Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Can I get an Encore? (Pretty Please)

Moving forward my birthday celebrations to Saturday was definitely one of my finer decisions!

To say it was off the hook is putting it mildly! Drinks, many drinks, were consumed! My people came through, and bless their cotton socks, they came bearing gifts too – that was probably coz I had a disclaimer at the bottom of my invitation saying “Gifts are mandatory”. Hey, if you want something you let the universe know, lol.

The highlight was going out after spending about 8hrs of drinking and monopolising the restaurant we were at. The club that we (read: those that did not fade) ventured to was historically known for not playing the music that I wanted to hear, ie Hiphop and RnB. So imagine my dismay when pitching up there at 11.30pm, to hear some trancy/electro house something playing….this after I had double checked with the bouncer at the door that my music would be played. After a few talks with DJ, my fears (and sulking) were put to rest and I was assured that the bouncers were not lying.

At the stroke of midnight, the heavens opened and some dirrrty south notes descended down to the floor and everyone got down. Some of us (read: me) didn’t get off the floor for 3 ½ hours…I know this because some “supposed” British record producer who had apparently taken a liking to me decided to quickly point this out during one of my rare 1 minute breathers, lol.

I was in my element – great company, flowing drinks and best all, fantastic music!

I’m still buzzing from the fun I had, this weekend it’s on!

Bullsh*t Filter: I’ve been pretty accommodating about some of the burrish (rubbish) coming my way of late, and trust me, it’s like I’ve been singled out for maratas in the last month.

But no more! Handichada!

I am just too grown to be told what I can or cannot do. I will respectfully listen to everyone’s point of view, but what I decide to do with that information, well, that remains to be seen or in some cases unseen

Okay let me sign off, the 9 to 5’s a-calling!

PS: I love this poster I was sent, it sums up what I currently feel about working life, lol.


Kookie said...

glad you had fun on your birthday and as for the poster....LMBAO

Vimbai said...

The poster hits the nail on the head sha.i feel like a drunk penguin or something!

ShonaVixen said...

Funny pic...gosh i should print this and paste on my wall!! Dancing non-stop nhai Vimbs??Good for ya gurl, no wonder u've got the drunk penguin feeling!! Hope you got all the pressies you wished for!!XOXO

Vimbai said...

Shamwari, i was dancing the night away, like i said Shona, we need a blogger's dance-off - BRING IT :-)