Friday, August 29, 2008

Dancing Queen

Tonight is going to be interesting; a night spent doing some Jazz dancing thingy with the girls before we hit the club. I haven’t got two left feet or anything, I am a former ballroom dancing champion of sorts after all – yes, I am a dork like that, what?! Thing is I haven’t done it in a bit and am a bit iffy about who I will end up dancing with.

Unofficial Poll: When is the last time YOU slow danced with someone; significant other or otherwise (those ama-bump and grind moves do not count btw). Drop me a comment outlining when and where this event took place, feed my curiosity.

Very little music being spewed out these days is slow dance conducive! What I found completely ironic is that people are more than happy to hit those bump and grind moves on the dance floor with virtual strangers, but somehow dancing in someone’s arms, cheek-to-cheek is deemed way too intimate (this after having wound one’s a*s in someone’s crotch for half the night, eish, life’s little paradoxes never go unnoticed).

Hopefully I will have something to report come Monday morning.


So random fact, today is Michael Jackson’s 50th Birthday…can you believe it. Peter Pan personified is getting old, it’s a crying shame! Thought I would right him a love letter of sorts to commemorate the day:

Dearest Michael (MJ)

Happy Birthday mate! It’s hard to comprehend that you’re 50 man, how time flies! So dodgy little boy business and rhinoplasty aside, I just wanted to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU for bringing us some of the most amazing tracks ever, so here it goes:

Michael, every track of yours has been a Thriller, even the Bad ones! Although your behaviour has been at bit Off The Wall in the last 10 years and I find myself asking Why You Wanna Trip On Me? At the end of the day, I must admit, I Just Can’t Stop Loving You!

Where do I even start expressing The Way You Make Me Feel, I can honestly say it’s neither Black or White. I Remember The Time I spent hours upon hours trying to Jam like you, although some moves proved too Dangerous ‘cause they’d result in me limping, or in worst case scenarios, I would leave Blood on The Dance Floor :-S.

Seriously though dude, your music over the years has felt like Another Part of Me and has even proved to be educational (I didn’t even know where Liberia was until Liberian Girl, hahaha). I also admire all your humanitarian attempts to Heal the World, you really forced a lot of people to talk a long hard look at the Man in the Mirror.

I will continue to Keep the Faith that you’ll make a comeback soon, ‘cause you best believe that if you release anything, I will Rock With You and show all those haters who Wanna Be Startin’ Something that you’re the real deal.

I’ve waxed lyrical long enough now, so let me Beat It!

Happy 50th Birthday Michael, may you remain Unbreakable!


Vimbai (Not your biggest fan, but pretty darn close!)

It’s time for me to gear-up for the weekend, my advice to the rest of y’all: Go Big, Go Hard, Go Wild (and don’t forget to take pictures *wink*)


V x


Nyasha said...

haha vim you are legend...wait for it...DERY! that letter to michael is classic...have a great weekend chica

Eb the Celeb said...

happy birthday MJ... him and Janet are supposedly doing some surprise thingy at the VMA's

Vimbai said...

Nyash: You need to stop quoting Barney, eish!

Eb: Wow, you know you're getting old when you have no clue when the VMA's are...either way, i will look out for MJ's comeback! Thanks for the heads up!