Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Last Lap in the Pool of Nostalgia

Having a photographic memory has its merits; never forgetting a co-workers name or golf handicap, being able to pick out someone you last saw 10 years ago in a crowd, remembering everyone’s birthday (without FB prompting you), being a whiz at 30 seconds and being able to recite scores of music lyrics/movie lines/quotes from books.

Sadly being able to remember everything crystal-clear like it happened yesterday has its downside too, one of them being, getting caught up in past emotions and past experiences after they get triggered off by someone or something.

The last 10 days have been just that. I keep reminiscing of a certain time in my life when (dare I say it) Life, Love and everything in-between seemed that much less complicated and that much more authentic. Obviously I know that’s not completely the case, selective remembering is what I am/was doing…it’s pretty easy to conveniently forget all the madness and drama that usually comes along with all the good times.

However, for the purposes of nostalgia, an airbrushed view of “The Way We Were” is usually what we spend our time dwelling on. What’s even stranger is that everything I see, hear or smell starts reinforcing these memories and it’s extremely hard to filter sensory memory.

That said though, I realise I’ve had my a*s parked on Memory Lane just a little too long for my liking and it’s time to call quits and get “back to life, back to reality”.


Random Digressions

1. I’m kind of miffed that Venus won at Wimbledon instead of Serena. I now supposedly owe some people money, hah!

2. There’s this guy in the office with the most AMAZING bass-toned voice. I have dubbed him The Voice. Honestly, he should be the voice-over guy for all those movie trailers or a DJ or something. He’s not a looker or anything, just your average dude, but that voice more than makes up for anything he’s lacking the looks department.

Eavesdropping has never been so fulfilling :-)

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