Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All i want for Christmas is...

Methinks i left my christmas shopping a little too late, i should have been on it like in October or something.

I am beginning to suspect that 80% of my luggage when heading home will constitute baby clothes...why is everyone breeding? All i know is that by the time i decide to pop a sprog, i best be getting be getting my share of baby paraphernalia from certain parties (you know who you are!).

Yesterday was the Day of Reconciliation...more importantly it was a public holiday that was well spent at a girl friend's catching up on shows and music videos ( i seriously need to get a TV already, its now just plain ridiculous) and trawling the mall in search of a reputable tattoo parloursl.

The mall was INSANE, every Tom, Dick and Chikwama was out and about. I would think that on a holiday, the last place most people would like to be is in a shopping mall. I love my fair share of retail expenditure, but i hate crowds! The most ideal time to shop for me would be on some arb Tuesday at 10am or something. Eish, hameno (i don't know).

We found the tattoo parlour, i actually spotted a few designs i liked. Most of the stuff on show was demonic and crazy looking though, i mean, do people realise this ish is permanent? I am still looking for the least painful and obvious place to put it should i ever get one...any suggestions?

Anywho, it's my second last day at work before i'm officially on holiday, to say i can't wait is a bit of an understatement at this point. When my alarm went off this morning, i spent the first 2 minutes just swearing and complaining out loud at the sheer injustice of having to be at work at all.

Oh, before i sign off, i just wanted to share with y'all what i really, really, really, really want for Christmas this year. I watched the syrupy holiday movie, "This Christmas" yesterday and let's just say, i was inspired.

Columbus Short, here's hoping you pitch up in my non-existant chrismas stocking this christmas...fingers crossed :-)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Things that go Bump in the Night

Drove in this morning and the work car park looks like a deserted graveyard, i was half expecting tumble-weed to come hurtling past! I feel like such a schmuck for being at work, but then, those leave days don't exactly materialise from thin air innit.

It doesn't help that i'm sleep deprived either! Last night one of my neighbours felt that 11pm was a fantastic time to belt out some heavy metal/rock record at full volume. Unfortunately for him, he selected a soundtrack with a lot of lulls in it which did very little to disguise the ooooh-the-earth-is-moving-again moans of his rather enthusiastic female counterpart.

Twas hilarious when i started hearing other people in the complex, rudely awakened too, hurling insults his way, sadly it did nothing to curb the amorous couple and the impromptu tutorial in all things rock continued for another 3 hours! (10 Brownie points to him for his impeccable stamina, hahaha).

So hear i am sitting at my desk trying to come up with a convincing exit strategy...mmmmmh.

"A plague shoe on both your houses": Ah guys, by now you have seen the KILLAH clip of the Iraqui journalist who threw his shoes at Bush after Bush declared during a press conference that, "The Iraqui war is not over." LMAO! That journalist i suspect is now a national hero, by the end of today he'll have a statue mounted of him in the city's square or something. Poor Bush, he never seems to get anything right...i will commend him on his lightning-fast reflexes though, very impressive :-)

Cocoa in Morocco anyone?: A little bit random, but for the last few months I’ve kind of been OBSESSED with all things Moroccan and somehow, someway need to go there in 2009. It’s weird but I also suspect the Universe is kind of pointing me that direction, otherwise how else would you explain the way I keep “randomly” finding articles on Morocco, keep bumping into people heading there or coming from there…the Universe’s forte is definitely not subtlety, that’s for sure.

Have any of been there on holiday…or better yet, are from there? Any feedback on whether the place is actually as awesome as my Casablanca-obsessed-Marrakech-besotted riddled dreams would be great.

Oooh, i just realised today is my last working Monday of the year! Now that is cause for celebrating today. Even better…tomorrow is a public holiday, yay!!!!!

Enjoy your day chickens :-)


V x

Friday, December 12, 2008

Because Chickens Say It Better: TGIF

Have a great weekend chickens :-)
V x

Monday, December 08, 2008

Pimms for President!

