Friday, December 05, 2008

"Hey Jim!!"

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, the weekend is upon us, can i get an Amen...actually, can i get a Haaaa-men :-)

Yes, i am still having cravings of an alcoholic kind and tonight i forsee myself doing a bit of cocktail sampling, i need a new signature passionfruit, lemonade and vodka combo is getting old.

Question: What is YOUR signature drink? Even if it's water (though i strongly doubt there is such a sober blogger in the bloggersphere, hehehe), holla!

Spot the foreigner: Yesterday i found myself killing time around the airport whilst waiting to pick up my sibling. I realised airports are a purgatory of sorts; people waiting to fly out, people waiting to get picked up, people waiting for loved ones, people waiting for just about anything and everything.

The best part about the airports are the reunions! Lordy, i think i got misty-eyed at least twice yesterday whilst witnessing some heart-tugging reunions (i am getting soft in my old age); my favourite was watching this burly, alpha-male looking man reduced to tears when his toddler son ran up to meet him...dude, not even Hallmark could replicate that scene.

Some other notable observations i made whilst digiting* around the airport:

1. The airport has its fair share of random, shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaady looking dudes hanging around it!

2. The erotic literature section in CNA (local bookstore chain) is extremely well stocked at the airport...i couldn't help but notice that, tehehehehe.

3. Eye candy is plentiful at the airport, whether its the HOT, rugged foreign-looking dude with the 5 o'clock shadow thing going on (for the Ladies) or the well-turned out, regal looking air hostesses (for the Gents). For people watching activities, the airport is definitely the place to go.

4. Why is everything so FREAKING expensive at the airport? Like at least R10 more expensive? As the first port of call for people entering a new country, you'd think the airport would cut them some slack and hook 'em up! But noooooooooooo, that's the first place they end up getting ripped off, great first impression guys!

5. Waiting for people sucks, i would much rather be the person going somewhere :-)

From Russia with Love: So this weekend i'm attending this themed birthday bash, i love me a good theme but am finding this one challenging, not because i don't know what to wear but because i can't decide WHAT to wear. I love themed parties and take them very, very seriously, hehehe.

So the theme for this one is Wimbeldon. I could either channel some 80's retro look, or some quaint 1920's look, although i am more inclined to morphing into some slutty Russian tennis champ (too many people to pickfrom to channel for this look, lol).

Okay, i am off to grab a bite to eat from the local canteen (i pray there's something edible today).

Hope you have a fantastic weekend chickens, behaving yourselves....yah right!

Holla in the comments :-)

V x


K said...

Ah first...shona vixen slacking dude where ever you at! Dude digiting...have not heard that in a spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

My signature drink was malibu rum and pineapple or any wine...recovering alko I am though now....water and I make a good team.

As for the part go the slutty Russian you some Anna Kournicova...where is that chick, still glued to Enrique?

K said...

ah...p.s have a good weekend... and the strangest thing I have seen at the airport...Jehovah witness people trying to preach the word to peeps and its hilarious because peeps are torn between natural instinct of dodging them and realising that they are about to get on a plane and avoiding the witnesses might not bode well for their travel....LOL

Funms-the rebirth said...

i love my appletinis or strawberry Darquiri.........

ShonaVixen said...

Lol @ K re:Jehovah's witnesses at the and hard place ne?
Hmmm, my signature drink would be Disoranno on the rocks or Southern Comfort n Lime..though m now not that much of a drinker no more

Vimbai said...

K: You can never go wrong with rum, just thinking of all the rum-infused cocktails i consumed this weekend is making me queasy.

I think the name Anna Kouricova us synonymous with slutty-tennis-champ, coz that's the first name that came to my mind too, heheh

LOFL @ people caught between ignoring and acknowledging the jehovah witnesses! I've seen the same thing with Hari Krishnas, lol

Shona: Southern Comfort and Lime, what a classic! And what do you mean you are not that much of a drinker anymore, how much were you drinking before?

Super Star! said...

Why are things expensive at the airport. Ans: Money illusion
Only the locals have a sense of how much anything costs really. Shops take advantage of foreigners illusion of how much things cost and charge as much as possible..