Monday, October 06, 2008

Game recognise Game...well, sometimes anyway :-S

It’s an unwritten rule: Wear a short skirt and you will receive lots of attention, 95% of which is unwanted, unwarranted and unecessary.

I heard my fair share of “game” on Friday night, most all of which was lame, the kind where I had to patiently nod my way through whilst sending pleading looks across the room to male friends to come and hit a “rescue” mission.
Word to the wise, when trying to hold a lady’s attention, do NOT do the following:

Tell me how you made R80k this week? Whoopee twang!
Keep telling me over and over again, what car you drive, where you live….blah blah blah.
Give me your entire life story, I just don’t know you that well…and a little mystery and intrigue goes a long way.
Tell me how much you love your girlfriend, and in the same breath, declare your new-found love for me.
Leer….nothing attractive in leering mate, enough said.
Grab/poke/pull/smack ANY part of me…not cool, ever!

My skirt has officially been retired until further notice, I’ve had enough manhandling to last me a lifetime.

De-ja Vu: It’s happening, I can feel it! It started 6 years ago and it seems to be getting worse. I literally get depressed a few days before my birthday, but now it’s happening a whole two weeks before my birthday, not just a few days It’s kind of ironic, ‘cause I LURVE my birthday but at the same time, as the day’s drawing up to it, I start doing some mental inventory of what I’ve achieved….or rather not achieved and like Flo Rida, I get “Low”.

I know it’s totally irrational, I’m so over this whole 20-something crisis!

Get Ur Freak On: Any Jozi readers go to the Sexpo at Gallagher Estates this weekend? At R100 a ticket, nobody I knew was willing to fork-out that amount to walk around and look at “things”. So let me know if any of you went and don’t be stingy with the details ka!


ShonaVixen said...

hey hon...hmmm sometimes its not even a short skirt!!I had my share of lame game this weekend and i was in JEANS!!Varghk!! I so hear you about not wanting to hear about your money, where u live, how u are so not feeling the credit crunch...mehn....humility and mystery do go a long way!!!..hmmm maybe u given me ideas for my next post!!

Vimbai said...

Exactly, where is the Humility and the Mystery?

I like me a "shy guy" now and again, not too shy though ;-)

"Oh Lord have mercy, mercy, mercy..."

lyfetymez said...

the old age men are visual creatures etc etc...physical reaction triggered by visual stimuli takes over the senses e.g I love my girlfriend but now I love you? I mean WTF ? Why? Because I can see you but I cannot see my girfriend...bolsters the argument for keeping your dog on a leash !! My take is big-up to all women-folk for not breaking beer bottles and stabbing some wayward males...i have seen some special behaviour in my time.

Vimbai said...

Ahhhhhh, the old, "out of sight, out of mind" approach! Eish, its just plain shady bra!

Men are indeed visual creatures, it's too easy, no wonder my fellow sista's go neurotic when they're men are out on those "boys nights out"...which i think are just a big excuse to get up to a whole lot of nonsense...

The opposite sex remains a mystery, a mystery that i no longer have any interest in unravelling!

Nakeel said...

Surely when you start talking about the monies and cars and houses I just walk out. Its better to make a cold fool on you.
I hear you about the skirts lets just say they shall be worn when we at home at the moment. Heard Uganda minister is banning them.

Eb the Celeb said...

Well happy early birthday... take a shot of something and all that angst will go away... well at least temporarily until your birthday has

Vimbai said...

Nakeel: I would have walked off, believe me, i am not one to put up with such foolishness but the thing is he was a friend of friends, so i couldn't be outrightly rude.

Banning Miniskirts...why is it, every other year, somewhere in Africa, there is a Minister of some sorts trying to ban them? Africa has a love-hate relationship with mini's...and this from the very people who preach decorum...when not 200yrs ago our ancestors were prancing around in the buff!

Eb: Ah, a girl after my own heart! Many a stiff drink will be had my friend, lol, its the only real remedy anyone has come up with for me :-)