You know that scene in Vanilla Sky (which by the way, i thought was a CRAP movie) when Tom Cruise wakes up and drives around Time Square and there's nobody there and kinda freaks out, that was me this morning.

Okay, i wasn't freaking out but i was SUPER puzzled as to why a) there was very little traffic on the roads and b) ummmm...why there was very little traffic on the roads. Then i realised, most people have already gone on holiday, ahhhhhh, bah humbug mheni!

My mantra of the day: I don't want to be here! I don't want to be here! I don't want to be here!

Maybe if i click my red heels 3 times, i'll find myself back at home, Dorothy-style!

So this weekends shenanigans officially confirmed that the silly season was indeed upon us, which means that all my alter-egos come out to play, which always translates into some sort of trouble.

Take Friday for example! My girls and i went to check out joburg's latest "It" spot for after work drinks, The Rosebank Hotel. Everyone i know you'd been there kept raving on about it, so you can imagine, the bar had been set high (excuse the pun) and thankfully, the place did not disappoint!
So enamoured was i with the 60's themed look that i proceeded to try and drink everything on the cocktail list (i would recommend the Kalahari Collins!). In the 4 odd hours that we were there, i managed to:
1. Give my number to a nice looking man at the bar (nice looking man then proceeded to call on Saturday morning, agh shame);

2. Attempt to moonwalk, MJ-style;

3. Flirt shamelessly with...well, everyone really;

4. Lose my phone...then find my phone...then lose my phone...then find it again; and,

5. Fall asleep at the table, lol (in my defence, it was only for like 5mins).

Ummmm, yah!
Saturday night was no better either! Went through to that Wimbledon-themed event and had my fix of all things Pimms related (yummy)! I did manage to channel to my inner slutty-Russian-tennis player, so successfully in fact, that i tied for first place in the "Best Dressed" category (methinks it was the short skirt that helped me clinch the title).
There was interesting outfits, some people took the theme quite racquets and all, and some people just didn't get the memo, thankfully they were in the minority! Twas a fabulous party all round! Somebody needs to have another theme-styled bash some time soon.

Alrighty then, then daily grind beckons and sadly, i must oblige The Man! Have a fabulous Monday chickens :-)


V x

Friday, December 05, 2008

"Hey Jim!!"

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, the weekend is upon us, can i get an Amen...actually, can i get a Haaaa-men :-)

Yes, i am still having cravings of an alcoholic kind and tonight i forsee myself doing a bit of cocktail sampling, i need a new signature passionfruit, lemonade and vodka combo is getting old.

Question: What is YOUR signature drink? Even if it's water (though i strongly doubt there is such a sober blogger in the bloggersphere, hehehe), holla!

Spot the foreigner: Yesterday i found myself killing time around the airport whilst waiting to pick up my sibling. I realised airports are a purgatory of sorts; people waiting to fly out, people waiting to get picked up, people waiting for loved ones, people waiting for just about anything and everything.

The best part about the airports are the reunions! Lordy, i think i got misty-eyed at least twice yesterday whilst witnessing some heart-tugging reunions (i am getting soft in my old age); my favourite was watching this burly, alpha-male looking man reduced to tears when his toddler son ran up to meet him...dude, not even Hallmark could replicate that scene.

Some other notable observations i made whilst digiting* around the airport:

1. The airport has its fair share of random, shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaady looking dudes hanging around it!

2. The erotic literature section in CNA (local bookstore chain) is extremely well stocked at the airport...i couldn't help but notice that, tehehehehe.

3. Eye candy is plentiful at the airport, whether its the HOT, rugged foreign-looking dude with the 5 o'clock shadow thing going on (for the Ladies) or the well-turned out, regal looking air hostesses (for the Gents). For people watching activities, the airport is definitely the place to go.

4. Why is everything so FREAKING expensive at the airport? Like at least R10 more expensive? As the first port of call for people entering a new country, you'd think the airport would cut them some slack and hook 'em up! But noooooooooooo, that's the first place they end up getting ripped off, great first impression guys!

