Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All i want for Christmas is...

Methinks i left my christmas shopping a little too late, i should have been on it like in October or something.

I am beginning to suspect that 80% of my luggage when heading home will constitute baby clothes...why is everyone breeding? All i know is that by the time i decide to pop a sprog, i best be getting be getting my share of baby paraphernalia from certain parties (you know who you are!).

Yesterday was the Day of Reconciliation...more importantly it was a public holiday that was well spent at a girl friend's catching up on shows and music videos ( i seriously need to get a TV already, its now just plain ridiculous) and trawling the mall in search of a reputable tattoo parloursl.

The mall was INSANE, every Tom, Dick and Chikwama was out and about. I would think that on a holiday, the last place most people would like to be is in a shopping mall. I love my fair share of retail expenditure, but i hate crowds! The most ideal time to shop for me would be on some arb Tuesday at 10am or something. Eish, hameno (i don't know).

We found the tattoo parlour, i actually spotted a few designs i liked. Most of the stuff on show was demonic and crazy looking though, i mean, do people realise this ish is permanent? I am still looking for the least painful and obvious place to put it should i ever get one...any suggestions?

Anywho, it's my second last day at work before i'm officially on holiday, to say i can't wait is a bit of an understatement at this point. When my alarm went off this morning, i spent the first 2 minutes just swearing and complaining out loud at the sheer injustice of having to be at work at all.

Oh, before i sign off, i just wanted to share with y'all what i really, really, really, really want for Christmas this year. I watched the syrupy holiday movie, "This Christmas" yesterday and let's just say, i was inspired.

Columbus Short, here's hoping you pitch up in my non-existant chrismas stocking this christmas...fingers crossed :-)


ShonaVixen said...

Hmmm Columbus Short his body girl, his body.....yummmy!!!
Clap hands for Shona for she's got the presents sorted...yay!!!So u going to Zim over the hols then??Say ndeipi to Bobby for me and chuck a pair at Tims @ him
I have warned folks that m going to tema kumeso wiv your rubbish presents should it not what i hinted i wanted!!
I loved the movie 'This Christmas' too....

Vimbai said...

Sista, Columbus's body is scrumptious but it's his mouth i can't get over...*swoon*

I am indeed heading to the Sunshine City for the hols, yay! I am quite impressed at the number of people going home, clearly a cholera epidemic, crazy prices and very little food do little to put off homesick diasporans like myself :-)

Here's hoping you get all the pressie and goodies you expect come Christmas morning...for your friends and loved one's sakes given your above threat of bodily harm should your hints not get acted on, hahahaha.

K said...

WHY? Why have you introduced me to this man I had been living an existence without him satisfied with will smith, obama, Jay Z, any black man in Tyler Perry's movies...and now you add this child to the list....I have to go and rewrite the damn letter to Santa AGAIN!!

My fam's has cancelled xmas pressies this year due to the credit my mothers words "eh, presents for what? for who? there are no toddlers here...we all know we need the money for bills" LOL...I still slipped my brother a list of heels that nine west and steve madden are selling half price

Vimbai said...

Aiwa ka K, you now want to start a fight! Is it not enough that you are also claiming my other husband Jay Z, but now you want to snatch Columbus from my clutches, ah hell nah! LOL.

The man is FOINE though, when i saw him in Stomp The Yard, i literally stopped breathing sha!

Your mum sounds like every black mother out there, unless there's a child under the age of 6 living at home, there's no point in celebrating christmas with gifts, lol.

Here's hoping your brother gets the hint though, lol, nothing says "I love you sis" like a pair of Nine West shoes :-)

Green said...

I enjoy reading your blog!!!!!!!!!!!

Vimbai said...

Hey Green, thanks for dropping by, i will definitely return the favour!

Random digression: I like your name, that's my favourite colour :-)

K said...

Dude I just wrote a post on tattoo's then I was going past your blog (as if its a store...LOL) and I saw a quote about tattoo's....have a merry xmas...yes you ahve competition in all areas..CLEARLY homie black men like this ndzivo (spelling? right context?...ah I am Zambian don't expect me to get it right!)

rayo said...

i saw this christmas twice last christmas, tis rili nice and columbus short is smoking HAWT!!!

ShonaVixen said...

Happy New Year chicken...where you at?How was my motherland??Well, I'm there this year...Hope u are well xoxo

Vimbai said...

Rayo: Sadly Columbus Short did not appear in my xmas stocking this year, boo, but i did have an "interesting" dream about him if that counts, lol. Thanks for dropping by chica!

Shona: I will be back online tomorrow rearing to go with stories from the motherland, shamwari...eish, i will download you mangwana. Happy New Year back at you chica, clearly somebody got some judging by certain blogposts "ahem", lol.