Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Mellow Madness

Friday evening met up with some mates for after work drinks. Twas cool, the place was PACKED, getting a table was like find a golden goose egg. After securing our golden goose egg we tossed back the drinks and did some people watching.

At some point in the evening a gaggle of chicks arrived, nothing new i know, but one of them then let out a blood curdling squeal. So the whole place kinda stops and turns with obvious interest to see what the screaming's about, only to notice that there's a hair piece on the floor, a sheepish looking guy, a very traumatised chick grabbing at her head and then a bit of a scuffle where friends of traumatised chick then whisk her off to the bathroom.

That's when the laughing began!

Firstly, why did the guy feel the need to actually pull off her didn't look like it happened in malice, more like he was kidding around, but sha!!!!!!! *cringe*.

I must give the girl kudos for even coming out of the bathroom and continuing as though nothing had happened, bravo, she's clearly made of sterner stuff. If that was me (given that i also have a soft-spot for hair pieces from time to time), eish, i would have called it a night and escaped under cloak of darkness!

Crapola: Okay, why wasn't i told that jozi had spiders?! Yah, i know the odds were not in my favour, me still being on the continent of Africa and all, and spiders clearly being native to the region.

But i was hoping that jozi was too metropolitan and urban for these things to survive here. Clearly my having to take out like 3 in my bathroom last night put that myth in my head to rest. Can someone explain why spiders are so freaking fond of bathrooms?????
Heightened Awareness = It's like when your love interest drives a certain car and then all of a sudden all you see is that car on the road...except, in this case it looks like every Tom, Dick and Chikwama has my car, same colour and everything! Boo!
Enjoy your Monday morning chickens!

Keep the Faith & Fight the Power!


ShonaVixen said...

Awwww my...disaster if some1 has to yank off a hair piece or wig ie why i stick to having mine sewn!!!
LOL @Every Tom, Dick &
hope u had a fab weekend and even a more fab week!!M so so exhausted!!

Vimbai said...

LOL, amen to the sewn in weave sista!

If someone yanked off my wig,heeee, before i made my grand exit, i would make sure that said "someone" would have felt the wrath of my humiliation!

munhu said...

ehhh...y'all remember the Chikwama cartoon strip in the Herald when it was still a NEWSpaper? That was hilarious...always happens that way with cars and clothes to some extent.

Vimbai said...

Eish, you just reminded me of that comic strip, i had forgotten. Now they've got a humour-less one entitled Farai,it makes me weak!

I would rather see someone with the same car as me than someone with same dress as me...*say in larney accent* "I would just die!"

ShonaVixen said...

oooh guys u just remineded me of that one!!!
Vimbai sha-a that happened to me went clubbing and this girl had the same dress as me, different colours though...i was mortified BUT this girl kept trailing me in the club, tryna stay close to me...and not to seem conceited or anything but she was a team chunky member and wasnt doing the dress much justice...thank heavens her friends ended up moving her away when they overhead me saying that i was going to thump som1 in a minute coz i dont do the 'twins' thing...LOL...

ShonaVixen said...

heey FARAI was in Kwayedza ne?and he had 'musoro banga'?LOL

Kookie said...

Hey new to blogville and have to say I am adding you to my blogroll..hilarious blog..weave that

Vimbai said...

Shona you are kiling me softly here, what do you mean she was following you 'round the club? Killah mate! "Team chunky member"- heee sha, wawanza! That aint rite, lol. The Farai item got "promoted" to The Herald a couple years ago, tis so wack! Welcome to the blogging family Kookie, thanks for stopping by :-)

ShonaVixen said...

She was just behind me kwese-kwese, go to the bar and she appears, i move tables she's there...i get the promoter to get me into 'VIP' section and yup she appeared there too, thats when i was like aiwaka muface we not friends and u shouldnt want to be seen close to some1 wiv the same dress!! I also dont get girl friends who wear the same dress to the club!!WHY???