Friday, November 14, 2008

Je ne regrette rien

Many a point in time I have seriously considered tattooing this very phrase on some part of my body as a reminder. A reminder that regret is a futile emotion and generally what’s done is done, all that’s left is to pick up the pieces and move along.

Sober musings for a Friday, this I know, but from time to time high humidity levels (as well as fluffy kittens) have been known to soften my defenses and in certain lighting, make me appear almost human.

That’s when all things that I have actively been trying not to regret chose to camp out in my subconscious until I either acknowledge them or humidity levels drop!

The list is as contradictory as they come, which going back to the title of this post, “ je ne regretted rien” explains why I feel actively musing over a regret is basically a fruitless endeavour!

To give you a sneak snapshot to what the cat drags in when nimbostratus clouds hover ominously, my list goes a little like this:

1 I regret never having loved you.
2 I regret loving you too much.
3 I regret not saying goodbye to you a long time ago.
4 I regret never saying goodbye.
5 I regret not being more understanding and patient.
6 I regret not cutting you off at the knees sooner.
7 I regret being so self-centred.
8 I regret being so self-less.
9 I regret waiting for you.
10 I regret not making you wait.

And the list goes on….

The easiest way to deal with it is to exclaim, “Ah, fcuk it” and remember that tomorrow is another day, a clean slate. Hopefully that will keep that good ole Catholic guilt and self-flagellation at bay.

Like I said, “Je ne regretted rien”…expect maybe what I ate yesterday that’s given me some dodgy gastro what-what :-S

The Official City Welcome: I witnessed a heist earlier this week. It was the most surreal experience. Driving along, minding my own business I noticed a truck about 3 cars up ahead being unloaded by a couple of guys who were working at asuch a pace to transfer the goods to an awaiting car, I couldn’t help but wonder, “Ko, what’s the rush.fellas?” That is until I noticed a couple of other guys laying on the follow…but all I could think was, “That’s odd.”

The final indication that something wasn’t altogether “right” just had to be the one guy waving a gun, warning bells then seriously went off. It took my passenger’s exclaimation, “Shit, it’s a heist” to finally get the pennies dropping.

If I didn’t believe the horror stories before, rest assured, I do now. Nasty reality call :-S

Bumper Sticker that made me laugh this morning: Caution - This Driver Doesn’t Give a Shit Anymore.

Hope you make the most of the weekend, chickens! Be good, and if you can't, at the very least…take pictures ;-)

V x

* No, je ne regrette rien: No, I regret nothing/No regrets


ShonaVixen said...

why is blogger hating on me saying i last updated 6months ago????i just noticed that on ur page and shubby told me that too yday...mccccheewww...
ok back to the post, gurl, that's also my new title post as well as my sis is officially addicted to La Vie En Rose and thinking she's the next Edith hunh?!?...great minds i guess
wow so you witnessed a heist???

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

wow so you actually stayed to witness a heist?
had it been me i would have run for dear life
Miss DM aint got nine lives

~ScotchBiscuits~ said...

Your page is a good treat!!
i like that list! i am scared that if i start to make one, it'll get too long then i realze that i really have regrets...
then I'll regret that I have regrets...

~ScotchBiscuits~ said...

I just went to some of your archives and I like. I really like!!

Vimbai said...

Shona: Coincidence that we are all loving that La Vie En Rose, i think not.

Miss DM: I don't have nine lives either, that's why i'm keeping a LOW low rather. My motto is, don't bother me and i won't bother you.

Scotchbiscuits: Okay first off, nice name...kinda makes feel hungry though, lol. Welcome and hope to see more of you (when i don't lax on updating my blog that is), i will definitely pass by yours :-)