Monday, September 01, 2008

A Spring in My Step

Rumour has it that it's Spring Day today! You wouldn't think it, what with gale force winds and some crazy chill in the air. The only true evidence that Spring is in the vicinity is the increased sneezing and watering eyes, hayfever sucks!

I am such a great mood, it may have something to do with the 20-odd hours of sleep i caught up on between Saturday and Sunday. I feel like a Duracell bunny, all charged up and ish!

Friday night was too much fun! The Usual Suspects were rounded up and we headed off to Sixx in Melville for a bit of debauchery! I really should have eaten some form of starch before heading out, which would explain, howafter one jager bomb the evening took an exciting lift!

A lot of dancing and winding was conducted. I got engaged too, was lots of fun having a fiance for most of the night and crapping out over-zealous waitresses for flirting with said-fiance, hehehe. Then there was lots of serious battering of eyelashes and issuing of coy smiles to the hotties across the room (clearly i am rubbish at the whole "being engaged" thing, lol). All in all, it was an interesting night!

The rest of the weekend was a blur which involved minimal activity and lots and lots of sleeping! I did manage at some point to get up, go to the mall and pick out some stuff for my new casa! It's a bit disconcerting how totally in love i am with my new laundry basket, i'm such a dork :-)

On that note, let me go! Have a great Monday!


Nyasha said...

you're such a flirt!- R.kelly

Vimbai said...


Am just saying, Wanto!

Nyasha said...

tender rudeness.....oh so tender

Vimbai said...

Medium rare rudeness!

Let's not open docket, coz your body count is higher than mine, lol...La La La La La

Nyasha said...

well seeing ur body count can be likened to the number of black people in the KKK, and mine closely follows we can safely say its a very short docket innit :)