Wednesday, September 24, 2008

You are what you are

Depending on whom you ask in South Africa, today is either National Heritage Day or National Braai (Barbeque) Day.  As a lover of red-meat, I am all for the latter, but have loads of respect for the former. 

Who are you? - Simple enough question, freaking hard to answer though!  If you’re like me, you’ll probably end up blubbering something like, “I’m constantly evolving and hard to define” and leave it at that.

Most of us define who we are based on events, incidences, occurrences that have happened to us during our lifetime.  We never really stop to think, “Hey, I got to where I am and  I am whom I am, thanks to a lot of people, both living and dead.” 

I remember a passage from Jostein Gaader’s book, “The Solitaire Mystery”, that, to paraphrase, spoke about how we are all here because we are survivors.  Not just survivors of our own life, but survivors over hundreds of years, since the beginning of time in fact.  Gaader explains that every time an ancestor or ours survived an illness/attack/child birth/imprisonment/infant mortality and so on, we survived.  I don’t know about you, but that makes me pretty darn grateful for being here and for those who got me here.

So today, I think that’s what we all called on to remember: who we are, where we have come from and those who played and play instrumental roles in making and shaping us.

I like to think we are the sum parts of those who have gone before us, those who are with us and those yet to come.

Happy Heritage Day….everyday!


 I am the family face,
Flesh perishes, I live on,
Projecting trait and trace
Through time to times anon,
And leaping from place to place
Over oblivion.

The year–heired feature that can
In curve and voice and eye
Despise the human span
Of durance –that is I;
The eternal thing in man,
That heeds no call to die. 

Thomas Hardy


**** has hit the fan: Crazy times man, crazy times! Supposedly 11 SA ministers have resigned since Mbeki was given marching orders.  Not to be selfish, but ummmm, what does that do to Zim talks & mediation (which has come to a grinding halt).  These are the only two countries I have ever called home, and they’re both falling apart…dude, I don’t want to relocate anymore!

What are you reading?  I have read all the Mills and Boons I think I can stomach over the last month or two (what, don’t judge), I am now in need of some solid reading material.  |

Any recommendations? What books are YOU reading as we speak?


ShonaVixen said...

Sha-a even m just like come on guys about the SA & Zim issues...wth is happening??i mightnt be living in either countries but i so love them dearly so i just hope it all works out asap!!
M reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho..and m loving it!! I so love reading and now am limited to buying just 1 book a week..due to the fact that its back to hitting law-related books again!!!

Melanie Lytle said...

Man in the Gray Flannel Suit by Sloane Wilson. It's a mid-century novel presenting a scathing criticism of the corporate world as well as delving into the tragic anguish and long-term pain caused by WWII. This is the fifth time I've read it.

Vimbai said...

Shona: We are all praying something gets worked out, preferably like now :-)

Oooooh, i love The Alchemist...actually, anything by Paulo Coelho. i have read most of his stuff, the only book i "didn't get" and was just too pie in the sky for me, was The odd, so random...too random.

Mel: Dude, that book sounds HEAVY and you say you've read it FIVE are a soldier, my hat comes off to you. I am intrigued however, so will look out for it!

Vee said...

Hey Vimbai, I also had problems with the Zahir and the Witch of Portobello. A bit too odd for my tastes.

You REEEAAALLLY need to read The Book Thief by Markus Zusack. Great read!

Vimbai said...

The book thief was amazing, i read it a month ago for my bookclub.

Wazzie said...

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts - a doorstopper but worth it.

Vimbai said...

How small is the print in the book Wazzie? I refuse to squint by candlelight!

Wazzie said...

Erm small - seriously took me a while to read but its worth it - will buy you a reading lamp love xx

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Shona so you can actually be first???? lol girl get back to them books we need that 1st class, and i need to regain my spot as number 1 on all blogsvile blogs lol.
Vimbai first time here and definitely not the last, love your for who am I....doll if i had that figured it would be I not Obama running for presidency

Vimbai said...

Wazzie: Ooooh, a lovely lamp would be faaaaaaaaaaabulous, that and any other gift you feel like throwing in *cough cough*

Miss Maybe: Thanks for stopping by :-) SO you have aspirations of running for president, i say WHY NOT! Eish, this "finding oneself" business is energy consuming.