Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nothing Going On But The Rent

This grown-up gig is played out!

I need to make all sorts of decisions and have no freaking idea where to start, how to start. This is virgin territory folks and i am freaking stressed out over here.

The worst part about these decisions is that they involve money...money i do not have, but money i have to have nonetheless. It's times like this that even a sugar-daddy, BEE style looks good *shudder shudder*, hahaha. Okay, things aren't that dire and even if they were i know one make that five people would slap me silly for even thinking such things.

Anywho, i am gonna set up a fund called the Save Vimbai Foundation and you generous folks out there can contribute generously (read: help a sister out and cough up that dough) to a very worthy cause *big smile*
If that fails, i am holding out for the Trust Fund that a) i never knew i had and b) actually don't have, lol.

On other news: Work is a killah this week! I am all over the place reporting to three people which is, mmmh what's the word, challenging at best! The upside is that they seem to think i know what i am doing (ha, suckers) so aren't stressing me, well not just yet anyway.

Oh and i got my hair did this weekend! I know that doesn't sound newsworthy, but trust me, the transformation from Medusa to Beyonce Knowles (stop rolling your eyes) is worth commenting on :-)


skc said...

Ha! I'd love to help but I have a funny feeling all my proceeds would end up either worn on your feet or hung idly over your arm and stuffed with pointless accessories.

Sorry child, you're gonna have to grow that tree the hard way.

(Mines a seedling now)

Vimbai said...

Skc, you are such a killjoy! And not ALL the proceeds would go to my *ahem* personal expenses...i promise to be good :-)

Yup, as the age old saying goes,"Money doesn't grow on trees"...but if only it would *pout*

Nyasha said...

i wanna see the vhudzi!

Vimbai said...

Haha, lets see if i can hook you up a ka-photo-picture-snap!

unwritten said...

anyone who uses the phrase "from medusa to beyonce knowles" is a hero in my books! lol.

as for the money thing, sha, you're on your own, i can barely pay attention lol.

Vimbai said...

Unwritten: "Sha, you're on your own" - LOL, i am loving the tough love vibe i am getting from the blogosphere regarding the lack of funds. Each man for himself and what what.

Pressure times!

Vee said...

@Vimbai... Sigh! when we are young, we think that being being grown up was is about buying shoes, someone should warn us!

@Maladjusted... heiwena! update your blog!

Vimbai said...

Vee: My future offspring are gonna get the cold, hard reality of life loud and clear, muuuuuuhahahahaha.

Maladjusted: Seriously dude, update your blog already :-)