Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Haiku & Not Much Else Really

Drip drop splosh splash splish
Weather like this
Makes me feel like a fish

That's a Vimbai original right thurr...yes, i know, i know...stick with my day-job right :-)

I swear if it keeps raining the way it is this side of the world, I am gonna grow some gills or something!

And thanks to said-humidity, my hair has acquired some extra volume that my well placed hair pins are having trouble controlling. Just as well that I’m paying my hairdresser a looooooooooooooong overdue visit tomorrow.

I am dreading the scolding I’m gonna receive when he sees the state of it, you would swear sometimes that it was his hair sometimes and not mine, the way he takes it all so personally. Although instead of dramatic hissy fits, Jeff just throws ama-disapproving looks and therein lays the difference. You see Jeff is a straight up red-blooded male who just happens to cut hair.

The phenomenon of the male heterosexual hairdresser is still quite foreign to me. What hetero-male actually want’s to deal with women’s hair, day-in and day-out, and care at that. Yes, yes I know I am stereotyping here, but I just find it fascinating. I don’t’ know why I find it more shocking than say, a male heterosexual fashion designer…the difference should be the same, but it’s not really, well not in my head.

Gosh if my brother decided to forsake his rugby-clad-capitalist-money-making dreams and become a hairdresser I would a) keel over laughing, b) Advise him that his father will attempt to beat such dreams out of him and c) Ask him what style hair-cut would best suit me and whether my split-ends needed a trim.

I would eventually get over it, the way I’m getting over Jeff’s career choice, after all, the man works miracles. I’ve learnt the age-old lesson that one’s gender and sexual orientation really has nothing to do with your job-choice…except maybe…am kidding, what boys can do girls can do better and vice versa (that makes absolutely no sense, but i'm gonna go with it) :-)

6 + 8 = You Do The Math: News update, so it turns out those octuplets were born without any fertlisation drugs after all. That’s not really the newsy bit though, the newsy bit is that new mother of eight, is already a mother of…six, making her the proud owner of a brood of 14. They could start their own soccer team and everything!

Hela! Maybe Brangelina can help her out and take a few off her hands, hehehehe.

Only in Africa: Check out this link if you are in need of a chuckle - - my favourites are pic no. 4 and 10. Be sure to read the captions, they’re just brilliant.

Have a great weekend chickens, Come Rain or Shine!

V x


Funms-the rebirth said...

straight dude as a hairdresser??????? wow, thats new.......
lol @ Brangelina helping her out.......
have a nice weekend

Vimbai said...

It's pretty common in SA methinks,coz they're plenty of them! Usually hitting on the ladies too (clearly they've found a niche market to run their game)

Have a great weekend hun :-)

K said...

But confirm African parents just would not get what my dad calls "alternative occupations" But the first time I even heard of a male hairdresser was in Zambia, dude did my hair so well for my cousins wedding I nearly cried it had never looked that good. Have a good weekend buddy don't get into any trouble..actually do so we can hear about it!

Vimbai said...

Alternative occupations is a nice euphemism, my dad would just call it, "Bruddy nonsense", lol.

My weekend was fab thanks, and sadly i did behave, boo!

K said...

I like the bruddy nonsense better I think because the alternative occupation just sounds like a veiled insult when he says it! Dude you need to come past my blog to read about My weekend interaction with one of your country men is this the way people react when they get turned down surely?