Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

I’ve been a bit of mess this week, it has been high-highs and low-lows and it doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of letting up either…I am literally exhausted! Sadly dreamland isn’t providing me with any reprieve from all the madness, my dreams have been something out of this world of late.

Take Tueday night’s dream for example. I dreamt* that Obama was my father (don’t ask) and I was helping him write some huge make-or-break speech. The best bit was I remember being out on some grandiose balcony somewhere waving out to the masses, all first-daughter like!

Random, random, random this I know. The heckling from my friends hasn’t stopped. They’ve been asking for demonstrations of this wave of mine, lol.

* Will someone explain why Americans are the ONLY people who insist on saying “dreamed” instead of “dreamt”. Summary outburst, I know, but I had to ask!


By now I’m guessing you’ve all read about how L’Oreal is in deep doo-doo for changing Ms Knowles’s skin tone quite a few shades lighter than what she normally is in one of their adverts. Not since Michael Jackson has the black community seen such a swift overnight skin tone transformation! Cries against this "white washing" and in general all extreme airbrushing tactics are growing louder.

Somebody has some 'splaining to do!

Like…WHY? Does L'Oreal really think a lighter skinned Beyonce will appeal that much more to the masses? Do you guys remember Whitney Houston’s music video for, “I wanna dance with somebody”, Whitney was so light-skinned in it that she was practically glowing! My seven year old self didn’t think anything of it until I caught her next music video and there was a much darker-skinned Whitney singing back at me, a tad bit confusing that.

The skin lightener industry is alive and kicking, those Nigerian Nollywood movies are true testament that there is a thriving market out there! Clearly not everyone agrees with the sentiment that black is beautiful, boo!

Sadly, mental colonisation is alive and kicking all over the world.

Olympic Update: Kirsty Coventry is kicking serious ass out there in Beijing with 3 Silver Medals in tow . Great going Kirsty, very nicely done! Go Zim!

Shoutout: I would like to wish my not-so baby sister a Hepi Hepi Bethiday! Love you tonnes and tonnes chica MWAH!


Anonymous said...

There is this misconception that the lighter you are the prettier you are. inonzi caramel skinned ka....As for the rest of us who aint fairer skinned, we are just black...

Vimbai said...

That misconception has been around for waaaaay too long!

I know a few guys who will always pick some average looking light chick over a stunning dark chick...just cause she's dark. Eish, such rubbish!

This problem is across all cultures. Look at the Indian Caste system, its no surprise the higher you go up it the lighter people seem to get!