Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rollin' wit the homies

Yesterday after work i went and picked up my brand spanking new ride! It's been 3 and 1/2 months since i've driven anything, so lets just say that i was seriously starting to wonder if 8yrs worth driving experience could vanish after a 3 month hiatus from the road.

These concerns were completely unwarranted 'cause when i drove my baby off the dealership floor (quietly thankful that my insurance had kicked in by now), it was like riding a bicycle.

Navigating joburg rush hour traffic, eish, now that was ANOTHER story altogether! Here there are actual rules of the road that must be adhered to as well as something they call "common courtesy" (hahaha), lets just say in Zim over the last few years, the rules of the road have become more like guidelines...very informal guidelines, subject to personal preferences.

I am quite chuffed with myself today, i ventured onto the highway and have lived to tell the tale. Can i get an "Amen"!

Disclaimer: The dire(ride) in the picture is SO not mine, but we can dream innit.

Everybody needs good neighbours: Found a note on my car this morning from Mr CLK apologising, quite profusely, for taking over my parking bay. Felt a bit shy 'cause he'd replied on the note i'd left on his car and after re-reading what i had originally written, realised why Mr CLK was basically grovelling...Could i have been any more curt??? Note to self: Don't write the first thing that comes to mind!


Anonymous said...

I am quite excited to meet the new addition to the family - what have you christened the dire?

As for the parking hope you didnt write note based on some of that online advice - remember my Irish neighbour and the olives?

munhu said...

makorokoto asikana...being a dude myself believe it is always better to have the upper hand for first encounters when you are a lady...Mr CLK has a new-found respect for you....better believe that!!! Further note to a spade a spade always...just parking in someone's bay because you can is crass behaviour not to be smiled at or tolerated !!!

Eb the Celeb said...

I wanna be like you... you have so much new stuff going on... new place, new car... all I got is a new blog

Anonymous said...

not everything in life is about having the upper hand with people you dont know (men or women)- that just paves the way for one-up manship and other unfortunate arrogant behaviour. People are entitled the benefit of the doubt first offense - eish the violence in this country is bad enough as it is! Peanut gallery aside.

Vimbai said...

Anon: My new baby still needs to be named, any suggestions?

Munhu:"First encounters", bra i wasn't even thinking along those lines!

Eb: I have TOO much new stuff going on, it should be equally distributed over the year, not in like a 3month period! PS I wish i could find a blog layout i like, Blogger needs to hook me up :-)

Anon: Indeed violence is not the answer...unless you take food out of my plate, then its on like popcorn!