Friday, September 05, 2008

Foot in Mouth Disease

I shouldn’t be let out on the streets unsupervised!

I’ve been walking around with my foot in my mouth all week! You would think that after one or two incidents that I would learn to keep my trap shut and not blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. No gems of wisdom where gained from my faux pas-ing for most of the week, it would clearly take something big to silence me for good.

That “big something’ occurred yesterday after a meeting at a huge client I am doing some work for.

After the meeting snacks and drinks were provided and people where mingling and my colleagues and I were swapping notes, the usual lets-leave-early stories, when we were interrupted by some man who wanted to meet us all.

So I am busy introducing myself and my colleagues and then realise that I have no idea who this man is, so in true Vimbai fashion I’m like, “Sorry, I didn’t get your name…are you working on this project too?”

I hadn’t even finished my “blurt” when I notice my colleagues looking shocked and shifting nervously, the unknown gentleman in question is looking amused. I’m still standing around, wandering what the fuss is about…until thankfully, my workmate takes pity on me and all but whispers that the “unknown” gentlemen is none other than The Big Boss, The Suit of all Suits...the Head Honcho… The Man.

I don’t blush. This time I did. I think I may have even stammered a little.

Thank the heavens The Man appeared to have a sense of humour, I managed to stammer through a few minutes of small talk and then exited the scene with my brand new Aldo shoe firmly lodged in my oesophagus!

In these parts, they call that a C.L.M. = Career Limiting Move!

“My stupid mouth,
Has got me in trouble,
I said too much again....

And i could see clearly
An indelible line was drawn
Between what was good
What just slipped out and what went wrong."

John Mayer

Homecoming Queen: I am spending the first weekend in my new pad, yay! I would like to thank my fantastic sibling for taking me in, giving me closet space and letting my stuff clutter up her place while I got my ish together. Muchos gracias!

To the rest of y'all, may the weekend bring you lots of love, laughter and lemonade!

V x


munhu... said...

i would hazard if anything that Big Suit will NEVER forget you and will soon ask you if you would allow him to work on any other new projects...your faux-pas was a differentiator. you are no longer just a worker bee...your presence is acknowledged in the hallowed halls and your rewards will assail you in due course....
yep your sibling is a special person Special T after the famed Kellogs special K....

Vimbai said...

I hope that's how it goes! That or he thinks i'm pretty wack!

My sibling is a superstar mate!

Wazzie said...

bless you the both of you. Dont know who you are munhu but thank you - not sure am like breakfast cereal.

Vim I miss you already - makes living alone seem rather stark!

Vee said...

Look at the bright side Vimbai, at least the shoe in your oesophogus is an Aldo shoe! It truly could be worse!

Vimbai said...

Wazzie: I miss you too, i still have my key you know - muuuuuuuhahahaha!

Vee: LOL, at least i was choking on quality footwear, hahaha.