Friday, August 08, 2008

I’m Every Woman…& a Rhythmic Gymnast in a past life!

Well depending on who you ask, some might say I’m more woman than most ;-) So tomorrow is Women’s Day, I love that us women have been given a whole day to celebrate our womanly essence (although, let’s not lie, most days belong to women anyway!).

Do you know what would have made tomorrow even better? If it had fallen on a Friday or a Sunday, thus making Monday a day off…who the heck makes Saturday a public holiday, such a waste of time!

Ah well, we’ll make the most of it with many a club paying homage by hosting Ladies-free nights, that’s what I’m talking about!

What do you ladies out there have planned? More importantly, what do YOU fellas reading this have planned for your ladies?

So rumour has it, and by rumour I mean every news and radio channel, that the Olympics kick-off this afternoon at 2pm-ish my time. I don’t about you but I’m not really into this Olympics the way I was into all the previous ones. This one seems to have been eclipsed by all the protesting, athlete’s pulling out for various reasons, yada-yada-yada. This one just leaves a weird taste in my mouth instead of the giddy butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

Granted, I am no longer the bright-eyed youngster eager to watch the whole ceremony, beginning to the end, no matter the time given the dodgy time zones of the host country. I will try and make a concerted effort to catch the Athletics (especially the Pole Vault section, seriously though how cool is it when they propel themselves into the air on a bendy stick, way cool man), Gymnastics (yes, it does qualify as sport), Swimming (there’s something so sexy about any guy doing the Butterfly stroke effortlessly = *drool*) and the Equestrian displays (the pretty horsey’s look so cute all braided up, prancing around quite unnaturally).

On that horsey note, I will wish y'all a fantastic weekend, especially the ladies out there and catch you on the second-half!

V x

PS: I am curious, has anyone reading this ever won a game of Minesweeper….i think it’s impossible unless told otherwise!


Nyasha said...

eish come to think of it i dont think i have won a game of minesweeper :)lol

Vimbai said...

At least i am not alone, i played like 10 games last night and got soooooo close, but clearly not close enough. Was beginning to feel really stupid!

Vee said...

Sorry to burst your bubble Vimbai, but Minesweeper can be defeated. I haven't played it for years, but back in the day, I could finish the expert version!

Vimbai said...

Eish, so what the heck am i doing wrong coz that game isn't rocket science.