Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Chronicles of a Bemused Neophyte

Wow, i truly have this Damsel in Distress routine down pat! For anyone suffering from a saviour-complex, i am a prime candidate for conversion and assistance.

Take today for instance, having some Prince Charming type character around would have been great (personally i think i make a fantastic Lana to an aspiring Clark Kents out there). I had the seemingly easy task of getting from point A to point B, shoot, i even had please tell me how i ended up driving about 70km in the opposite direction (shall we refer to it as Point Z), out of town??!!! To add insult to injury, when i eventually did manage to turn around, i had to freaking pay a fee at the tollgate, just to get back into the city.

It wasn't all bad, after screaming down the calls and reminding myself that all is still well...sorta, i didn't amazingly manage to get back on the road that took me directly to point B after all.

Given my quick brush with....Durban, lol, i think i will be investing in a GPS navigator 'cause this business of learning the hard way is NOT appreciated! So Santa baby, hope you are listening *wink*

Speaking of Santa, i love, LOVE the commercialisation of christmas! I love seeing christmas lights everywhere, big old christmas trees in the malls and jingles playing over the speakers. Most people abhor this cheesiness, but i love it 'cause i haven't seen it in a while. I now need to organise myself a tree and many, many decorations :-)

On to my thought provoking question: What do YOU want for Christmas (besides World Peace and the end of World Hunger)?

I will tell you mine if you tell me yours :-)

V x


skc said...

>>What do YOU want for Christmas <<

Remember that corny George Michael song "Last Christmas" or something like that?

Yeah, thats me

(Ok, she didn't give it away the very next day...she wasn't THAT much of a ho)

So get me the opposite of that and I'm good.


Vimbai said...

Skc, long time no hear dude, hope you are good!

That song is SO sad sha!

Here's hoping you gets lots of love this Christmas, i'm sure there's a lady or two vying for that spot ;-)

Get your heart broken on Christmas day definitely appears in the Top 10 worst things to get for christmas...up there with a comic book and lip balm (true story!)

ShonaVixen said...

I have this Toni Braxton Christmas CD which always comes out this time of the year...i need to go and dig it out..Ok what do i want for Xmas...hmmm...a miracle in Zimbabwe and we just rewind to 1996 (things were good then!!)...OK besides that...
1) Balenciaga multi-coloured sandals
2) Folli Follie watch
3) A great book
4) A letter (I havent received a handwritten, personal letter in a year so really would just love to read a 4page letter)...
5) A year's subscription to Cosmopolitan, Essence, Glamour, True Love, Upscale (tired of buying them
6) Jimmy Choos
7) A cute pair of shoes
8) Shoes!!Shoes!!
9) Mac Book Air
10) Shoes
Yup thats my Xmas list....

Vimbai said...

Iwe musikana, that's quite a list there, lol.

You have a Toni Braxton CD, i have the Mariah Carey Christmas, when she hits those high notes on "O Holy Night" i get goosebumps!

I love your list, especially point 4 and 8!

Sha don't you hate having to fork out for magazines, and trust me to like all expensive ones like Vanity Fair, Vogue! I have given up on the likes of Cosmo and Glamour (they lie to women) and now buy those home ones eg Ideal Homes (which are also not cheap)...bring on the lifetime all-paid year subscriptions to our fave mags!

ShonaVixen said...

ehe sha-a number 4 and 8 are the best ne? is great and i also lke Destiny's Child version of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer...hmmm Limewire here i

K said...

LOL @ Shona Vixen ati limewire here I come.... black people, ma bootleggers till the end!

You guys have stolen most of my ideas but in any case let me do my thang as well

1)Dog Tags engraved with my name, D.O.B
2. The new maxwell cd if it ever comes out...been waiting for that item since the beginning of this year
3. A cute clutch bag
4. Make is the festive season dudes...need that make up
5. Human hair weave wig thingy...yes you read right...I want weave for xmas!

ShonaVixen said...

LOL @ K...Weave..just go the whole nine yards and ask for a Lace Front
sha-a for some reason i never thought limewire-ing was bootlegging until this song started with 'Nothing but a bootleg'...lmao

ShonaVixen said...

and're from Zambia???Well, I never....

Eb the Celeb said...

i want a boo

Vimbai said...

K: Maxwell has a new CD??? LOL, a weave for xmas, hahahahaha, like Shona said if you are gonna dream, you might as well dream big and ask for a ka-lacefront one.

Shona: I hate that "nothing but a bootleg" voice over that KILLS the track you're listening to. We all know its a bootleg, no need to be advertising this fact, lol.

Eb: Pity you are so far away, i would have hooked you up with Skc who seems to need a boo too, lol. On the serious, Christmas is the most rubbish time of the year to be single...bah humbug!