Monday, December 08, 2008

Pimms for President!

You know that scene in Vanilla Sky (which by the way, i thought was a CRAP movie) when Tom Cruise wakes up and drives around Time Square and there's nobody there and kinda freaks out, that was me this morning.

Okay, i wasn't freaking out but i was SUPER puzzled as to why a) there was very little traffic on the roads and b) ummmm...why there was very little traffic on the roads. Then i realised, most people have already gone on holiday, ahhhhhh, bah humbug mheni!

My mantra of the day: I don't want to be here! I don't want to be here! I don't want to be here!

Maybe if i click my red heels 3 times, i'll find myself back at home, Dorothy-style!

So this weekends shenanigans officially confirmed that the silly season was indeed upon us, which means that all my alter-egos come out to play, which always translates into some sort of trouble.

Take Friday for example! My girls and i went to check out joburg's latest "It" spot for after work drinks, The Rosebank Hotel. Everyone i know you'd been there kept raving on about it, so you can imagine, the bar had been set high (excuse the pun) and thankfully, the place did not disappoint!
So enamoured was i with the 60's themed look that i proceeded to try and drink everything on the cocktail list (i would recommend the Kalahari Collins!). In the 4 odd hours that we were there, i managed to:
1. Give my number to a nice looking man at the bar (nice looking man then proceeded to call on Saturday morning, agh shame);

2. Attempt to moonwalk, MJ-style;

3. Flirt shamelessly with...well, everyone really;

4. Lose my phone...then find my phone...then lose my phone...then find it again; and,

5. Fall asleep at the table, lol (in my defence, it was only for like 5mins).

Ummmm, yah!
Saturday night was no better either! Went through to that Wimbledon-themed event and had my fix of all things Pimms related (yummy)! I did manage to channel to my inner slutty-Russian-tennis player, so successfully in fact, that i tied for first place in the "Best Dressed" category (methinks it was the short skirt that helped me clinch the title).
There was interesting outfits, some people took the theme quite racquets and all, and some people just didn't get the memo, thankfully they were in the minority! Twas a fabulous party all round! Somebody needs to have another theme-styled bash some time soon.

Alrighty then, then daily grind beckons and sadly, i must oblige The Man! Have a fabulous Monday chickens :-)


V x


ShonaVixen said...

Lol @ falling asleep on the table!!!Sha but on ur winning, maybe some pics kani nhai??or am i pushing the way i so love Pimms in summer!!Nway chicken hope you are ok, m off today so not doing nothing nhasi

K said...

Shona jobless wonder please taking my position of first.....anywho....LOL

Vee...dude...falling asleep surely??

Any cash rewards for getting first in the best dressed comp can be forwarded to me...

So jealous about the it spot...ah to be home in Africa but why I choose to languish in the Australian outback ka is beyond me!

Vimbai said...

Shona: I never did explain my sleeping at the table...but eish, it was unavoidable and only for like 5mins...and i was told my mouth didn't fall open, hehehehe.

K: The Australian outback has its charms i have been told?