's case, the media has all but flogged him and hung him out to dry. No amount of "i'm sorry" or "they got the story wrong" is gonna get him out of this pickle. The saga continues...

The daily grind beckons, here's hoping you have a phenomenally great Monday chickens :-)

V x

Saturday, February 14, 2009

And now a word from our sponsors...

Here's hoping you are having a Love-fest
wherever you are :-)

Mucho Love-liciousness

V x

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When Love Bites...

Watching this Rihanna, Chris Brown story unfold is like getting one's daily fix from their favourite soapie. It's so tragic its borderline hilarious. Everyone's got their two cents about what's going on, they might as well be Chris and Rihanna, the couple who live down in 2D, not megastars Chris and Ri-Ri.

No matter how it started, or rather, who started it, there's only one outcome from this...Chris is going to see flames. Which makes me bode the next question,

"When is it acceptable for a man to hit a woman?" I know the only response to that should be, "NEVER" but think about it.

This reminds me of a lovely little tale from my childhood: My younger sibling and I went through an extreme sibling rivalry phase that one day really got out of hand. We went from squabbling in the kitchen, to me (and i am not proud of it all) hauling drinking glasses at her and her, retaliating with the only defense she had at hand, hauling kitchen knives back at me.

By the time my mother got the details, i knew i would be in the clear, even though i was the older and wiser sibling, even though i had orchestrated the whole thing, i knew my mother would hear one statement, "She threw knives at me" and i'd be free as a bee...and that's how it panned out. Shame, my younger sister got the beating of her life that night whilst i played the defenseless victim.

See where i'm going with this?

Yes, Chris should never have hit her but heck, she could have started this thing, gone ape sh*t on him, what's he meant to do, sit and take it? Doesn't he get a say in "self-defense"? Although i am totally against men hitting women, i think it's a double standard for women to lash out and not expect to hear the wind whistling in their ears when brother-man lays a fast one on them in retaliation. It's easy to take Rihanna's side on this, but since we don't have all the facts and doubt we ever will...the jury will remain out.

Bottom-line, make love not war people!

Mowbray, Kaaaaaaaaaap! Bra, i am done with this jozi rain, not only is it dwinging my locks but it's literally giving me the blues.
So in retaliation, i am heading down to the Cape for a long weekend where people are complaining about 35 degree plus climes and bush fires, what bliss. I will also get to bond with the sea, as a person of land-locked heritage, i have an affinity for the sea...manje lakes and damn, *shudder*, that's another story altogether!
Ooooh, i will get to oogle at the mowwwwwwwwtain and just see some beautiful people (1 in 2 Capetonians are aspiring super models. True story!).

It will be good :-)

K made my day: Check out this site that K recommended yesterday, had me in stitches. A lovely reminder to just how good you have it...and a good laugh:

Be good chickens!

V x

Monday, February 09, 2009

The Modern Day Trapeze Artist

Ola chickens!

‘Tis the second week of February and I’m still trying to get to grips with the fact that it’s already Feb! Watch, tomorrow I will wake up and it’ll probably be June already. There’s just too much to do & see, and not enough time to cover all such bases. I was at a friend’s place when I saw some self-help typish book sitting on the coffee table about Work Life Balance. My first reaction was to scoff at it; I’m very sceptical about any self-help* books written by supposed “experts”. Thing is though, it made me wonder how this work life balance can be achieved?

I hate it, hate it, hate it when work so much as sticks a toe into my after-work life; calls from managers and colleagues after the hour of 6pm and before the hour of 8am are never welcome. Sadly this has happened way too many times to mention this year alone. I suppose all one can do is grin and bear it :-)

So here are two questions I would like to put forward to all of you reading this:

1) Name one time work overstepped the line in your life (and no, the response “all the time” will not suffice here); and,
2) If you had a choice between a 25% pay cut due to only working an 8hr, 4-day working week and a 10-12 hour, 5 day working week with no pay-cut…which one would you choose?

Humour me :-)

Howz about a Little Privacy: Was in the pharmacy yesterday and I don’t know what it is about pharmacists, maybe they’ve just gotten desensitised to the nature of their jobs over the years, they just aren’t big on discretion.

Whilst waiting in line for some meds I couldn’t help but hear the conversation 2 whole queues away happening between pharmacist and a sheepish looking couple. The pharmacist was literally yelling out the dangers of using emergency contraception more than once a year (really, I’m guessing a lot of people never got that memo!) for all the world to hear.

It’s mortifying enough to have a hiccup in the sack, its even more mortifying to haul you’re a*s into the pharmacy to get something to sort it out…but to have your business literally broadcasted to absolute strangers, come on now!

The sheepish couple left looking more sheepish than ever and I assumed that peace had once again been restored to the drug store, only to hear the pharmacist to my left bellow to an uncomfortable looking man, “So when did the burning sensation start occurring?”


Happy working chickens, may the day bring you coffee, pay-rises and extensions on all your looming deadlines :-)

V x

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Men Love The Crazies

Last night the siblings and i caught Woody Allen's flick, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona", if you haven't already checked it out, its definitely a crowd-pleaser! In true Woody fashion it's got witty, quick dialogue; plenty of eye-candy and the characters get into the most random and unconventional situations.

The biggest thing i walked out of this movie with, an on-going theory that gets more solidfied the more i think about it, is that men just love the crazies!

Crazy chicks are men magnets!

I know a lot of guys who are either currently with women who get a tinge unhinged from time-to-time or whom prefer they women overly dramatic (which for them, translates into passion) as they believe that these women care more than the subdued, dignified counterparts.

Personally, i don't get it! Yes, initially the unpredicatability of said-woman's moods could be "exciting" but after a while isn't it just plain tiring? You have to have some deeply embedded saviour-complex to put up with such, actually, you have to be a down-right masochist to stick around with that behaviour in the long-run.

Some male perspective would be happily welcomed on this! Super, i know you're there :-) As for the ladies, are any of you self-confessed crazies?

When will they ever learn? It was Einstein who defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results! So it goes without saying that whomever came up with the bright idea of dropping 12 zeroes from the Zimbabwe currency in the hopes of reviving the economy or the dollar is insane.

It didn't work when they dropped the inital 3 zeroes and mark my words it won't work when they drop the 12 zeroes. Actually, the Zim $ is null and void anyway, USD$'s and Rands are the order of the day, so why do they insist on trying to resuscitate a dying, flat-lined currency! More dire, tough-love strategies need to be put in place here...which is the understatement of the year.

Okay, peace-out, the rest of my day beckons chickens!

V x