Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cake anyone?

"I grow old.. i grow old,
I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled."

T. S. Eliot - The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

It's my birthday today, which always puts me in a FANTASTIC mood. What's not to like, a whole day were i am the centre of attention :-) The calls and smses have been streaming in since 5.30am, eish, but i'm feeling the love.

Pity i'm working a 12hr day, there is no rest for the wicked (read: there is no rest for the slave to The Man). I plan on compensating for my inactivity today, in regards to all things alcoholic and party-based, over the weekend! It should be lekker like a fire cracker.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Women: Driving to work today i was listening to some radio DJ discussing the demise of Madonna and Guy Ritchie's marriage and he pointed out that the underlying problem has always had to do with the fact that Guy Ritchie has never and will never be in Madonna's league, no matter how successful he gets or how much Madonna plays down the fact that she's famous.

Do people actually buy into the they-aren't-in-your-league premise of thinking, especially in the love interest in question is supposedly unattainable? Personally, i think its all a whole load of hogwash...if you want to put people on pedestal's go right ahead but you aint doing yourself any favours. How does that saying go, "Aim for the moon, if you miss, at least you are among the stars."

Let me know what your take is on this whole "out of your league"business!

Later chickens,

V x

PS: Got sent this hilarious cartoon below, enjoy!


ShonaVixen said...

Happy Birthday to you!Happy Birthday to you!!How old are you now??
special dedication 'Mahobo'...lolest

LMAO @ that cartoon...crazeee...aaah kana matalks

How about how 2 people just didnt get along- personality wise and not league wise??But then again let me be the first to raise my hand and say that i wont date a guy who i feel is not at par wiv where m this i dont mean financially (*cough*cough*)but i mean mentally, emotionally etc..ok ok financially too..shoot me but m being honest! Guy Ritchie holds his own as a movie producer so me thinks....

Vimbai said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes and the song dedication, lol.

That cartoon KILLS me and pretty much sums up what we're all thinking innit.

Since we are being honest here, i too will raise my hand as being one who won't date someone who is on par with me ("Now i ain't saying i'm a gold-digger, but i ain't messing with no broke n*gga" - broke emotionally, mentally or financially).

I have much love for Guy Ritchie, after all, he's the dude that brought us Snatch and other such gems...but he ain't no Madonna!

munhu said...

zuva rokuzvarwa rakanaka kwamuri asikana...we wish you many more !!!
so right - kana ma talks aramba ngavataurirane for shizzie ...
i reckon the whole thing on status, rank, class is simply sage age old advice from our elders...rooranai vematongo. Never really understood that until recently.

Kookie said...

Happy Birthday to you girl!! Do it large! I wish I could comment on the cartoon but my shona is very limited to shamwari, uri

The thing is they both knew he wasn't in her league... he was 10 years too late to be in her league in any case. And I agree with mum always says that she doesn't understand the whole concept of gold diggers because she aint a charity provider either!

Vimbai said...

Munhu: I have never heard that saying, but it makes loads of sense.

Kookie: I like the way your mum thinks, "i ain't no charity provider" - LMAO! You have to give Guy Ritchie props for hanging in there tho, he is definitely a gambling man.

Loosely translated the cartoon says, "If the "talks" have failed, they should just get together and "talk" to eachother - ie sort something out!" - LOL

Vee said...

Zvawakura nhai! Happy belated birthday!

I agree with the idea of dating someone on par with you. Not so much about the history or background of someone, but where they are now. From my experience its hard for a succesful girl to respect a guy who doesn't match or out match her in the ambition, hardwork and intelligence areas!

What do you guys think? For us chics, is it matter of respect?

Vimbai said...

Thenx Vee!

It's a matter of respect...and zero-tolerance, that's what comes with women empowerment - muuuuuuuuuuuuhahahahahaha!

As Aretha would sing, "I'm about to give you, all my money, and all i want in return is honey, that you give me my PROPS when i get home."

Wazzie said...

I want to talk about the out of your league thing - there is much to be said about people moving out of their league (I'm talking abt aiming below) - if the person (love interest) just dont come up to scratch no amount of bending over (lol!) or dedication or love will make it work - at some point the cracks start and the one from the lower league will pull you down through them cracks to some kind of living hell - its just a fact of life.

Tigeress said...

Happy belated birthday!

As for me being aware that some men are out of my league- hell to the yeah. If i had my wish, i'll marry Prince William and be Jonathan Ryer's baby mama. lol! But as we all know- that aint gonna happen.

Vimbai said...

Wazzie: They will indeed drag you through the the hair futi, 'To the left, to the left!"

Tigeress: Thanks hun! I too have elaborate plans of marrying Prince William, lol, altho in truth if that EVER happened i would be more likely be found rolling with his younger bro, Harry...Harry seems like waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more fun!

Tigeress said...

lol! I know what u mean about Prince Harry- will probably be kicking it by the side with him. lol!

Vimbai said...

Kicking it by the side, lol, HELL YAH!

Eb the Celeb said...

Happy belated birthday chica!

Do it up big this weekend!

Vimbai said...

Thanks for birthday love Eb & i completely plan on going big dis weekend!

n0days0ff said...

Happy belated. I think he has gotten used to how bright her star shines by now.I think they just stopped getting along

Vimbai said...

Thanks nOdays! Eish, i think the water had just run dry...and that A-rod business didn't help much, lol.

I just feel sorry for David Banda, their adopted kid, methinks he's neglected, boo!