Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Here Comes The Sun

A bit of a delayed posting on my part, but sometimes life just gets in the way, you know what I mean…

We don’t do things in half measures on this side of the world, and that totally applies to our weather. The transition from summer to winter is similar to being in a dark room and someone throwing the light switch on! Spring, Autumn/Fall….me, I do not know what these seasons are, I just know hot and cold. And right now, it’s all hot!

This weekend the summer skirts where out in full force, the drop-tops were flossing on the roads and predictably, a braai (barbeque) was thrown and plenty of food and drink was had!

Today for the first time since I’ve arrived smack-dab in the middle of a supposedly mild jozi winter, I am not wearing my standard black stockings with my pencil skirt. I am looking at my sickly-yellow looking legs thinking; a) I really need to get some sun soon and b) A trip down to the local beautician for a touch-up wax probably wouldn’t go amiss either :-)

What is in a Name? Hollywood never lets us down with the crazy names that parents come up with for their unfortunate offspring. The latest victim of such a crime is none other than the latest addition to Gwen Stefani’s clan, “Zuma Nester Rock Rossdale.”

There was lots of confusion on this side of the world as to how Jacob Zuma had managed to get Gwen to name her offspring after him, hahaha. However, it has come to light that Zuma is infact the name of some popular computer game and a beach in Malibu. Eish, either way its still freaking strange, right up there with Pilot Inspecktor and Apple!

Shining Estelle: She brought us the smash hit “American Boy”, although a lot of us loved her way before Kanye knew who she was. But I have to give props to Kanye, John Legend and Estelle of course, ‘cause now that I’ve got my hands on the whole album I am in LURVE with it. I may just have a girl-crush on Estelle, she’s too cool for school man!.

The track I can’t get enough of at the moment is, “More than Friends.” There is a killah lyric in it that cracks me up, it goes like this:
“If I wanted to be part-time
I would be working at the check-out line,
At the liquor store, the picture show
Let me give you a piece of my mind.”
Big Brother Africa 3: Big shout-out to Munya Chidzonga repping for Zim in the latest instalment of the reality show, Big Brother Africa. My DSTV days are slowly coming to an end so will have to get my fix of the show from the website. Either way, he ain’t getting eliminated anytime soon…well not on my watch anyway, lol.


unwritten said...

Hey vim.
I gotta say, i too am LOVING that ESTELLE chik. She's just super chill, and i love that, you know, like fame doesnt really phase her.
another thing, i was shocked as hell to see chidzonga on there..
its weird when you see someone you actually KNOW!! lol

Oh yea, im in jozi next weekend, and damned if i have to bring out the winter coats..hold onto that summer people!

Vimbai said...

Dude, i was in shock when Munya walked out! My sister was screaming at the top of her lungs. The show takes on a whole new meaning when you actually know someone in it!

Estelle Rocks fo sho!

The sun is here to stay...well i hope anyway. Bring just one, light winter coat...just in case :-)

Vee said...

Unwritten you stole my firstie!

Vim, don't speak to soon. last year, we had like a week of spring and then the rain started and it didnt stop until winter!

So who is this Chidzonga boy? His name is oddly familiar but not having seen the show yet I can't place him! Ohhh, let me google him!

Vimbai said...

Mate, the rain better not make an appearance. The whole of southern africa was flooded last year...this year i am hoping to get the mandatory 2 mths of sunshine before the rains set in.

Honey, i hope you are googling Munya! That boy's gonna be famous...or infamous, either way, you'll know him pretty soon :-)

unwritten said...

Ok, i had a weird dream..
That i met you.
Have you ever dreamt that you met another blogger?

Vim..MAYBE we know each other..


Vimbai said...

Now i am guest starring in dreams, hilarious ish!

I have crazy dreams but i can honestly say i haven't dreamt of other bloggers! LOL.

This world is so small, forget 6 degrees of separation, it's more like 2 degrees these days (and make that 0.005 if you are a zimbo who grew up in h-town!)