Thursday, June 19, 2008

I hope my horoscope has got it right!

I don't read my horoscope religiously but at this point, any good news is welcome mate from any source!

The move, new job...what what hasn't been as seamless as i would have hoped! Like all changes, i was hoping this would be an effortless one, but it hasn't been and there are days i want to seriously throw-up i am so stressed. Luckily for me, i do have a great support unit of family, friends and loved ones on standby...but i still want to throw-up from the sheer overwhelmingness of it all!

So the following is hopefully true :-)

Your Week Ahead:

It looks as if it is going to be a good week. You are not exactly ecstatic about the situation you find yourself in, yet you have to admit that it seems somehow 'right'.

Deep down, you always knew that, one day, you would find yourself dealing with what you're now dealing with. You didn't much like that idea. In theory, it sounded awful. But in practice?

You already are, or soon will be, starting, to see the absolute perfection of the situation you face. It's necessary if the future you have so long dreamed of and desired is to come about.

What's happening is not bad; it is brilliant.


Wazzie said...

Rooting for ya hon
I am going to gift you my massage voucher for this weekend - woohoo I have Niecy Nash moment there!

Nyasha said...

im rooting for you tooooo!!!!!! I LOVE YOU !!!! Ready OK!!!! Go Torros go!!!

Vimbai said...

A free massage and my own cheerleader feeling MUCH better now :-)

Vee said...

Welcome to Joburg... Don't stress, things will settle down soon!

Vimbai said...

Thanks hun! I guess i need to get used to the big steps and all that!