Monday, September 22, 2008

Set Adrift a Memory Bliss of You

“I think it’s one of those deja-vu things,
or a dream that’s trying to tell me something.
Will I ever stop thinking about it?
I don’t know…I doubt it?
P.M. Dawn

What is it with balmy summer days that get me so damn nostalgic? The smell of freshly cut grass literally propels me back to 1990, when the smell of freshly mowed school fields heralded the onset of summer…and compulsory athletics from 2pm to 3pm *boo*.

A mate of mine had a fantastic belated birthday braai on Saturday. I love the dynamics of braai, African style! In true fashion, I got there wondering where all my girlfriends where, duh, back in the house putting salads and marinating the meat. And the fellas, thankfully not all men have morphed into prissy metrosexuals, and there were some strapping lads attending to the fire. Lol, I love how predictable the male/female dynamics and roles are at these things, like an age old dance of time.

Speaking of dancing, HELA, did we just not break it down old school style. Not a Lil Wayne or Young Jeezy track in sight, the DJ (complete with hectic looking turn tables and all) took us back, waaaaaaaaaaaay back, back into time!

Why do we still know ALL the lyrics to B.I.G’s raps, “B-I-G, P-O-P-P-A, No info for tha D-E-A, Federal Agents mad ‘cause I’m flavoured

Why is it exhausting and uncomfortable to do the running man? (Having boobs now probably doesn’t help)

Why does Da Brat still dress like its 1995?

As the drinks kept flowing, let’s just say the dance moves got more aerobic…and dare I say risqué, lol.

Great friends, Sun, Red Meat, Great Beats ….what more could a girl ask for?


Going South? Eish, Southern Africa’s leadership is in a bit a quandary! Presidents are either refusing to leave, being fired or giving up the ghost! Never a dull moment around here, that’s for sure! Watching power plays pan out have made me adamant that politics is all about playing dirty and numero uno!

All this is for the people” wah wah wah is bull dust, everyone is looking out for their personal or vested interests and the wants and needs of the people whom they serve are merely an irritating buzz in the background. Fingers crossed that for one day, the good of the masses will be met.

John, Simba & Friends: Remember Violet Moyo? The gwashness, the tone-deaf harmonising? She has been eclipsed in my books by John, Simba & Friends album aptly named, “The Food Album”.

This album is made up of 13-odd tracks paying serious reverence to all things food related (chicken, sadza/pap and pies in particular) and has been out since 2004. I may be 4 years out of the loop, but Nas inspired tracks like “One Bite” and hilarious interludes like the remixed school war-cry, “Meat For Roasting” make this album worth waiting for. You do wonder what inspired these guys to put it together in the first place…I assume boredom, general malness and general nostalgia in the diaspora where driving forces!

Let me provide you with a lyrical sample of their TLC “No Scrubs” inspired track named “No Pie”

(Sing to the melody of the “No Scrubs” bridge & chorus)
“He said, “No, I don’t want to share,
But I can give you my quarter-pear*,
It is over there.”
I looked at him and said, “Pfutseke”

I don’t want your pie,
I think you’re a very stingy guy.
I want a chicken pie, not a kidney pie,
So you can go bye-bye.”

To John, Simba & Friends, I salute your rawness and thank you for putting a smile on my face :-)

*quarter-pear: No idea why an avocado in Zim terms/slang is called a Quarter-Pear? Sooooooooooooooo random?

Random sidenote: God Bless Dischem for their de-lint-er gizmos! My life is now fluff free :-)


munhu said...

it is actually kwota peya... not quarter pear...and yes i actually have no idea why it is called that your blog for John and Friends et. al....Zimboz should be the most generally funny folk in the world!!!

Vimbai said...

Eish, clearly that's my EXTREME salala-ness coming through, hahaha, quarter pear/kwota peya, hahahaha, now i can't stop laughing!

My people are mad and raw, gotta love it!

ShonaVixen said...

yes Vimbai u took ur salala-ness to an extreme coz i was like hmmm quarter pear?I dont remember it like was mukwota they werent able to pronounce avocado...cado=kwota.(i think)!!
Do you remember mazhanje echirungu???My girl was telling me I'm making things up when i said
Sha-a u made my grim Monday morning, weather here is so dull so this brightened me up!!

Amana some1 beat Violet Moyo????I have to hear this!!!already liking the lyrics and i found myself trying to sing where can i get a listen??

Vee said...

I think Vimbai is right. Its actually quarter pear but we shonalised it to kwota pear!

ShonaVixen said...

Well Vee,(another I did my research...and I think its the shona version of alligator pear = kwota peya...
Alligator pear is the another name for avocados

Vimbai said...

Yay, Vee is on my side! Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, i am not the only one Shona!

Futi, where are you getting this "research" from nhai zvako?

PS Yes, everyone knows about mazhanje echirungu, for some reason my mates and i were talking about them...oh, coz we were trying to figure out if SA has both mazhanje types (which they don't, boo!)

munhu said...

eehhh MaSalad muchatishupa - mazhange echirungu are green outside have bigger pips and are sweeter than echibhoyi which are brown outside - i hazard echibhoyi are unique to Zim !! I think the kwota peya is because when most people have Avo they cut it into quarters????

Vee said...

Munhu, I think you are getting a bit ambitious with the cutting into quarters story!

Should I dare say I don't know mazhanje echirungu? What are those?

By the way Vee, I sorted out your request!

Vimbai said...

Vee you are killing me softly with your tender rudeness comments, hanzi, "you are getting a bit ambitious". Munhu, your imaginative description gets an "F" for Effort, hahaha. Shona, when i figure out how to upload The Food Album, i will holla. Oh & thanks Vee for hooking me up, a special thanks for being so darn accomodating :-)

ShonaVixen said...

guys is the the food album on Youtube???I had to watch Violet again...was she serious or playing???LOL
Hmmm Munhu sha-a now i think you are the Saladest of all maSalala...cut into quarters???aiwa izvo
Vimbai well i went onto google and just typed in avocado and bam...i got those answers hence i came to the conclusion of kotopeya =alligator pear!!LOL..aaah at rist(nt least)i

ShonaVixen said...

Vee u dont know mazhanje echirungu?? we have the tree in our back-yard kumba zvese for

munhu said...

thank you for brightening my day guys...i really needed a lift today and the back and forth was the perfect way to do it. horight - how many times have you eaten kwota peya and not cut it into quarters??? muhaburosi idanger - it produces black manyoka and they go everywhere !!! i remember fleeing with my shorts around my ankles after turning to view my handiwork...mum had to investigate - bless her soul and explain that it was normal if all you had from dawn till dusk was mahaburosi !!!!

Vimbai said...

Shona: oooooh-kay, that explains where you came up with the alligator what-what, coz i was gonna be like, "ummm, alligators aren't even native to Africa shamwari." I still think kwota peya is a remix of quarter pear.

Munhu: Heeeeeeeeeeee, overshare mate! LOL! And nobody i know eats avo in quarters, its usually half. I can't stand the things myself. S

ShonaVixen said...

Munhu, I have to agree wiv Vimbayi..i eat my avos in half..never tried the quarter thing!rambai henyu answer today my girl, sent me a text after i apologised and this made me laugh like i'd lost it...she said 'Sorry!!!Sorry doesnt fit into my pocket!!'...who didnt say this growing up??LMAO