Thursday, June 05, 2008

Table for One: Dining Alone

“I hate dining/eating alone”

Right, I said it.

Yes, I am one of those people.

Generally, I am pretty good at going off on my own tangent, far from the madding crowd. From time to time, I’ve been know to prefer my own company to that of others, although most people find that hard to believe given my sanguine/extrovert nature. But would you believe it, there’s a closet introvert in me somewhere.

I love watching movies alone, I especially love shopping alone (nobody whining as to why you have to try the whole store on!).

However, when it comes to eating alone…in a restaurant/café, that’s when I have to draw the line on me-time. The act of consuming food should never be committed alone, good conversation and company should always follow. Eating in front of the tv doesn’t constitute as eating alone ‘cause even that is interactive, well for me anyway, talking back to the tv and hurling insults is the norm in my world.

Sitting alone on a table for four, surrounded by couples and groups sitting on adjacent tables, makes me feel so awkward and uncomfortable.
So awkward and uncomfortable in fact, that I have to scribble down something, like the idea for this blog post, just so I look like have something to do


On the Side: Wow, i am well chuffed that Obama got the Democrat nomination, Yes He Can!


skc said...

Well, whats your excuse?

Vimbai said...

No excuse, sadly i had noone to eat with.

I swear i literally inhaled my food, just to get out of there fast!

ntm said...

Was this at work?

Vimbai said...

Nope, it wasn't at work. If i don't find a lunch buddy at work, i will rather starve at my desk than face the canteen alone!

Don't believe a word I write said...

I am totally with you dude on all fronts: movies and shopping alone are a joy, but eating alone is a scary summin' I haven't been able to master. My sister does it all the time at work, and I just don't know how.

Vimbai said...

Your sister is a soldier, i salute her! I on the other hand, am chicken sh* just feels sooooo weird!

Shopping alone is the biggest joy...*sigh*

Melanie Lytle said...

Ha! Even little introvert me hates eating alone, and although I do it when necessary (traveling in new cities), I ALWAYS carry a book. At least that way I can pretend like I'm not seeing the looks of pity directed towards me!

Vimbai said...

The old have-a-book-handy techniqure, you are on the right track. I think i am gonna walk around with my Sudoku puzzle book too, just in case.

But i agree with you, its those looks of pity i can't stand. You can see people debating amongst themselves whether you've been stood up or just a sad individual, hehehe.

PS oooh, you have a blog, i am SO adding it to my blogroll :-)

Monique said...

I just started reading your blog this week. I too used to have a fear of eating alone but I actually found it quite liberating once I did. I still do it every now and then but sometimes its nice to have a date or girlfriend to talk with.

Vimbai said...

Hey Monique,thanks for dropping by! I hope to get to the stage that i find eating by myself liberating, baby steps, lol.