Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy happy! Tapinda, tapinda!

Before i begin, let me get all the obligatory greetings out of the way...."Happy belated Christmas", "Happy belated New Year", "Happy first week back at work (arggh)"... and for added measure, "Happy anything else i managed to miss out."

Chickens, it feels great to be back in the blogosphere after a two/three week hiatus, i wish i could say the same about work! It's painful trying to get back into work-mode, my internal clock is all over the place, so getting up before the hour of 7am is proving to be quite the challenge after 2 weeks of sleeping in till 1pm (those were the days!).

Below is a summary of my hols:


* Going back home to Zim, after a much needed 7 & 1/2 mth stretch in the City of Gold, to catch up with friends and family.

* Sleeping in everyday *sigh*.

* Putting on 3 kg's thank's to mummy's cooking (awww bless) and lots of pizza (all hail the peri-peri chicken pizza from Pizza Inn) :-)

* Catching up with old friends (why is everyone either getting married or knocked up) and making new friends with other diasporans (mocking their duty-free accents was entertainment enough).


* Realising just how expensive Zim has gotten now that it is unofficially, kinda officially dollarised. Where else in the world do you pay USD$20 for a large pizza, USD$10 for a chicken pie and USD$10 to jump into club....eeeeek.

* Not packing enough clothes to span a two week period. Let's just say my outfits got inventive, hehehe.

* Dialling any cellphone number close to 10 times to get through, and that's during off-peak hours!

* House Spiders everywhere...big ones, little ones and cheeky ones that refused to move and be intimidated when i tried to shoo them away!

As for New Year's resolutions, firstly i don't really believe in those, i prefer my weekly and daily resolutions, hehehe. But if i was to name one, i think it would be, "Stop riding the clutch on my car." It's an annoying habit that i really need to break or else i shall be parting with many pennies to replace my car's clutch pad real soon.

What's your top 2009 resolution?...come on, 'fess up!

Let me get back to the daily grind chickens... eish, give me strength :-)


V x


ShonaVixen said...

Welcome back hon!! I was here yday checking if you was back from Bob's country!!
I dont do resolutions...
Gosh I'm yawning and its only an hour into work..yaaaaaaaaaawwwn!!

K said...

Heh comrade you are back!!! Heppi Heppi!!! You survived the cholera then? Sorry babe I am a resolution free zone (see my blog for further explanation...lol)but seriously I gave up on them... I know myself too well I break them within 2 seconds of breaking the damn things...ko no man stories???

K said...

I meant to say break them within 2 seconds of making them! I think too much viceroy was drunk over the holidays and has not left my system!

Vimbai said...

Shona: I have about an hour left of graft/work and i'm past the point of yawning, am just comatose now! I am quite finished!

K: Cholera didn't even have a chance with all the hand sanitiser i kept using, lol. Futi i think more alcohol was drunk than actual water, hehehe.

No man stories, the quest for a "diasporan delight" type fling was over before it begun sha. Trust me, i looked :-S

munhu said...

eeh mumanyiro urikuita Ngonidzashe in the pic towards 2009 is of grave concern to me...miti ikabva yaita se huswa kudaro. Simudzayi gumbo mbijana otherwise 2009 yacho ichakasika kupera !!! LOL - ende futi that rear view picture remains me of the farm invasions!! otherwise happy new year and all the best,

Melanie Lytle said...

"Where else in the world do you pay USD$20 for a large pizza, USD$10 for a chicken pie and USD$10 to jump into club....eeeeek."

...here in the splendid U.S. of A., that's where. Hence, the reason I was IN on New Years this time around! Hope you're well, dearie!

unwritten said...

Hey!! And 2009 it is! Yea, when it comes to the new years resolution thing..I don't go there, but I actually made a vision board with all the things I visualise for myself in 09. Glad u went kumba, good on u mate!
As far as work goes...I was THIS close to pullin a sicky sha..THIS CLOSE..wher am I supposed to get the energy? Please help me..please!!

Vimbai said...

Munhu: Hepi hepi, and here's hoping that 2009 is nhamo-free, credit crunch and all.

Mel: Since when did the US get that ridiculously expensive? All i could think while i was on holiday was, "I'm paying R200/USD$20 for a pizza i could get in SA for R40 tops....eeek." Hope you and the hubby had a lovely New Year's Eve at home :-)

Unwritten: Oooooh, vision board, how very cool! Supposedly it helps motivate you and solidify your goals...is it working? What's on your vision board btw? As for pulling a sickie, i say, go right ahead (hehehehe).

Wazzie said...

where is my photo credit?