Monday, November 24, 2008

The Mingers of Christmas Past

December is but a heartbeat away which heralds the beginning of the Silly Season where anything and everything usually goes! Eish, for a particularly holy time of the year I must admit, I have partaken in my fair share of debauchery and random ama-flings, some kinda questionable in hindsight – I blame it on a combination of my single status around this time, and of course, alcohol…lots of it.

A friend and I were shooting the sh*t about our random, cringe-worthy hookups and we realised that the one or two that we each had lurking in our past all happened over the Christmas/December holidays.

Going forward, I hereby dub all such hook-ups over that time of the year, “The Mingers of Christmas Past.”

What’s the Fuss? So the new Bond is out and everyone is raving about Daniel Craig and even going as far as declaring him…the best Bond. What blasphemy!

Am I the ONLY person on this planet who doesn’t see it? He bored the heck out of me in Casino Royale…granted, I only watched 20mins before I fell asleep. I got to the part where in the throes of some frisky behaviour he realised he had to go off and probably kill someone and left a rather unimpressed chick literally gagging for it! When has Bond EVER picked his country over a chick, that’s when I decided to call it night. Yes, you can argue that these Bond flicks with Craig in them show us him in his early days, what-what, I don’t care! Futi he’s blonde…BLONDE, wtf?

However, because I suffer from a serious case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) I will at some point this week, attempt to re-watch Casino Royale without nodding off and the attempt the Quantum of Solace item and hopefully I will finally “get it”.

There’s No Place like Home: I’ve been getting the strangest looks when asked what I’m doing over the December hols and I respond that I’m going home. I wish I could say the are-you-out-of-freaking-mind looks are coming from non-Zimboes, but Zimboes are quite guilty of it and the usual question that follows this look, “Why?”

I could provide you with a million reasons, ranging from, “Demmit, I miss my mummy’s cooking” to “I need a time-out from this place” but the simple truth here is that I have only one home and right now it may be a broken/shady-ish one, but it’s still my home and no crazy power cuts, gazillion pot-holes, USD2.50 beers (eish) and limited New Year’s Eve activities is gonna change the fact that it's the one place on this earth where the wind knows my name :-)

Here’s wishing you a fantastic week chickens! I know I’ve been slacking on the blogging, but work is a bit of a danger at the moment!
Performance appraisals are right up there on my list of Least Favourite Things in The World, right after beetroot :-S


V x

PS: I just nabbed this from Eb the Celeb's blog (hehehe, thanks hun) and i think it sums up my approach to my impending performance appraisal...


ShonaVixen said...

hmmm cringe-worthy just this season that makes peeps wanting company n ish...Gosh, I'm single this Xmas and NYE, I fear for what m going to
Sha-a kumba,kumba..wish i was going home this Xmas, despite all thats happening I still love my Zimbabwe, I miss my mama's cooking and her garden...awww home sweet home!!The jacarandas, their beauty, walking muHarare Gardens...aww m getting all teary-eyed here

Vimbai said...

Please report back on any mischief you get up to over xmas and new years!

Shona...i love your nostalgia, but walking in Harare Gardens??? Hehehe, were you the one half of those couples you always see having gwash pics taken of them in the Gardens, hahahahahahahaha. Now i am just hating, they're pretty...but you still won't catch my salala a*s in there, hehe.

tjidzani said...

I love the Christmassy things too, and Honey, at the top of my list is Being in a place where the wind knows my name!

Nyasha said...

la la la im a razor la la hehehe la LA LA LA LA!!! i watched qantum of solace last night and as a person who prides herself on being a true bond fan in the legiance of Roger Moore!hehe i must say i was shockingly impressed with this wasnt amazing and save for some few unrealistic stunts it was actually quite a pleasant dont knock it till uve tried it coz it could actual be a surprise to u u know :)

ShonaVixen said...

Pictures in Harare Gardens...NEVER...I used to work near the gardens, walked through them everyday from home to work and work to home, so it was just that walk i miss...(i was always late yet lived mutown)so really it wasnt a walk, running through the gardens more like!!
My salala-ness was going to Fourno's to buy bread yet some peeps actually saw it as a place to take their dates!!!!

Vimbai said...

Tji: Have you chrismasfied your place yet...i am too scared to start! I know i have no limits, lol.

Nyash: Et tu Brutus? They have got to you too, i guess i should follow suit like you foozies and start fawning over Mr Craig, boo!

Shona: That was a mighty strong, "NEVER" there Shona, methinks the Lady Doth Protest too much, hehehe. Don't be shy, if you had your picture taken we won't judge you (hahahaha).

One man's bakery is clearly another man's venue for wining and dining the lady's, don't

ShonaVixen said...

LOL...u know when i wrote NEVER, i knew you'd say hmmm aka kanga karimo in the year when i head home, definitely will take a picture in the gardens and even paMbare too..just for you

Vimbai said...

Wega shamwari, i am sorry to say the state i left you beloved gardens in wasn't does one put this delicately, sweet-smelling one if you get my drift!

Rather pay a trip to the Botanical gardens, you will right at home there i'm sure ;-)

LOL, i just remembered going there one afternoon with friends and taking a walk and how we accidentally-on-purpose kept interrupting all the kafoofling couples.

I mean really, one couple was in the throes of "romance" under an elephant ear leaf???

ShonaVixen said...

LOL...@Harare Gardens, i can just imagine, m going to cry when i get home, m sure of it..crying kuti is this how it looks like now!!
Botanical Gardens handitika...will get them taken for ya then...i always found it funny that couples thought it was their 'right' to be frisky and more ikoko!!! Aaaah memories....

tjidzani said...

I am limited by finances Vim, but I am borrowing a tree from a friend and decking it out this weekend! I am soooooooo excited!

Oh, and forget Bond, Bourne rules!