Monday, December 15, 2008

Things that go Bump in the Night

Drove in this morning and the work car park looks like a deserted graveyard, i was half expecting tumble-weed to come hurtling past! I feel like such a schmuck for being at work, but then, those leave days don't exactly materialise from thin air innit.

It doesn't help that i'm sleep deprived either! Last night one of my neighbours felt that 11pm was a fantastic time to belt out some heavy metal/rock record at full volume. Unfortunately for him, he selected a soundtrack with a lot of lulls in it which did very little to disguise the ooooh-the-earth-is-moving-again moans of his rather enthusiastic female counterpart.

Twas hilarious when i started hearing other people in the complex, rudely awakened too, hurling insults his way, sadly it did nothing to curb the amorous couple and the impromptu tutorial in all things rock continued for another 3 hours! (10 Brownie points to him for his impeccable stamina, hahaha).

So hear i am sitting at my desk trying to come up with a convincing exit strategy...mmmmmh.

"A plague shoe on both your houses": Ah guys, by now you have seen the KILLAH clip of the Iraqui journalist who threw his shoes at Bush after Bush declared during a press conference that, "The Iraqui war is not over." LMAO! That journalist i suspect is now a national hero, by the end of today he'll have a statue mounted of him in the city's square or something. Poor Bush, he never seems to get anything right...i will commend him on his lightning-fast reflexes though, very impressive :-)

Cocoa in Morocco anyone?: A little bit random, but for the last few months I’ve kind of been OBSESSED with all things Moroccan and somehow, someway need to go there in 2009. It’s weird but I also suspect the Universe is kind of pointing me that direction, otherwise how else would you explain the way I keep “randomly” finding articles on Morocco, keep bumping into people heading there or coming from there…the Universe’s forte is definitely not subtlety, that’s for sure.

Have any of been there on holiday…or better yet, are from there? Any feedback on whether the place is actually as awesome as my Casablanca-obsessed-Marrakech-besotted riddled dreams would be great.

Oooh, i just realised today is my last working Monday of the year! Now that is cause for celebrating today. Even better…tomorrow is a public holiday, yay!!!!!

Enjoy your day chickens :-)


V x


K said...

Dude I was killing myself laughing at that clip over and over again. Dubya is a man who has had a shoe thrown at him before how else can one explain the lightening fast reflexes? As for his secret service detail they all need to be fired because their reflexes were slower than anything....maybe they are used to responding to slow things like bullets?? LOL

As for Morrocco all I have heard is that it is a great place to go with other people and a safer idea too. Plus the colours, the people, the food and atmosphere just rocks....according to my globetrotting friends!

ShonaVixen said...

Hey chicken!!
I'm loving that shoe-hurling journalist and George Bush must have played some football coz the way he was ducking...classic!!!Imagine if it hit him???Or if it had been Mugabe who had that shoe tossed @ him?...he'd have said 'The British and Americans threw those shoes, a Zimbabwean would never do that. Unless its Morgan...Ibhutsu yemaBritish!!...lmao'...
Yeah its my last working Monday of 2008 too!!
Sei holiday nhai??

ShonaVixen said...

hmmmm Kooks where u come from sha???not fair..i thought i'd Usain Bolt-Barack-Alexandra Burke-'d this one for reals!!

K said...

@ my language we say ba lala ba shala (you sleep, you get left behind) time zone has me up waaaaaaaaaaaaaay early!

munhu said...
i follow the blog with the above link intermittently. blogger was in morrocco amongst a few other countries a few weeks ago....check out blog for some travel to morrocco stuff.
last working monday of the year for me was last week already - took today off - could be best decision of the year!! *grin*

Mista Jaycee said...

I wonder what shoe company is gonna jump for joy at the free advertisement?

When you absolutely gotta throw something....Nunn Bush!

Anonymous said...

Coincidentally I was in Marrakech last weekend, so here are my thoughts….

Morrocco is nothing like the movies make it out to be….Marrakech is the historical and cultural city so you are likely to enjoy yourself there. And its an easy base for out of town excursions.

Marrakech is best for a quick getaway never make it your holiday destination, otherwise you will be disappointed. The back drop is a terra-cota village somewhere in Gwanda with lots of donkeys and old cars in the roads. The markets are bustling with very aggressive sales men and even more aggressive beggars- woto famba ne shamu. Prices are very negotiable- and can easily drop by 80%- that’s right.

By night, Marrakech has its Cinderella moment- it’s a mix of Miami, Cannes and London. The beggars don’t go away but the markets become a hive of activity with many drinking and eating spots. Moroccan whiskey, soup, mints, dates and chocolate is served to your whims. Move uptown- and you meet the happy and fabulously rich folk of Morocco. The best is Dar Marjana, just make a reservation earlier in the day and you will have a table. Indulge in Moroccan gastronomy, and be tantalised by gorgeous, fanta-bulous JLo meets Riannha belly dancers. NB, these are natural dancers, dancing since the time they were in the womb (not the professional dancers you find in soho, who have no love for the art). The Pacha night club is where it happens (there is a nice food joint nearby as well- Jana).The night life is magically….

If you are looking for a cultural salad mix of French, Arabic and African influence, Morrocco is the place. To totally enjoy the place as a tourist- you will pay an arm and a leg. Its better to connect with a local who will take you to the more interesting places (e.g dessert excursion) and easily negotiate prices for you.

The aspiring photographer/ professional will find Marrakech a haven for great photoshoots….

Vimbai said...

K: Bush's lightning fast reflexes only go to show that it's not the first time someone's thrown stuff at him, i suspect with him, it's an occupational hazard!

Shona: You slow, you blow musikana, hahaha. Trust me, if someone threw a shoe at Bob, somehow the British would be behind it, hehehe.

Munhu: Oh cool beans, a new blog to check out.

Mista J: I love your pay-off line, but for real, someone is cashing in big time.

Anonymous: Wow, now that's what i call some great feedback right thurr! How cool that you were there so recently, i am super jealous sha! I love the sounds of Dar Marjana...actually i like the sounds of it all!!!!! Hehehe, so the belly dancer caught your attention huh, did someone renact the Dance of the 7 Veils for you ;-).

Come rain or shine, in 2009 i'm heading North to check Morocco out...i think i am in love *sigh*

PS Anonymous, you are a super star!

Anonymous said...

If you like the sound of Dar Marjana then you will like Jad Mahal, great lounging place. Twas a great getaway with the missus, so my attention was on a lockdown...

Let me know when you plan to go and i will oblige with useful Digits.

Vimbai said...

Hahahaha, you must have been pa-tight with all them belly dancers slow-winding for you and the missus chilling right next to you.

Then again, you men have mastered the art of observing all that goes on around you via peripheral vision, am i right or am i right!

PS Anonymous, i hereby demand that you go by an other name than Anonymous :-) Use any name, made up or otherwise when you drop a comment, you just seem to larger-than-life at the moment for me to be referring to you as Anonymous.

Super star! said...

Super star! It is then...