Monday, September 08, 2008

There goes the Neighbourhood

I moved into my new place over the weekend and let me just go on the record and formally state that…. “I Effing Love Suburbia!”

What’s not to like? Waking up the sounds of birds larking about outside, polite neighbours who do that whole “how do you do” routine, gorgeous views *sigh*. I swear, I’ve died and gone to Suburbia Heaven!

Not to speak too soon, but even heaven has got its problems, like Mr CLK dude who appears to have taken a liking to my parking bay! Hopefully a neighbourly, “Park off somewhere else dude” note will do the trick, if not, I may just have to get loco on his hot ride.

So the bulk of Friday night was spent unloading stuff and packing stuff away! There are a lot of positives for living on the top floor; sadly I would not list having to climb three flights of stairs whilst carrying a thousand trips up and down the stairs from the car to the new pad as a positive. Whilst unpacking I also learnt the golden rule, “One can never have too many coat-hangers.”

Saturday was a be-yooooooooooooooooou-tiful day! Clear blue sunny skies, so of course, a braai had to be had! The summer skirts and dresses were out in full force, the drinks were flowing, mad dance moves were being executed, eish and some of us (read: me) got a bit crunk…it was a bit of a danger.

Sunday was spent regrouping, catching a few rays and not doing much, which is generally a perfect way to spend a Sunday!

It sucks having to spend the whole day indoors doing work, when i can see the sun shining outside! Ah well, back to the daily grind i guess!


Vee said...

I believe that one day a liberation movement will begin to liberate worker bees from offices in summer! Sigh, I live in hope for that day!

On a randomn note, I suspect we work for the same company!

Vimbai said...

I will fully support your movement, be there in the forefront protesting against Vitamin D deprivation!

Same company, lol, that is possible seeing i know only about 20 pple out of the thousand odd people who waft around here!

munhu said...

why not tell Mr CLK that you are renting out your parking spot for R 400 a month...payable in advance and with a deposit just like normal rent. So he must pay up oir farking parking somewhere else !!!

Vimbai said...

Ooooh, i should rent out my spot for real, lol. Thankfully he's moved out of the spot or like i said, things would have got HEAVY!