Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hair Raising Ordeal

Disclaimer: The following post is not for those who get easily grossed out and/or have weak stomachs (ie if you are planning on eating, have eating or are eating...move on...seriously!).

I am a sucker for hair products, i have put things and done things to my hair that in retrospect, i probably shouldn't have done, all in the name of manageable, shinier, healthier hair.

Anywho, i had this hair stuff that my cousin had got me for from her last trip to ATL and i hadn't got round to using it and sometime last week i decided to try it out!

When i was done putting it in, i got this crazy tingling sensation...but on the packaging of the product, it expressly said that the product was well known for its tingly sensations, so i thought nothing of it! When i woke up the next morning, my scalp felt super i had gotten braids or something, but once again i thought nothing of it.

So after work earlier this week, i had just got done washing my hair and was now blowing drying it. And then i noticed it....huge dry chunks of what i quickly figured out was my scalp, getting caught in my comb. Panic...panic...panic! This wasn't dandruff people, this was like the shedding of a snake!

That freaking hairfood had literally given me a chemical peel!

I all but squealed for my sister to come over to the bathroom to confirm that a) I wasn't overreacting and b) To assess how bad the damage actually was! I should give her credit, she kept pretty calm and thankfully confirmed that my actual scalp was cool and that none of hair was falling out (didn't feel like being called, "Bald-i-locks and the 3 hairs).

Dr Miracle MY ASS...more like a miracle that my hair is still intact and i don't have f**ked up scalp.

Moral of the story: Stick with what you know, sometimes local is truly lekker!

Scandalised: Who caught the BBA housemates last night? Hau, i was in shock! Their little "truth or dare" session got out of control. I mean it's only Day 3 and we've already had titties on display and naked males prouncing around for all the world to see! I hope the show hasn't peaked too early, hahaha!


skc said...

Oddly enough, I blogged about BBA last night. It's been on a downward spiral since forever...

As for your hair *stifles laughter* flowing locks are overrated.

Don't believe a word I write said...

Oh my god, that is just freaking terrifying! (the hair, not BBA...though that's pretty terrifying too!)

On an entirely different gross-out note, my mate phoned me up yesterday specifically to tell me that she cut open a strawberry that morning, and found it full of those 'W_ _ _ ' creatures.


Vimbai said...

Skc: I am gonna go and check out what you had to say about last nights antics on BBA in a bit! And boo to you for laughing at my hair dilemma's, lol.

DBWIW: Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, finding worms in fruit is SO gross and just....yucky!

It's guava season at the moment and i love that fruit, but mark my words, i scan the insides thoroughly coz they're prone to getting those wriggly critters!

Wazzie said...

Ah bless you remembered baldy locks and the 3 hairs LOL!!