Tuesday, July 15, 2008


A good friend of mine provided my mates and I with VIP swanky-fancy tickets to a contemporary art exhibition last week and I was over the moon. I love me a good painting, photograph, heck, anything arty, I’m there like a bear.

All my artistic hopes were dashed back in Form 4 by a mean Art teacher who had no love for the masterpieces that I came up with (isn’t art subjective after all, hehehe). That coupled with my being raised by typical African parents who pressed emphasis more on the Physics and Chemistry’s of this world, lets just say my artistic vibe never really got to see the light of day..

Anywho, the exhibition was great fun. The art was spectacular and fortunately, the food and drink was flowing because standing around in sub-zero temps was no joke my friends. At some point in the evening, the curator of the gallery gets up to say a few words and that’s when my eyes start rolling into the back of my head.

Why do people…especially people, who deal with art, need to get all airy-fairy and pretentious-like when describing art. Yes, I know half the time it is hard to express how the piece in question makes you feel, but eish, some people take the term, “flowery language” to a whole other level sha.

After 15 minutes of the curator’s yacking, I was tempted to jump on stage and wrestle the mic from her and state, “Listen here people, we have some talented ish on display, some of it will either move you and some of it won’t, and that’s okay….Enjoy your night.”

My mates informed me that most people love the artsy-fartsy-crock-‘n-bull that comes with the delivery and presentation of art pieces. I guess that’s why Art is subjective innit.

On the Random: Something is FROZEN in the State of Gauteng and its probably me. Not to be cliché and launch into some diatribe about the weather but honestly, what’s up with the cold and midday temps of 5 degrees Celsius.

To all of you reading this from the Northern Climes, stop rolling your eyes and don’t tell me how fortunate I am to have such a mild winter blah blah blah. This is Africa, so where is the heat dammit?

Futi, I have gone an unsightly shade of yellow, bring on the summer rays!


Vee said...

Thank God you were not in Gauteng last year this time, then! There was SNOW! Like, did someone forget to mention to the weather maker that it is categorically not supposed to SNOW in Africa? Anyhoo, the weather should be better starting today...

Anonymous said...

LOL, I feel the same in "sub-tropical" Queensland. BRRRRRR! Winter sucks!!!

As for the art, I don't know why people just can't enjoy art quietly. Why they have to be pretentious wanks around it puzzles me.

Oh, I deleted my blog. No more skinny. But am still stalking other blogs and commenting so it is all good. Taking a blog holiday.


Vimbai said...

Vee: I constantly get reminded that i should be grateful it isn't snowing...haiwawo(ie, who cares). I am cold RIGHT now and it needs to stop :-S

My only consolation, Spring is supposedly a month and a bit away.

Skinny: I just realised when i tried to read your blog. Hope it all works out hun, but continue the stalking :-)

lebogang said...

I'm so sad I missed the exhibition - arty-farty pretentiousness and all ;-) I feel you on the GP coldness though. Warmness is so long overdue...

unwritten said...

I was in jozi 2 weeks ago and i almost died (slight exaggeration!) I think its coz i've been in lagos for 5 months now and its boiling this side so i've completely forgotten what cold feels like, dare i say, i miss it sometimes..

ps, love your blog, its gotten me through so many lame work days!

Vimbai said...

Lebo: Ha! You were busy being a great sibling and missing out on free chow, hehehe. Don't worry, i've got more things lined up!

Unwritten: I am jealous, Lagos must be so freaking warm, dare i say HOT even. I definitely need to move closer to the equator, not further away! Thanks for stopping by and i will be sure to check your blog out, more reading material for me - you are not the only one with slow working days :-)