Monday, September 15, 2008


4.23am is NOT a kosher time to be up my friends, on a Monday of all days either!

The birds were twittering LOUD, the sun was out & about and i was awake trying to make sense of it 4.23am.

I also made the mistake of sleeping with the window open, which wouldn't be a biggie if it hadn't been for the itty bitty fact that....well, last night was effing freezing.

So i am now sitting by my desk, having worked through a huge wad of kleenex tissues and starting to resemble Rudolph the Red Nosed reindeer!


Alan Shaw *swoon* : First off, how did i manage not to watch a single episode of Boston Legal? No idea, but since i've got my hands on Season 1 to 5 of the show, i have been moving through Season 1 rather swiftly! Yah yah yah, i know, very delayed action here, but better late than never! I just can't understand why i find Alan Shaw attractive????

My Way, Or the Highway: I don't like getting lost and i know that people say that's the only way to learn how to get around but it honestly just sucks! Yesterday i executed one of many illegal moves by turning down a one way street....ah well, you live you learn.

Hint Hint: It's exactly ONE month till my birthday...La La La La La. Am just saying :-)

Enjoy your Monday people!


Vee said...

Alan Shaw does things to me! I. kid. you. not!

Oh, and the driving-wrong-way-down-the-one way-street thing? Been there, done that, got the ticket.

Vimbai said...

Alan Shaw...mmmmmh.

Nyasha said...

every day on the road is a day of travel and oppurtunity coz 90% of the time i will be lost i just know it! hehe so sit back and enjoy the new sites....or get fungi to get u a navigator (i am yet to pick mine up from his )...

Vimbai said...

Eish, it's hard to sit back and enjoy the sights when peeved drivers are hooting like mad behind you!

Purchasing a GPS navigator what-what is inevitable :-)