Monday, November 10, 2008

Nomvula (After the Rain)

Hau, why is it everytime it rains, anywhere on the continent of Africa something has to stop working! Last night there was some crazy downpour and this morning, no electricity! Arggggh!

I swear, if i had a landline, it would have also stopped working!

Okay, i'm good now i got that rant out of my system :-)

I love the rain, i feel like its the baptism of the earth (seriously!), i feel it heralds new beginnings and do-overs, coz if there's something i need right about now is a serious do-over. I need to find Life's "refresh" button or something.

Last week was a week of extremely awkward conversations, acute observations, weird prepositions and all that jazz.

I fully intend on spending the rest of 2008 in a drama-free zone (fingers crossed) which means i will have to embrace the hermit-way of life, which i am all for :-)

Here's to 2009....51 days and counting!

Have a great morning chickens!

PS: I am still on that OBAMA high, yay!


ShonaVixen said...

hey Vee, its just not on the African would think the English are so used to their terrible weather that they would have everything in place coz its always bliming raining anywayz BUT hell no....trains suspended, trains delayed, traffic jams...arrrggh...Yup gurl u guessed right, it was hell to get into work, and half the people aint here yet coz they're delayed somewhere!!
Enough 2008 is almost over...Obama high will last for a while...still dancing to Young Jeezy's 'My President is Black'..that needs to be my ringtone for always!!!

Vimbai said...

Shamwari, i live 10mins away from work and when it freaking rains it takes AN HOUR to get in...utter rubbish man!

Mmmmh, you are onto something there...actually, i may make that my ringtone too, hehehehe.