Monday, June 30, 2008

Geez Louise!

The weekend came and went like a fart in the wind! I am still in shock that half the year has come and gone, clearly time flies and all that jazz.

Certain truths came to light over the weekend:

1) I am a bad-a*s when it comes to playing 30 Seconds. I knew my innate ability to remember the most random of random information would come handy one day. 30 Seconds becomes a waaaaaaaay more interesting game when alcohol has been consumed.Take one lively competitor for example who in trying describe a clue told us, “It’s a landmark in London”. After going through all the obvious and less obvious landmarks and time running out, it turns out the individual was actually trying to describe The Eiffel Tower….eish, nearly peed myself laughing.

2) A working cornea in your eye is worth two in the bush….okay, that doesn’t really make any sense but basically for all of you with lovely, healthy corneas don’t take them for granted.

3) I really don’t need as much sleep as I thought I did. Dossing for eight hours has more adverse effects on me than 6 or 7 hours do.

4) Mascara should really be taken off before one sleeps, the whole Crusty the Clown look in the morning is so played out.

5) No matter how pure and well-meaning an individual’s intentions, one way or the other, the messenger will invariably get shot.

6) I do not have a broody bone in my body. I am starting to freak out as to why the sight of cute babies doesn’t set me off like every other female I know. Instead, I have those reactions for cats/kittens….but not babies. The only exceptions to this rule are babies that belong to close friends and loved ones, i find myself ooohing and ahhing, unprompted-like :-)

7) My name is Vimbai and I am Retail Therapy Whore…the spending needs to stop!

8) Hip-hop does below at Glastonbury! Wish had been there to see Jay Z in person sock it to the non-believers, “Middle finger to the Law”.

9) Wearing your new, open-toed, not-yet-broken-into shoes to the club is a big No No! Right up there with accepting strange pieces of paper from a rather insistent Hungarian tourist in the club, lol.

10) And on a Hallmark, syrupy note…Great friends are few and far between, I am blessed to have a handful of them. Love you chicas :-)

Okay let me put my nose to the grindstone and get through the rest of my Monday.


Skinny Girl said...

I hear ya on the sleep thing babes. I function at my best on 4 hours. Any more than that and it just gets silly.


skc said...

Hmm, I absolutely rock at 30 seconds.

I propose (one of these fine days) a 30-Seconds tournament comprised of ONLY people with blogs. I repeat, bloggers only. That way I can link to the people that I'll have no doubt embarrassed into submission.

Vimbai said...

Skinny: 4 hours o f sleep, girl you have got to be joking! I have heard of people like you...the living dead, hehehe.

skc: Ha, you talk real big mister! A tournament you say...complete with trophy i hope, i need something shiny for my mantlepiece, hehe.

Melanie Lytle said...

You have at least one other non-broody friend, dear. When did it move from weddings to babies, anyway?

Don't believe a word I write said...

Could 30 Seconds be the best board game ever?? YES!!! But partnering with good friends or siblings must be banned, or it becomes too easy.

Vimbai said...

Mel: Yay, lets start a club! I haven't heard one tick-tock-clock sound from my biological clock, so strange. As for weddings, i definitely like weddings, no impartial feelings there :-)

DBAWIW: 30 seconds is the bizness! Being quite the competitive person, i am all for pairing with mates and siblings :-)