Thursday, October 23, 2008

“Sleep no more, Macbeth Work hath murdered sleep!”

Found another grey hair yesterday, eeek! I actually thought it was fluff or something, spent a good 2mins trying to brush it out, only for the cold hard truth to dawn! Nice one, I get another grey hair exactly a week after turning 27, someone somewhere is trying to tell me something, lol.

The current project I am working on is an effing nightmare, its no surprise I am sprouting grey hairs. I keep telling myself it will all be over this time next week, but for now, I’m in the thick of things! My eyes are constantly bleary (staring at a computer for more than half a day will do that) , I’m extremely irritable and snappy, eating regular meals is a thing of the past, I suspect my hair is falling out (ontop of greying that is) and my dreams have been plagued with visions of incorrect spreadsheets and livid clients!

One more day and then I get a break from this living purgatory:-S

Bromosexuals are the new Metrosexuals: According to a certain popular magazine that will remain unnamed (I am too shy to admit I spent good money on this fluff), Bromosexual is the term used to describe a man who puts his boys before any woman he may be dating, essentially, he’s a straight man who has mad love for his boys, “boys before hoes” and all that jazz.

I found this term hilarious ‘cause in my youth I remember dating such a character, I swear, I would pitch up at his house and his whole entourage would be there, I found myself whinging about things like, “How come I never get you alone” and “Do your boys ALWAYS have to do stuff with us?”

Inga Rather: Yesterday I was paid a compliment of sorts; I was told I was an itch this individual couldn’t scratch. I think I may have even blushed, lol.
PS Another funny i got in the mail, lol. Enjoy!


skc said...

An itch he can't scratch eh? What...was he born in 1862? Coz thats the last time that line was hot.

Next he'll ask you if you were born in Iraq coz you're "the bomb".

Vimbai said...

Ko,why the hateration? Just coz the man made me smile with a corny line, lol.

I have one for you Skc, "Skc, do you have a map? 'Cause I'm getting lost in your eyes."

LOL, try and top that on the cheesiness scale :-)

ShonaVixen said...

LOL...corny line for reals...corny, corny, corny!! Hmmm m starting to think of corny Shona lines right now...hehehede!!
Well, thank heavens they have lace-front wigs now so we wont have to see the gray sha-a its just the stress, take it easy boo...
i smiled when i read 'inga rather'..coz i always say it and my friends are calling me ancient and that its time i went home to get the modern slang!!hey, 8yrs is a long time kani
PS: I just love ur reminds me of home!!

ShonaVixen said...

oooh corny ass line from Harvest of Thorns:
Your skin is like a mupichisi fruit, and your lips maroro chaiwo!! ROFLMBZAO!!

Vimbai said...

Shona:Lacefront wigs may be the future for me if i keep going at this rate!

"Inga rather" will forever be cool in my books and the slang moves at an exponential rate, you need to hold onto the gems.

PS It is time for you to come home for a bit, 8yrs...bra its only been 6mths for me and already have the shakes!

PPS Haaaaaaaaaa, that's such a wack line from Harvest of the Thorns, so corny.

Do you remember Monday night drama's with Paraffin, i remember this one episode where he sees a hot chick walking on the road and he shouts out, all excited, "Heeeesh, MAGETSI!" i can't stop laughing from remembering that!