Friday, August 15, 2008

They call it Comfort Food for a reason

Things came to a head last night, after a week of feeling neither here nor there, lets just say I cracked!

I so not proud about my meltdown, but eish, better it happened at home than in the middle of a meeting at work. The only remedy for this sort of thing is the soothing, patient tones of loved ones....and food.

After a few mini counselling sessions with great mates over the phone, who let me run my mouth ( i don't think i've sworn like that in a loooooooooooooooong long time), i called in the big guns....yup, i ordered in.

After chowing inhaling one huge box of fried chicken (mmmmh) and chips, a crispy greek salad* and a decadent sticky toffee pudding, lets just say life took on a much fresher perspective!

When in doubt, order out!

* I threw that salad in just to make myself feel better about ordering in, haha.


Stop the B*tch Tagging: There’s some unofficial competition among my mates from high school to see who can post the most embarrassing not only from our high school days but just any pictures.

My 20-odd carefully selected pictures I uploaded showing me and my mates and family at our best have been eclipsed by the 60-odd of us doing Lord-knows-what, wearing Oh-no-she/he-didn’t type clothing in various stages of non-sobriety and adolescence. At least they all depict fun times and are a lovely (if not, cringe worthy) reminder of how far we’ve all come!

B*tch Tag: When a not-so-flattering picture of you is tagged on Facebook, usually by a frenemy..but close friends and relatives have been known to be major offenders too.

Okay beautiful people, i'm outtie, keep safe and enjoy your weekend !

V x


n0days0ff said...

yeah when my friends put up stupid pics of me up i ask them to take it down....they never do

Vimbai said...

Telling them to stop only seems to spurn them on! Retaliating with your own stash of wack pics of them may be the only way to "Silence the Beast"!