Monday, August 04, 2008

She Got That "Handout Booty!"


What's with the weather today? This weekend saw the unleashing of the summer skirts, strapless tops and unveiling of lots of leg...but today, today looks like we are regressing back to the middle of June or something!

Utter rubbish!

How was the weekend people? Mine was fairly low key, i need to conserve them dollar-dollar-bills-y'all so i must stay away from all sources of temptation, ie the shopping mall, the club...anywhere really!

Friday was spent reading, yes reading! The week had left me fairly knackered that any thought of leaving the house was quickly scratched! Read me another 100 pages of The Book Thief and then to balance the deep with the not so deep, polished the night off with a Mills and Boon, hahahaha. It's all about the balance!

Saturday went off to the Decorex Expo which was uber cool! You see, i could actually spend money here 'cause i am meant to be buying household appliances. I wish somebody would have pointed out where all the cool stuff was 'cause my mates and i spent waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time checking out kitchen and bathroom fixtures! A

fter 2hours of walking around and finding some pretty good deals and checking out some eye-candy (although their sexual orientation was a bit ambiguous) we called it a day and headed over to a mate's place were we polished off some of the best chicken curry, a bottle of wine and listened to some old school beats.

The day of rest, Sunday, was spent resting, i finally got to catch up on some sleep. This city is sleep-averse, and i am a lover of all things dreamland related! One of my good friends and i did go out for lunch though (the only thing to distract me from sleeping is an empty, growling stomach) and we were shooting the shit so to speak when i came up with the expression, "Handout booty" which is my latest expression for a chick of somewhat loose morals. Before you know it, i was rapping out some pretty lame lyrics to my debut single, "Handout Booty", LOL. I am ADAMANT that all it takes to make a hit song these days is:

a) A good hook

b) A Timbaland beat

c) Some crazy Souja-Boy-esque dance to accompany the song.

Billboard charts, here i come!


munhu said...

when i first saw the words - handout booty i thought it meant those chicks that just have no ass - you know like they got a hand out and had to make do with the little they got - hell you beg you no choose you ACCEPT !!!

Vimbai said...

Hahaha, okay i never thought of it like that! That's hilarious, lol.

But as i've heard a lot of my guy friends say, "A little booty goes a long way!" :-)

Vee said...

Gosh... you are waaayy too chirpy for a bitterly cold Monday morning! Can I have whatever is in your coffee?

Vimbai said...

No coffee for me, makes me grotty! Nope, i had me some Guava juice, amazing stuff...that and about 12hrs of sleep last night! So i am extra fresh today!

Don't believe a word I write said...

So let's hear some of the lyrics! Lay 'em on us.

munhu said...

yeah you are right about that...the old adage goes... more than a handful is just plain greedy!!! yes hit us up on dem lines to the ditty...

Vimbai said...

Lol, now y'all putting me under pressure! Let me give a bit of a think and get back to y'all *sheepish grin*