Monday, August 11, 2008

Lifestyles of the Young and the Restless

Okay, i have officially come to terms with the fact that there will be no such thing as a lazy, non-eventful weekend in this city...especially with the impending summer weather and vibes coming our way.

I realise now that i am more likely to catch up on sleep and all things rest and relaxation orientated during the week because the weekend is a bit of a lost cause these days.
Here's a list of my weekend observations and heavily edited memories, hehehe.

Friday: Impromptu slumber/sleepovers with your girls will never get old...EVER!

Sometimes great tasting vino doesn't come in the most eye-flattering packaging.

It's still possible to get car-sick past the age of 10 *queasy smile*

When your takeaway delivery comes through in record breaking time, chances are something is either uncooked or missing, boo!

Saturday: Hairdressers are gifts from God! Transforming bird nest's and hot messes into va-va-voom masterpieces!

Black people never arrive on time for ANYTHING (and yes, i am a major offender of this rule myself, hahaha).

Drinking in the sun, without having eaten all day is NOT a good idea. Can you say, "Elegantly Wasted."

Flirting shamelessly is empowering...and usually ends with you getting more attention than you originally anticipated you would get *sly smile*

You can deny all you want, but the proof is in the pudding countless photographs taken of you committing various acts of indecency whether on the dancefloor or ummmm, other places (names will not be mentioned to protect the guilty).

Actively ignoring people is energy and time consuming, it's much easier to inactively ignore them altogether.

Sunday: Drinking loads of lemon tea helps counteract losing one's voice especially if the previous night involved drinking copious amounts of...umm, well alcohol and screeching at the top of one's voice.

Calling up friends to confirm and swap notes as to whether the flashbacks you are getting are accurate recollections is an age-old tradition *cringe*

Indulging in light retail shopping to boost spirit and energy levels is quite acceptable! Especially if purchases involve must-have shoes that are thankfully on sale and a pair or two of summer stunners!

Vegging out in front of the telly early evening and passing out whilst watching Disney channel is a great way to end the weekend :-)
Random Side Note: Before i fell asleep to the sounds of Miley Cyrus, i did a spot of Olympic watching. There are some super fit people out there, then again, if your body was your livelihood you would super fit too. I am SUPER chuffed that Zim has already got one medal from the Olympics, hehehe, Go Kirsty!


Nyasha said...

eish musikana get the sun lounge in your new abode ready for me coz its ON Like popcorn :) :)

Vimbai said...

I second that! Bring on the heat!