Monday, June 09, 2008

FOMO = Fear of Missing Out

I suffered from a serious case of FOMO this weekend, a condition prevalent amongst all inhabitants of the state of Gauteng (guess that means I am fitting in quite well then).

It seemed everyone I know had gone to see Chris Rock at some point over the weekend whilst I was at home twiddling my fingers! Yes, I know that they all got their tickets in advance like 3 months ago, long before I knew when I was moving to town. But it sucks, big time! I am a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge fan of Chris Rock, I think I have watched and heard everything that man has ever said on dvd/cd/mp3. Ah well, another time I guess *big sight*

Otherwise, the wicked wasn’t a complete failure.

Saturday night was spent catching up with the girls at some swanky bar, unfortunately said-swanky bar also turned out to be a hot-spot for pudgy-balding old men clearly in the throes of some mid-life crisis of sorts. After two failed attempts at trying to get the attention of me and my girls through our clearly apathetic waiter, they got the hint.

The rest of the night was spent trying to dance to the crap a DJ insisted on churning out as music. What kind of DJ doesn’t take requests, I was so peeved when he told me that, I had a good mind to tell him to go and DJ in his bedroom, coz that’s the only captive audience he was ever going to hold.

Saturday and Sunday were spent fermenting and catching up on lots of sleep! I did manage to score, not one but two amazingly, very decently priced handbags. It seemed in the flurry of packing to move here, my shoes took precedence because I overlooked packing any handbags, and what is a woman without a decent handbag, mmmh?

Hope this week goes by quickly, the long weekend ahead beckons


lebogang said...

Sheim, missing out on Chris Rock must've been a bummer :( I did the Carnival City show and I felt left out coz I wasn't doing Sun City with the rest of the happening crowd - so I kind of feel your pain.

Vimbai said...

Thanks for the solace Lebs, but the fact alone that you saw him means you can't possibly feel my pain, lol. I couldn't care less were i saw him live, just as long as i saw him.

Mmmmh, the only thing that could possibly make up for this is....front row tickets to a John Mayer show where he picks me out in a crowd to serenade me *sigh* (random, i know...but it is what it is).

nyasha said...

vim u should have copyrights to the acronym F.O.M.O, im starting a revolution this side with it!!! :)