Monday, November 03, 2008

Just Live Your Life...

Being in the office after such an amazing weekend is such an anti-climax, it actually feels like a far-off dream!

Here are a few observations i made over the weekend:

1. Road trips generally never start on time! There's always "someone" or "some people" who hold the whole trip up!

2. There is such a thing as packing to many shoes :-)

3. KwaZulu Natal (KZN) is NOTORIOUS for their zero-tolerance approach and attitude to driving over the speed 5-odd traffic fines are testimony to that! I can still see the flashing lightbulbs going off as i whizzed on by, hehehe.

4. Vodka and orange juice are perfectly acceptable breakfast foods and a fabulous way to start the day at 9.00am...just don't climb up anything, drink and then proceed to try and get down from dizzy heights, whilst under the me on this one!

5. Swimming with a cozzie on is always optional (especially for midnight dips) , although everyone else on holiday would probably prefer you did put something on.

6. Having sampled the retail fruits of Durban, i will NEVER shop in joburg again! I was overwhelmed by a) the variety of clothes and b) the fact they were at a fraction of the price of what you'd find in Joburg.

7. Eight chicks sharing 3 bathrooms and trying to get ready all at once is...eish, its a challenge but still do-able.

8. I was meant to live by the sea! For someone who comes from a landlocked country, i have a mad affinity for the sea and beach.

9. Zulu men are the Italian men of Africa! Never have i seen and been on the receiving end of such attention. They are fabulous opportunists, never missing the opportunity to holla and let a sista know she's looking fine, lol! It got a bit much when one of the petrol attendants decided to whip out his phone and start takeing pictures of my girls and i, ummmm, creepy!

10. Toll gate charges are freaking daylight robbery mate! Can't believe how much was forked out just to use the road...after 5 toll gates i was gatvol!

11. I feel sorry for anyone not born or living in Africa! I live on the prettiest continent in the world :-)

"No one in the corner got swagger like us":

Chelsea is back on top of the English Premier Leaderboard!

Lewis Hamilton just made history as the world's youngest F1 champion!

What would make my day year, is if Barack Obama is voted in as the President of the United States this week!

Eish, then i would have seen it all!

Vote Obama!

Have a lovely Monday chickens and be good :-)


ShonaVixen said...

hey Chicken...why did i think your Road Trip would last for longer???Hmmm guess not paying attention henh?
So you a Chelsea fan too??Yay!!The boys in blue rock, Lewis Hamilton made my Sunday and The Audacity of our hope shall be seen on or not, Obama is the first black man to get that far in America...i rank him close to Madiba!!!

Vimbai said...

Eish bra, leave days are few and far between, gotta use them sparingly, so only took Friday off.

I am an extreme Chelsea fan, the boys in blue RULE!

Obama has come far, hopefully he crosses the finish line sha...fingers crossed and all that jazz!

Nyasha said...

heeee saka ur feeling sorry for us for not living in africa too good for us ey (accent from the doorman in wizard of oz) lolest...x

Vimbai said...

You diasporans are missing the african sun, of course i feel sorry for you...but then again, you guys are enjoying the fruits of retail excess saka now i don't feel so sorry for you.

*hint hint* You best be bringing me something cute on your visit this side, heehehehe.

Kookie said...

dude make a sistren jealous why dont you. my ass be stuck where there is no way i am coming that side for another 6 months. glad you had fun though... thank god for O-B-A-M-A