5. Waiting for people sucks, i would much rather be the person going somewhere :-)

From Russia with Love: So this weekend i'm attending this themed birthday bash, i love me a good theme but am finding this one challenging, not because i don't know what to wear but because i can't decide WHAT to wear. I love themed parties and take them very, very seriously, hehehe.

So the theme for this one is Wimbeldon. I could either channel some 80's retro look, or some quaint 1920's look, although i am more inclined to morphing into some slutty Russian tennis champ (too many people to pickfrom to channel for this look, lol).

Okay, i am off to grab a bite to eat from the local canteen (i pray there's something edible today).

Hope you have a fantastic weekend chickens, behaving yourselves....yah right!

Holla in the comments :-)

V x

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Bovvered....nah man, i'm downright WARRRIED!

I don't know whether i am officially in holiday mode or whether i have finally hit a brick wall.

All i know is that since 9:00am, all i've wanted is a drink...something strong! Being the cheap date that i am, cough syrup at this point would :-) I don't want to be at work...i don't care if deadlines are for today, tomorrow or whenever.

I am officially warried and this attitude ain't going nowhere until the 5th of January people!

Hehehe, now i am fantasising about owning one of those nifty mini-silver flask and have it attached on a garter belt so i can take quick swigs throughout the day, lol.

I know i'm not alone, after all, y'all probably reading this during office hours instead of doing some constructive work innit, tehehehee.

2008 Annual Self Audit: So i'm performing a self-audit for 2008, and lets just say, things ain't balancing!

Some figures are either waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out or not appearing on the balance sheet like they should! There are more liabilities appearing than actual assets, clearly in 2009 i will need to remedy that...speaking of which, maybe i should work on my goals and resolutions for 2009 - that sounds like a swell way to procrastinate.

Let me go walkabouts, i need to look like am doing something...just think, there are still 5 more hours to my working day, boo!
PS So i found some Someecards that capture exactly how i feel about work in a way that only a Someecard could! Enjoy chickens.

Monday, December 01, 2008

A pinch and a punch....

Dudes, seriously, how are we already in December! It's just too crazy, CRAZY too comprehend how this year has literally flown by!

There's so much that still needs to be done and i've T-minus 30 days and counting till we usher in the New Year, eish, it's a bit of a danger!

I got felt up: This is how sad my love life is, i got cheap thrills from being felt up by the massuese who hooked me up with the most euphoric swedish massage ever this weekend.

Noooooo, there was no happy ending or inappropriate touching-touching, lol. I walked out with a spring in my step, the power of touch is incredible! I would go back for another massage like today, but was told you can't get them too often coz they mess with your Chi?

Unleash the Dragon: This weekend was the annual office party, ie schmoozing with 2000 plus colleagues and honchos. I was scandalised by some of the outfits worn by employees and dates alike! Some people clearly didn't get the memo stressing that was a dressed up event, some people took the dressing up bit too far and looked like they were about to renew their nuptials and then there were the people who arrived not dressed at all given the amount of fabric they had on (supposedly i belonged to latter category, in my defense i didn't think i was showing that much skin, hehehe).

I was more impressed with the BLING that the guys from the office were all of a sudden decked out in; chains, earrings, bracelets, bra Diddy would be so proud. Dress code aside, it was an impressive turnout, the DJ was great, the food aaaaaaaaaite and i managed to drink a few alcoholic beverages and not frisk anyone, so i am mad chuffed :-)

World AIDs Day: Today is a day of rememberence for all those who have lost their lives to AIDS and those who are fighting the daily battle. I seriously doubt there are any individuals living on this earth who have not been affected by this disease either directly or indirectly. We've come a long way since the early 80's when it first came on the scene, however, there's still a lot of stigma surrounding AIDS. The only way to combat AIDs and the ignorance and prejudice that come with it is to increase awareness, keep well informed and not have unprotected sex. The battle is far from over!

Let me get back to the daily grind, just think chickens, there're only 4 more Mondays left in the calendar year, yay!

V x